You can make money using affiliate programs

I am often asked about how I monetize From Dates to Diapers, and how others can do it, too. I do advertise, but since I am on a panel about affiliate marketing, with Lori and Tara today at BlissDom, I would like to tell you about how I use affiliate programs to bring in a little pocket change.

While affiliate marketing does not work for everyone, banners on my sidebar and text links within posts can be seen most often here at Dates, especially around a holiday in which I created a special gift guide. I am very cautious to not bombard my readers with tons of affiliate links or flashy buttons, but include a link or two that may bring something valuable to you – my reader and friend.

If you would like to use affiliate links to begin monetizing your site, I would suggest that you sign up with the following affiliate programs.


  • LinkShare – clothing and accessories, department stores, entertainment, family, toys and games, home and living




  • Pepperjam – clothing, toys and games, furniture


Remember to consider that affiliate marketing may not work for you, nor is it guaranteed to make you lots of money. In fact, it is hard work researching the programs and finding those that do work for your site and readers. It does take time, but if you stick with it you will eventually make something…. Even if it’s just enough for a cup of coffee!


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    Thank you for including the links! I was struggling with a baby and my pen in the audience and couldn’t jot them down fast enough.

    I appreciated your balanced approach to affiliate marketing. You made it seem do-able for even the personal blogger like me.

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    And thankfully, with the right know how and a little marketing education, blogging moms can make far more than enough to buy a coffee. Myself personally, I support my family with my sites.

    I also encourage mom bloggers to create their own information product. It’s easy to do, just copy and paste some of your best content on a particular theme into a Word doc, pretty it up and expand on it, and sell the sucker.

    Information products make up a good percentage of my income and once they are set up, are mostly passive income.