Yet Another Benefit of Breastfeeding

I am currently nursing my sixth baby. Well, not technically. My twins were born 9 weeks early and were actually bottle-fed. But, they did consume only breast milk for the first year of their lives…. My body worked around the clock to make sure they had all the nutrients and benefits that only my milk could give them. So, I guess that counts.

In addition to the convenience and money-saving perks (imagine the money I’ve saved by breast-feeding all six of my babies!), I have a special bond with each of my children because of the milk exchange between us. Not only did their immune systems benefit, but I am also the more healthy because of it – Studies show that I have a lower risk of breast and ovarian cancer, simply due to the fact that I have already spent 4 1/2 years of my life with babies attached to my breasts. Not to mention I have returned to my pre-pregnancy size just after a few short months – Another perk attributed to exclusively breast-feeding.

I used to put a whole lot of stock in breastfeeding as a form of birth control natural spacing, but now I’m really not so sure. With my first 4 kiddos (5 if you count each of the twins) I did not begin ovulating until my breastfeeding baby was 9 months old – Makes sense since that was about the time baby didn’t seem quite so interested in me because he was sleeping through the night, and eating lots of table foods. HOWEVER, I’m a bit leery this time around… Baby Noah, at 5 months, is already so big AND he’s sleeping through the night. I don’t really feel like I can trust what has happened before, and I’m afraid I will be re-acquainted with my monthly friend. I guess I’ll just be a bit more careful than I was when any of my other babies were only 5 months old, if you know what I mean.

Now, according to a new study, breastfed babies whose mothers eat fruits and vegetables are more inclined to like those foods themselves. Now, that explains why my kids like broccoli! Really though, it makes sense, if you think about it… Food flavors transfer to baby through our milk, much the same way they travel through the amniotic fluid. I wonder if my kids love for chocolate was born the day they were conceived?

So, my once perky breasts are on their way to my knees, but that’s okay. It’s okay because my kiddos adore me, they’re all incredibly healthy, I think they’re pretty smart, there is an even space between them all, AND they love their veggies!


  1. Ashley says

    I’m so encouraged by your post. My first little boy is 6 months old, I am nursing him (and love it!), but strangely enough I find myself okay with the possibility that I could get pregnant soon. Not only am I okay, I really would like it. Hmm… that’s not what I said right after I had him, but oh well. And just for the record he’s eating fruits and veggies right now and the only thing he hasn’t liked is green beans, and I think that’s because the baby food green beans are disgusting! If the Lord allows us to have six I’m not sure what will happen to my looks, seeing as I already thought all was looking down! But I don’t care, as you said, it’s very much worth it!

  2. Laura says

    Chocolate, caffiene, vegetables…yeah, it works…But I don’t think that the loss of perkiness is to be blamed only on my nursing my 6 children…I’m gonna blame it on gravity.

  3. Connie says

    It’s so nice to hear about someone using their breasts for a good purpose. I think breast is best.

  4. Haylee's Gifts says

    I know how you feel I have 2 children and I breast fed both of them, it is hard, but I think well worth it….even if your breast start hanging to the floor! LOL

  5. HRH says

    you are a very strong woman! but my baby loves rice and spicy food probably because my pregnancy-induced addiction to indian food.

  6. Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) says

    Both of my boys like green vegetables too, and I think you’re right that the flavors are “normal” to them because of coming through my milk. Yay for not having picky eaters!

    I am so jealous that your breastfeeding works to space out your kids AND to help you lose weight! I’m one of those unfortunate women who re-starts cycles about 4 months after birth, no matter what! And my body evidently wants to hang onto EVERY SINGLE POUND while nursing. You never know when there might be a famine in America, you know! 😉 Ah well. It is still worth it!