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If you are a PR rep for products that you think our readers should know about, someone who makes products that are simply awesome, an indie designer looking to get the word out about your amazing product, or represent a travel destination, we would love to hear from you!

My blog, From Dates to Diapers, is often known to give family-friendly product reviews. My readers have come to expect recommendations from me on tried and tested, quality products, great services, and amazing travel destinations.

As a mother of seven, I love to give my solicited opinion on every thing – And trust me, I have one! My family and I are always interested in trying new products, as well… So, if you have a product, specifically geared toward a hip and active mom, or children of various ages, that you would like to have us try, please email me at Our family loves to travel, too, so let us know if there is somewhere you’d like to send us.

Our readers have come to appreciate our recommendations and are thrilled when we tell them about a wonderful product! We are more than happy to post product reviews and/or reader giveaways. (see below for info on giveaways)

Tell us about it!

Send us an email at describing the product you would like to submit for consideration for a giveaway or review, include a link to your website, and please specify to which age group the item best appeals. We do require a sample for all considerations. The sample will not be returned and a published review is not guaranteed.

Unfortunately we are unable to reply to every request… If we would like to consider your product for possible inclusion on From Dates to Diapers, we will contact you as soon as we can, with an address to send samples and/or reader prizes.

Please note: Decisions to post are based on the quality and relevance of your product, thus the review of some products may not be posted because they simply do not resonate with our bloggers or work for our family.

Moreover, we are incredibly candid in the reviews we post, and while we aim not to openly disparage any products, we do often sometimes critique products just as we praise others. We aim for balanced and thoughtful reviews.

Though we are open to most anything, we especially love companies, products, and services that appeal to family life and are non-toxic, safe, and fun.

I often have family members and close friends review products as guest posts on From Dates to Diapers. That said, please specify if you would prefer that I review your product/s personally.

Ray and I have been married for almost thirteen years. Our children are:
Ethan and Zach – twins – 11 years old
Julia – our only little princess – 10 years old
Joshua – our chatterbox – 8 years old
Benjamin – our quiet thinker – 6 years old
Noah – our fireball – 4 years old
Timmy – our youngest (and last!) little guy – 21 months old

We look forward to hearing about your products!


Giveaways create a ton of buzz and are among the best PR tools in the blogosphere. All giveaways will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. We are currently looking at a wait time of about 4 weeks, due to such high demand. From Dates to Diapers’ giveaways often generate hundreds of entries and is guaranteed great exposure. We just recently changed our giveaway policies, so make sure you inquire about current pricing.