Won’t Back Down

Now that my kids are in a public charter school, I am more interested than ever in the system. Check out the trailer to this movie opening next week “Won’t Back Down.” It’s all about how parents had to fight tooth and nail to save their kids’ failing school.

This scenario may not be taking place in our school, but this type of thing is happening right now in Adelanto, CA. But the unaccountable bureaucrats in the teachers unions are fighting it in court. They’d rather have control and their pensions than provide kids with a good education.

This is the very reason we need Prop 32. I hope you’ll check it out, look past the special interests push against this prop, and vote wisely this November. Oh, and we’d love to have you join our Facebook Group “California Parents for Reform” where we discuss this and other issues facing our schools and families.


  1. Rosie says

    The teachers union is standing in the way of reform in the interest of protecting their own. We need to get their money out of politics so that we can do what is best for students, not for union bosses.

  2. Jordan says

    Right on point. Special interests hold almost exclusive power in Sacramento. It is time we end this corruption and get California working again.

  3. Janae says

    I agree, california needs reform now more than ever. Our leaders have their priorities out of order. California doesn’t need to keep cutting fundamental resources linked to education as the answer, it’s hurting our children. We have to be better and do better than this. Voters want a plan that will help get us back on the prosperous track and kick special Interests out of our politics!

  4. Luis Alvarado says

    You are on the right side of this issue. I hope the Mommies of the world unite with you on this issue.

  5. Mark says

    I am so excited to see this movie – love these actresses. I also really relate to this issue here in Sacramento Ca. We need to overhaul the systems that neglect our people and our KIDS!

  6. Osahon says

    Kudos to these parents for having the guts to step up and stick it to the Special Interests controlling their children’s educations. Californians should follow their example and use our willpower to overcome the Special Interests that are driving our state budget into the ground (while expecting us to foot the bill with our tax dollars)! If Soccer Moms and PTA Dads can make this much of a difference, imagine what an engaged, franchised California voter population can do.

  7. says

    I am so excited to see this movie.. I love strong mothers. Alot of kid are suffering from poor schools here is philly breaks my hear.

  8. Mark says

    This movie is the talk of my friends – they have kids in public schools and are so close to pulling them all for private schools. There is no education in California schools any longer only race relations and gun control!