Wintery Weather Fun

What words come to mind when you think of this time of the year?

Maybe you live in Chicago and are snowed in, stuck at home with all your lovely and adorable kids. Cold. Bored.

Or, perhaps you live in Southern California and your family still heads to the beach on any given day. Lucky.

Well, this time of year takes a toll on my nerves and patience. Even in mostly-sunny Northern California, it’s too cold to send the kids out back (although, they beg some days until I relent), the rain lets up for just long enough for things to begin to dry out and then it rains again, and I refuse to let my kiddos play video games all afternoon . Frustrated.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am not a very crafty person. However, there are some activities that never grow old. Take sculpting homemade play-doh – also known as Kooky Dough – or coloring, for instance. Occupied.

There is one such activity – more of a craft, really – that my kids and I enjoy. Not only is this a perfect rainy afternoon distraction, but the end result can be transformed into fabulous gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles. Think Valentine’s Day!

We spend hours, quite literally, making melted crayon art, just as I did when I was a kid. {Adult supervision is an absolute must!}

Here’s how:

Gather together a roll of wax paper, your broken and de-papered crayons – if your kiddos are anything ike mine, you’re sure to find tons – and an electric skillet. A crayon sharpener may come in handy, and parchment paper may actually be a better choice over wax.

crayon designs - what you need

Take a sheet of wax paper and place it over a well-heated electric griddle. The “warm” setting works well and eliminates accidental owies.

crayon art - step one

Carefully draw on the wax paper as the crayons melt into a beautiful design. Sometimes we shave off pieces of crayon and let the slivers of color fall where they may, creating a more “random” piece.

crayon art - ethan

crayon art - josh

crayon art - together

When our pieces have cooled, we either cut the colorful artwork into fun shapes, trim it up and place it on a window to catch the intermittent sunlight, or we cover with clear contact paper and turn them into one-of-a-kind placemats.

crayon art - window

crayon art - placemat

Wintery Weather Fun!

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  1. says

    I just wrote on my new blog about play doh painting you should check it out and IRONICALLY we had chicken noodle soup that day 😉 It was a lot of fun!

  2. says

    Even in the winter we all love to be outdoors, and despite the fact that Northeast winters are BRUTAL (to say the least!) we all love Ice Skating! Everyone brings along a BFF and we make time for a Hot Chocolate and Biscotti Break!

  3. Breanna says

    we get loads of rain here in Portland, and our current favorite thing to do (my 2yo and I) is go outside and do some serious PUDDLE JUMPING! so fun!

  4. Carol says

    When stuck in the house, I pull out red shoestring licorice, fruit loops, and cheerios, and let the kids make “jewelry”. It’s great fun, they spend a lot of time doing it.

  5. Nancy says

    I live where we have very mild winters (if you call it winter at all) so thankfully we don’t have a lot of days where we are stuck inside all day. When we are, I pull out a basket of craft items that includes beads, felt, ribbon, containers, buttons, pipe cleaners, etc. and they start creating things. It is amazing how long they stay entertained.

  6. Tari Lawson says

    That is an interesting project. One of my favorite winter activities involves mock stained glass too. In our case we use contact paper and arrange pieces of multi colored tissue paper on it then cover it with another sheet of contact paper :).

  7. Heather S says

    We get craft ideas from Michaels and then make them at home adding our own touch. We did life saver trains and made angels with felt

  8. Geoff K says

    One great activity that we recently started doing is writing to pen-pals — the kids’ school has a great international pen-pal program set up, and so we have been spending a lot of time writing about the holidays and the beginning of winter and reading the letters we get from the kids’ pen pals from places as far-flung as Sweden and Japan.

  9. says

    What a wonderful idea! We just did this last week, but used and iron. This is much more kid friendly! So great, thanks. I big on kid crafting. We like the Usbourne kit’s. A couple of weeks ago we made things from the Pirate kit. BIG fun for a cold snowy day.

  10. Margaret Smith says

    We like to take everyday items that we’re tossing out and try to make a craft out of them. For example, we recently used single serve plastic water bottles and made snowmen out of them, by adding cotton and felt. They came out really cute too.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  11. Teresa says

    When the weather is nasty and were stuck indoors we set up a small tent in the living room and play camping the kids love it.

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  12. says

    My boys are 3 & 5 yrs old. The general rule in the house is NO running. With all the energy they seem to have at times I started playing follow the leader in which we walk funny or skip. Its good exercise for me too.

  13. Deborah Wellenstein says

    Our recent indoor activity included popcorn, movies, and hot cocoa. We also like to make our own play dough.

  14. says

    when it is snowing or raining we like to pick out our favorite books and dress in costumes to match our favorite characters and then act out the book form start to finish. bonus if you have enough props to get threw the whole story!

  15. Annette D says

    We got Wii fit for Christmas and it is perfect for winter days when you can’t go outside. My whole family is participating and getting some much needed exercise.

  16. Jennifer B. says

    Something fun we do in the winter is snuggle up and watch old 80s kids shows. My daughter just loves Punky Brewster!

  17. Deborah R says

    I keep an age-appropriate “treasure chest” with closeouts from the craft store, construction paper, drawing supplies, nuts, stones, seeds and other “stuff” we pick up on our nature walks, and whatever else the kids believe should go in the treasure box. I keep a seperate box with scizzors, glue, paint and glitter and other things that come out only under adult supervision. Then I let the kids come up with their own ideas and while some of the results are bizarre, they’re creative and always hold pride of place somewhere in the house until the next project is done.

  18. pixie13 says

    We make ice castles. Save up various containers (cookie trays, margarine tubs, sand castle molds,whatever). Take them outside & pack them with snow. Pour colored water over the snow & let freeze. After they are frozen, build an ice castle. In NW PA, the ice castle can last a while, and it’s very pretty shining in the sun!

  19. says

    I LOVE your idea…thanks so much! We do a little different crayon activity. Take all of the broken crayons [or the ones that are just too small to use anymore and remove all of the wrapper. Then grab a cupcake tray and put those little papers in it. Fill each cup 1/2 way with crayons and bake @ 200 degrees. They are nice and big…great for little ones to hang on to and you can mix colors or make them all one. They kids get a kick out of it and it’s a great way to use as much of the crayons up as you can. Enjoy…and thanks for the giveaway!

  20. sheila k. says

    Our favorite wintery activities include playing Scrabble and Yahtzee, and making either homemade pizzas or submarine sandwiches. My kids help dice and slice the veggies and the meat, and we have fun joking and laughing.

  21. says

    That’s a really fun idea! As a single mom to twins we try to find cheap ways to entertain too and we’re a big fan of board games and card games. My twins love playing UNO the most!

  22. deb c says

    We have indoor snowball fights when it’s too cold or wet outside. We use the big marshmallows for the snowballs. One rule-no eating the snowballs being thrown.

  23. Renski says

    We love Michigan winters and try to get out and sled with the kids whenever the weather lets us. Yoohooo….!

  24. Kelly Ann T. says

    We have a snowman party. I keep all the snowman out after christmas. Food includes snowball cookies, hot chocolate, clam chowder, and some type of pasta that I make in a snowman shaped pan. Another thing the kids like to do is to cut tortillas in the shape of snowflakes (just like you do paper) fry them in a pan and add powdered suger to them. We have a scavenger hunt where teams get clues ( all clues are different) there a little suprises along the way and then the grand prize. The grand prize is where all teams end up but the first one to get there wins. Everyone looks forward to our annual snowman party.

  25. Stephanie V says

    rainy and stormy outside outside today so going to read books, dance to our favorite songs, and make funny hats
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  26. Kate says

    I keep a basket in the laundry room for stray clean sock. If the match never shows up or was worn and thrown away my boys use the ones in the basket to make sock puppets. Very easy to decorate with glue, googly eyes, and whatever other scraps you have laying around. They use baby socks to make ears if it is a sock puppet animal (I attach it for them with a few stitches w/ needle and thread). It is a fun project and even more fun to see the puppet shows they come up with after they puppets are made.

  27. Sara says

    We have braved the rainy days on occasion by seeing how fast leaves, twigs, etc will run down the sidewalk. My husband took our daughter to the park today just to play in the rain and look for worms. Glad it was him and not me!

  28. Rita M says

    Baking! On cold yucky days my daughter & I would always pick a new muffin recipe to try out – the oven warmed the house & the smell was heavenly!

  29. Pat says

    At our northern California home we can grow winter vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage,
    broccoli and Brussels sprouts. We have fun tending our garden and eating the produce.

    Thanks for the contest.

  30. Kim says

    I stock up all year long with craft kits that are on sale. On those days when we can’t go outside we just go to the craft closet and pick something out. I think I have enough crafts to last two lifetimes!

  31. says

    Hi. One of the favorite things I like to do with my Granddaughters in these after Christmas months is to make cards. We send them to various shut-ins and people in poor health and it does the girls good to do good, and the recipients good to receive something adorable and hand drawn.

  32. Cindy Merrill says

    I give the kids odds and ends and tell them to make something useful ( Such as a plastic coffee can, fabric, glue, tape- and anything that needs to be reycled.) Keeps them busy for hours.

  33. Maureen says

    My mother’s birthday and two of my nephews birthdays are in the cold weather. Thye love baking Grandma’s cake and then frosting it. What they do afterwards is then decorate by poking holes into it.
    I also take them to a farm that is open to children to see how it operates. We get a bit dirty but they love it.

  34. Leslie Price says

    Winter in Florida isn’t too brutal, so we still love to walk on the beach and collect shells every day just like in the summer.

  35. Amy says

    Baking, baking and more baking! I like to make pies but we do a lot of cookies, muffins and cupcakes. Yesterday we made vanilla cupcakes with bright pink frosting and used every pastry tip in my daughter’s cupcake kit plus lots of sprinkles. Fun, cute and yummy!


  36. Amanda S. says

    We do a lot of baking with the kids this time of year! Especially quick breads. They love to help. :)

  37. Shawna OBrien says

    I live in the Sacramento California area. The Winter is not so bad here, but it gets cold and rainy and windy. On those Winter days when we just would rather stay inside, one of our favorite activities to do is Scrapbooking. My oldest son has been scrapbooking with me since he was 3. It is a really fun indoor activity to do together because it is artistic, creative and fun to look through previous photos and share memories and experiences with each other. Not only is it fun, but it is a bonding experience.

  38. Jess says

    Sledding. We’ve got some great hills around here (VT). The park puts bales of hay around the hydrant that’s off to one side of its hill, but no one really likes that side since it isn’t as steep! Our neighbor has a really nice one that goes back up at the bottom, so even with a tube on a hard crust the most determined kids can’t reach the road. Then back home for hot chocolate and probably a nap!

    We used to do something similar to your crayon art, but we did butterflies with shavings by folding the paper in half and ironing it.

  39. Kalani says

    Thanks everyone for the great ideas!
    My son is 3 and loves to ‘make things w/ flour’- so we bake! Movies & playdoh are great too!
    inalak at msn dot com

  40. Danielle Waldo says

    During the wintery months we do lots of crafts. My favorite thing with my kids is we go to thrift stores find porcelian, ceramic and colored glass plates we brake them up into small pieces and mosaic things like small would boxes, wood birdhouses ect.
    I just loved your idea now i gonna be looking for crayons at the thrift stores.

    waitressdani (AT)
    hotmail (DOT) com

  41. Jennifer Miller says

    We love to read books and then do activities that are related to the book we just read. Like when we read The Hungry Caterpillar we make our own caterpillars out of pipe cleaners and paper plates or when we read Where The Wild Things are and we made our own crowns and talked about what our wild rumpus would be like. :)

  42. Carol says

    Being stuck indoors during inclement weather, we often bake. I let the kids look at and pick out what they want to make.

  43. Geoff K says

    Another great way we beat cabin fever in the winter is to have the kids put together little skits and plays to perform — they sometimes use the whole day to write scenes, create scenery, put together costumes, rehearse, and then perform their creations for us and family friends!

  44. says

    We don’t get too much wintery weather here in San Diego, but my wife is always looking for fun arts and crafts to do with the kiddos. Thanks for the tip – I’ll pass it on to her.

  45. says

    video games, i know it’s not good to have them on all day, but we do let them for a couple hours. We only have educational games so thats good. The vtech v motion system too, thats fun

  46. Sarah R says

    Last winter we bought a Step 2 Kangaroo climber off of Craigslist and put it in our basement. My 2 old has to have running, jumping, sliding play every door, or he starts to go a little crazy :-) So now when it is below zero (lots of the winter here in MN) we just go to the basement and let him pretend like he’s at the park.

  47. Jennifer B. says

    What better activity than ice-skating! none of us are any good but it is a fun way to pass the winter days

  48. Renski says

    We’ll take any excuse to warm up the house so we tend to bake more goodies during the winter. It’s fun to let the kids decide what we’ll bake, gather all the ingredents and got to it. Brownies are our favorite. No icing… just serve with milk.

  49. Brandon Ralston says

    After it snows a good amount, me and my niece like to make snow angels. Please enter me.

  50. Cujo says

    Our Winter fun will be introducing our 22 month old to snow. We’ve bundled him up in a snow bib, boots, heavy coat, hat and gloves. Poor kid can barely move…. lol!

  51. amber says

    That project is so cute and fun! I love it, the kids look so excited to be creating something. We like to have winter fun by baking, especially fun and easy recipes such as Rice Krispie Treats drizzles with chocolate or Monster Cookies. We also like making salt dough, very similar to play dough, and they kids can make all sorts of colors. You can make creations and have all sorts of fun. You can either let your creations dry and become hard and use them as paper weights or little statues, or you can wrap up the dough after play, in a ziplock bag and re-use the dough later! Super easy and fun.

  52. says

    We made these yesterday and the kids LOVED it! Thank you so much for the fantastic idea. Today we cut tortilla shells into snowflakes [we grilled them and added chicken and cheese]. They’re fun to make especially if it’s snowing outside like it is right now in Iowa. Enjoy!

  53. Mary M says

    Bake a loaf of fresh bread and make homemade jam from blackberries in the freezer! YUMMY and time consuming :)

  54. Lisa says

    My kids like to make colorful paper chains with anything from construction paper to paper with designs and hang them up all around the house.

  55. mickeyfan says

    I love to bake. Either for us or to give away. Unfortunately, I’ve had PLENTY of baking time this winter!

  56. Joannie says

    We like to string Cheerios on yarn and place these goodies in the trees for birds when it’s snowy.

  57. Selene M. says

    Age-appropriate puzzles pass the time easily. If the kids are beyond toddler ate, jigsaw puzzles can be enjoyable and educational.

  58. says

    We got a Wii for Christmas….sooo… that has currently been our Winter Fun outlet. The sports pack- especially the tennis- really get us moving when otherwise weather turns us into couch potatoes.

    Thanks for the winter fun idea… will have to try that one.

  59. says

    We don’t get snow, but if it’s sprinkling we’ll take markers and color on construction paper. We’ll put it outside in the rain for a couple of minutes and the colors will blend together to make a pretty design.

  60. carmen says

    Did you know you can make shrinky dinks from those flimsy plastic take-out containers? That’s always a fun little inside-project!

  61. Kelly Ann T. says

    Dogsledding is another fun winter activity the whole family enjoys and our 2 dogs get so excited.

  62. says

    My children love to play tennis, pool, and baseball on the Wii and on days like today when it’s raining so much that going outdoors is out of the question, we turn on the Wii. Of course, that’s AFTER their homework is done! Thanks!

  63. Leslie Price says

    One of my favorite ways to pass the time indoors during bad weather is to curl up with the pile of books I always have waiting to be read.

  64. Amy says

    Reading! We take turns, she reads a page, I read a page. It’s especially fun now that she can read by herself so we still have that togetherness…

  65. Kelly says

    Winter fun? When I’m all curled up inside, I like to take scraps of yarn and start knitting hats and scarves. They’re crazy and never match, but it’s a good use of yarn and I end up with fun items to wear when I have to shovel snow! :)

  66. Shawna OBrien says

    At our house, when the weather is not so great outdoors, we like to play board games such a monopoly, scrabble, chess, checkers and backgammon. Board games are great because you spend quality time together as a family and they are educational teaching math, language, patterns and strategy. We are all very competitive at our house which makes for some fun board game times.

  67. John Melendrez says

    A fun activity on a cold, Wintery day is have a movie day with back to back family movies and popcorn, sodas and snacks.

  68. says

    That is such a creative craft! I love the idea of putting it on the window for the light to shine though, very cool!
    In the winter months when its too cold to go for walks to get exercise, I take my boys to the library and let them pick out an exercise video. We take it home and put it on, my boys love to try to do the exercises, their favorites are kickboxing which they actually refer to as “punching” They will ask me “Can we do punching now?” Its great exercise and we have a lot of fun:D

  69. Jacob says

    Puppet show. This year we got cabin fever from all of the snow storms so we made out own puppet shows (yes, the cable was out, haha)

  70. Melissa K says

    My son loves to put on rock performances for us in his room, he gets everything all set up, chairs for us to sit in and his own makeshift stage to perform on. Its adorable :) and it really is fun for him during these longer winter months when we can’t play outside.

  71. JMARIE says

    I recently got some Dry-Erase Markers…let the kids go wild on the tiled bathroom walls..they had a blast & it just takes a wipe of paper-towels to clean it up.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. kristy says

    I like to take the dogs outside and let them run and jump through the snow. They are funny to watch!

  73. Arla says

    Painting pine cones, each petal a different color and then displaying them on the mantle.

  74. Carol says

    Another wintry activity we like is doing 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. I set it up on the dining room table, and we enjoy doing it together!

  75. Geoff K says

    We pass a lot of winter hours watching DVDs – especially TV series and miniseries that can fill lots of hours when the weather outside’s frightful! We just got through all three parts of “Anne of Green Gables” and the kids fell in love with it!

  76. Lisa says

    The kids all like to pitch in to help cook or bake, so it’s always fun when we can make something that is a once-in-a-while treat like monkey bread, churros, or funnel cake.

  77. Deanna G. says

    A fun activity I used to do is: Go through magazines & cut out pictures, words, etc. Then use them & Mod-Podge to decorate notebooks. It’s a lot of fun!

  78. says

    we love to bake (because it warms up the house a little) and snuggle up and read books. right now my kids are on a playing school kick, so we play school every afternoon. so cute!

  79. EMMA L HORTON says


  80. May Schultz says

    Winter FUN??? I am cold all winter, so going outdoors in the snow, is no fun for me. But putting logs in our fireplace, and watching the flames, while having soft music on a DVD and that is MY idea of “heaven”.

  81. Nicole says

    When I was younger I volunteered at a PreSchool and in one of the teacher catalogues they had something similar to the book Glues Brews and Goos (It’s possible that it’s the same thing, mine is in a recipe box, but that was probably 20 years ago). Essentially, it has craft and dough recipes for anything you could ever imagine. It’s so much fun to pick a card out and make something fun to play with in a crummy weather day

  82. Jennifer B. says

    After a good snow we like to walk through the woods its so pretty almost like you’re in another world. My daughter likes to pretend it is :)

  83. Jennifer Miller says

    We like to do a really laid back session of yoga and then make up our own yoga moves with silly names. :)

  84. says

    Well, living in the desert does afford us many opportunities to play in the cold, much less in snow. So, we like to get out different colored papers (white is too boring) and cut out snowflakes of all different sizes to hang up in the foyer! The kids really have fun and actually don’t fight for the small window of time that we are all cutting and creating. Thanks.

  85. kelly wakefield says

    Our winter fun idea is to make pine cone bird feeders! We have a lot of pine cones by us so we go & collect some and then coat them with peanut butter & sprinkle them with birdseed. We hang them in our backyard trees & watch the birds flock to them! We love bird watching & we try to identify all the birds who visit them!

  86. Heather McDonough says

    We bundle up and my son rides his bike and I take the dog for a walk. We talk about the trees, the sky, the cold and what makes it winter and how we can’t wait for spring.

  87. Tracy says

    A fun past time for our family is shrinky dinks. I loved making them as a little girl and to this day, my parents still have the ones I made for them. So, every now and then, when bordem hits our house, we pull out our shrinky dink paper (which we purchased at our local Michaels Craft store), and our colored pencils, and draw pictures. Put them on baking sheets and watch them shrink. We are making Valentine “Shrinky Dink” cards for my daughter Kylie’s class at school. Combine this with our handmade Candy Cane hearts – and we have another handmade and cheap holiday!

  88. Shelley Mitchell says

    We all love to go sledding and ice skating in the winter. We get fresh air and exercise!

  89. says

    We folded a paper in thirds — the first person drew a head, without letting anyone see it,and folded it down so the 2nd person could draw a body. That person folded so the 3rd person drew legs and feet. It was always hilarious so see the finished figure.

  90. Pat says

    We go to the grocery and purchase lots of pet food then donate it to a local animal shelter.
    Our whole family feels good because we helped some homeless animals and we’re reminded how fortunate we are to live comfortably together in our home.

    Thanks for the contest.

  91. Renski says

    My kids (22 months & 5 yrs) love to dance. When it’s too cold out side, we crank up our favorite tunes and grab the video camera. There are always some “kodak moments”.

  92. Cheryl says

    When it snows a lot, we like to make paths thru the snow, all over the yard, like a maze, and then we play tag on them. You can’t go off the path, and you can’t run. It’s lots of fun!

  93. Kate says

    Also love to build forts with my boys by draping sheets and blankets across furniture. The grandparents bought them a fancy play tent but they don’t want to play in it, they want to make their own play tent and use their own imaginations

  94. Kelly Ann T. says

    We make homemade dog bones and the kids have a blast cutting them out with the cookie cutters. We then take them to our local no-kill animal shelter. The dogs get so excited to see us.

  95. steven lewis says

    As a transplanted mMchiganian, i now live outside of Atlanta. Since most thing to do in this area is so-expensive, we do various activities such as board games, cards, movies and getting together with friends and family. It is nice to occaisionally be able to plan for “special” activities.

  96. Paula Hafner says

    We like to make up several different flavors of popcorn for a cozy winter snack. The kids enjoy helping make it and to eat it :)

  97. Allison says

    my boyfriend and i are going to take out the fake logs in our gas fireplace and go offroads to look for vessicle filled basalt rocks to replace the logs! should look really cool!

  98. Suzanne K says

    Our winter activities (besides staying warm) include baking cookies and making handmade, one of a kind Christmas ornaments (my daughter) for gifts for family.

  99. Brandy B says

    We live in the woods so I have the kiddos go outside to pick up a basketful of pinecones. Then we spread peanut butter on them and roll them in birdseed. Cheap fun with beautiful birds to watch in the winter time right outside of the window.

  100. Karen M says

    My winter fun idea is to start a big jigsaw puzzle. It’s great entertainment when its really too cold to go outside. Eveyone can participate. Thanks for the giveaway.

  101. Carol says

    Some more wintry fun: We like to scan, and I let the kids pick out what they want to prepare for dinner, and if it’s not too bad out, I’ll run to the market and get the ingredients so they can make dinner.

  102. Marilyn Wons says

    My winter fun ideas for my grandsons is for them to make stencils of snowflakes. They then put white clitter on the stencil form that is on colored construction paper. They cut them out and paste them to their windows!

  103. kelly wakefield says

    My winter fun idea is to bake with my 2 girls when the weather is cold. They love to make cookies so we will have a little baking session when the weather is nasty!

  104. EMMA L HORTON says


  105. May Schultz says

    I’m a summer person. In the winter I stay indoors and enjoy a fire in the fireplace. Maybe do a jig saw puzzle, or enter sweepstakes or write to friends. Once the weather warms up, I’m OUT OF HERE! THEN I go outdoors and walk regularly.

  106. Jennifer B. says

    I passed on the fort making to my daughter, I like making huge ones, lots of blankets and chairs. Not so fun to clean up though. Perfect fun activity on a cold winter day.

  107. Cynthia C says

    Make bird feeders with the kids by spreading peanut butter on a pine cone and rolling it in bird seed. Hang it near a window and provide binoculars to see who comes for the feast.

  108. mickeyfan says

    I like to sit at the computer and plan a warm-weather location vacation. I may not ever go on it, but it passes the time and just looking at the lovely pictures takes my mind off the snow and slush outside!

  109. Heather Y says

    My favorite winter game with kids is to take a toilet paper roll and cover one end with paper (tape it on). Then they decorate the roll, fill it with jingly things (paper clips, cheerios, etc) and then cover the other end. Makes a pretty noisemaker!

  110. Kate says

    We also like to make puppets with paper lunch bags and a glue stick to attach bits and bobs from the craft closet. My boys really love anything to do with puppets

  111. says

    we like to play concentration where each person has a number in sequence, but skipping a number, and the caller shouts a number at random with the person with that number having to call another’s number instantly, or be out

  112. Kelly Ann T. says

    Another great winter activity our family likes it to go to the maple sugar festival at our local park. It is always the 3rd weekend in January.

  113. Geoff K says

    Another winter time activity my family gets into would definitely be sing-alongs and karaoke — since we got a piano and a karaoke machine, a lot of our friends and relatives come over for parties, which is always a blast. Recently we added Karaoke Revolution for the Playstation to the mix for even more fun!

  114. Elizabeth I says

    Have the kids “make” their own lunch with celery sticks, peanut butter, raisins, granola, marshmellows…dried cranberreis, whatever. Just stick the peanut butter on the celery sticks and see what they create!

  115. Jennifer Miller says

    A fun activity we’ve done is making our own “spice jars” which were just cleaned out and empty Mason jars then essentially paper mache-d colored tissue paper by gluing (using clear mod podge) it to the inside. They look like mosaics or stained glass and look really cool when light shines through them!

  116. Sarah L. says

    I like the saying that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. We bundle up very carefully and take a winter walk. Thanks for the contest.

  117. Brandy B says

    Sometimes I will crate a scavenger hunt for the kids that goes inside and outside of the house. While they are doing that I will make a wonderful dessert so when they are done they have a “prize” waiting.

  118. Amy says

    We make homemade play-dough! We make different colors/flavors, add glitter — between making it and playing with it, it’s a great afternoon!

  119. Kathy D says

    We have a had a lot of fun makeing tents out of sheets and blankets… Add lots of pillows to lie down on and we have lots of fun

  120. Aimee W. says

    There is absolutely NO need to limit this super-fun family activity to the holidays…bake cookies! The kids always have so much fun!

  121. Jill Myrick says

    For the first time in many years we have had some really great snows this year.
    So for the first time my children and I got to make snow cream and real snow cones. We had a blast for such a cold day.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  122. Elizabeth I says

    Make edible igloos. Take an apple, cover it with peanut butter, then stick mini marshmallows on it. Fun!

  123. Carol says

    I like to let the kids make forts and hideouts in the living room, using their elaborate system of blankets and chairs!

  124. May Schultz says

    Winter to me, reminds me of being cold all the time, and enjoying sitting in front of the fireplace to warm up. It’s also a good excuse to “cuddle” in bed with my husband of 60 years, and warm up there.

  125. EMMA L HORTON says


  126. Lisa says

    My kids love to make homemade pizza and create different shapes and animals and think it is great to have their own special pizza that they can personalize.

  127. Jennifer B. says

    Lately one of our winter activites has been playing the Wii together.
    I like that its something we can all do together.

  128. Jennifer Miller says

    We like making soap and candles (anything waxy, really) where we can put (non-flammable or no harm inducing!) things in it. We really like to make soaps with ducks and dinosaurs in it (think plastic or rubber.

  129. steven lewis says

    my senior complex has several of us planning a super bowl party with activities and a planned menu

  130. Cynthia C says

    My kids used to like to throw a blanket over a couple of chairs to make a puppet theater and put on plays.

  131. Nicki S. says

    My niece and I eat ice cream under blankets and watch a summer movie. It’s mind over matter!

  132. Shelley Mitchell says

    I’ve done this melt down project with my kids. They have a ball! They think it’s so cool how the crayons melt down!

  133. Melinda says

    a scavenger hunt indoors….hide notes around the house and clues….send the kids off on a treasure hunt in their own home :)

  134. Angela Winesburg says

    We have game nights and movies nights, its just fun to be with one another, thanks!

  135. Geoff K says

    For some reason the kids love to do the “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” DVDs with Richard Simmons! They’re actually a great way for all of us to get some great exercise, especially when we’re trapped indoors by winter weather, so I’m not complaining — it’s just hilarious to see all of us together trying to follow along to Richard’s frenetic routines!

  136. Kelly Ann T. says

    We string popcorn and we also put peanut butter on pinecones and then roll them in birdseed. Our family loves to hear the birds.

  137. Kristin Harris says

    Just moved to sunny Florida, but am a northener. We always enjoy sledding in the winter time.

  138. says

    We love to build forts! It’s a great way to make a warm, cozy spot when it’s cold out (and they’re always too small, so everyone’s body heat keeps you warm!)

  139. Deborah R says

    My favorite winter weather fun idea is this: if the weather’s snow, build: snowpeople, snow forts, and snow balls.

  140. Daniel M says

    wo do board & card games mostly as a way to unplug (from anything that uses electricity, get off the tv, away from the computer, turn off the ipod)

  141. Christie says

    A “campout” by the fireplace is fun. We roast hot dogs and toast marshmallows on the fire, supervised closely of course. And we use sleeping bags near the hearth. Don’t forget the campfire stories.

  142. Aimee W. says

    Just forget that you are a grown-up and go sleigh riding with your kids. Trust me…you will be happy you did! Thanks!

  143. Carol says

    Sometimes we set the timer for five minutes, do a quick cleanup, and then settle in with popcorn and blankets and watch Disney movies.

  144. Patricia says

    Another thing we do when horrible weather hits and we have to stay inside is play board games like monopoly.

  145. Geoff K says

    Another fun winter-time activity we have done is to have a “beach party” to take our minds off the frigid weather outside – we crank up the heat in the house, put on our favorite summerwear, cook “in” with our indoor grill, and decorate the living room with a summer/beach theme.

  146. May Schultz says

    When it’s cold and shivery outdoors, I turn on the oven and bake some goodies. It’s always nice to have tasty cookies, right from the oven to your mouth!!

  147. Cujo says

    On wintery days, it’s nice to curl up on the sofa with the kids and some popcorn and enjoy a family movie.

  148. Jennifer B. says

    We like to go to the next city overs snow fest! It is so much fun. They have all the ice carvers and food and even fireworks at night! Its a yearly trip we look forward to every winter!

  149. Christy says

    I get out the colored construction paper, scrapbook scissor and glue. My daughter goes to town cutting pieces of paper and then gluing them together to make her masterpiece. Her dad and I make little art projects that we remembered from school like red and green chains and a paper gingerbread house.

  150. says

    We love to bake! I usually wind up making this super simple Peanut Butter Cookie recipe that only calls for peanut butter, an egg, & vanilla. I always have those ingredients on hand.

  151. Emily R. says

    Cut out construction paper snowflakes of all kinds of shapes and have your child glue them on black paper. Then they can decorate it however they like with markers, crayons, glitter even cotton balls:)

  152. Aisling says

    When my granddaughters were smaller, they loved to dress up. So we made sure there were always plenty of clothing items so they could be princesses or gypsies or whatever they wanted to be on a particular day. Then, with just a little guidance, they’d create a dramatic scene to present. Great activity to encourage imagination and creativity.

  153. says

    We break out the craft paper, glitter, markers, glue etc. according to what holiday is coming up we make decorations. At Christmas we made paper stockings – snowmen- trees- etc. then hung them over the bar for everyone to see.

  154. Angela C says

    Our winter fun idea is having the neighbors over for a fun night. We invite several families over and we eat pizza, play games and watch sports on tv. We do it several times throughout the winter and it’s a nice break from the every day routine!

  155. Ashley says

    We like playing with corn starch and water. It’s a fun mixture that’s just messy enough for my son but easy enough for me to clean up without a lot of fuss.

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  156. Jennifer Miller says

    We like to make our own window clings using acrylic paints and photo paper, then we mix the colors and stick them on the window!

  157. steven lewis says

    living in a state without “snow” provides a challenge for winter fun activities. having lived in Michigan fo 50+ years, there is rare snow in Georgia and it is still cold. so, there are lots of card games, board games,,cooking treats and socializing.

  158. says

    For indoor time on the snowy days (or those nasty slush days after) we make books… Yes books… short stories the kids make up and draw and then mom and dad read them… another thing is baking… cookies.. bread.. doesn’t matter

  159. says

    Bring the outdoor stuff inside, or if you don’t have the space, park the car outside and let them ride bikes in the garage, or slide or use the sand and water table.

  160. Renski says

    Winter fun sometimes we just color together. It’s nice because we don’t feel rushed or like we’re missing something – we’re just hanging out…coloring.

  161. Theresa Clift says

    Fresh snow and flavoring like scoopable Tang, Country Time Lemonade or Kool-aid mixed with some water (keep it thick) makes for some great winter time snow cones

  162. Benita says

    We bake together and make hot mulled apple cider. Then we play a board game or cards as we eat what we’ve created.


  163. says

    One of our favorite winter activities is make sugar cookies in alphabet shapes and spell out words. It really is a lot of fun. Just make sure everyone has clean hands before you play with the cookies.

  164. says

    go through the house and look what you can donate to charity… give the kids a surprise trip to cookies or ice cream on the way home as a thank you for giving away their old stuff and a way of showing them to give back to the community!

  165. Amy Delong says

    once a week the kids get to pick anything they want to make&we do it together!


  166. Aimee W. says

    Just the other day, the kids and I baked doggie brownies. I found the recipe on the internet. We had SO much fun…and so did our dogs!

  167. Amanda Barnes says

    When it is too miserably cold to go outside, I try to make different kid friendly (and fun) snacks. A few weeks ago I wanted to make a cake with a twist, so I made a rainbow cake (the kind where you put the batter in 4-6 containers each with different colors and pour them in separately to make a rainbow look) and wanted to decorate it non-traditionally, so I ended up putting nerds, chopped up candy canes and laffy taffy on as the icing! It was so yummy and colorful :)
    Amanda Barnes

  168. Sarah L says

    A trip to the library is always fun. Books, DVDs, CDs – all for free to check out. You can choose to look for a particular subject and then find books & DVDs that go along with that.

  169. Susan B says

    We bake a lot, put together jigsaw puzzles and chase the dogs when they try to steal the pieces we drop and play game after game after game of UNO

  170. Carol says

    Final entry, and I think a wonderful activity is to get together at the dining room table and play board games.

  171. L. says

    My fun ideas are puppet shows when the weather is being icky. My nieces and nephews love them and have such a fun time. :)

  172. Sheila B says

    We always made “Rainy day candy” when the weather was bad.My daddy used to make this when he couldnt work in the rain so thats the name I gave it as a little girl. And we always had hot chocolate by the fire while we read books.

  173. Geoff K says

    Every winter we have a great time re-doing or re-decorating the kids’ rooms with them — this year, we’ll be attempting to paint a mural on one of the walls, and we decided on a “family tree” theme. It’ll hopefully be an ongoing project that we can come back to over the course of the next few months, especially when the winter weather keeps us indoors!

  174. mary ellen s says

    Crafts based on the upcoming holiday Valentines, St. Patricks, Easter etc there is always something to prepare for and we love making decorations

  175. EMMA L HORTON says


  176. May Schultz says

    When it’s cold and snowy outside, I just get out a jigsaw puzzle, and keep busy with that, in a nice warm house.

  177. Anne G says

    Baking cookies with the kids is great winter fun. They love to make chocolate chip and cut out cookies.

  178. Karen says

    We visit our local Goodwill store and get a bunch of new games really cheap, play them for awhile, take them back and get different ones.

  179. Terri Dell says

    When the weather is really bad outside, which it is often here, I make it a movie or reading day. Popcorn, and a few healthy snacks and juices. It’s quality time and we stay warm.

  180. Suzanne Lewis says

    We decorate pine cones with glitter and dots left over from hole punchers.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  181. Sheila Hickmon says

    Since my daughter loves to cook, we always come up with some crazy recipes to make.
    We make playdoh a lot during the winter, she loves that!

  182. Ashley says

    We make hot tea and cuddle up on the sofa with one of my son’s favorite movies.

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  183. Darcie K says

    My daughter and I spend hours making friendship bracelets for her to hand out to her friends. We also went to the fabric store and bought supplies to make our own tutus. It was such a great time!

  184. Jason Bordelon says

    homeade soup or hot cocoa, watching my 3yr old daughter play outside in the occasional ice because here in La we dont get snow.

  185. says

    We went sledding with my bfs daughter for the first time last weekend and we plan on doing it a lot more frequently! She had gone a few times with her mom before but never with us, and i had never ever been! Growing up on long island there wasn’t really anyplace to go! We also do a lot of painting. I get a lot of wood and ceramics from the craft stores and and we paint them together

  186. Joanne Schultz says

    baking cookies is always a fun venture with kids. Just give them tasks appropriate to their ages.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  187. gina says

    There are so many easy indoor craft projects geared towards children. Plus, there is baking & games & DVD’s.

  188. Betty C says

    Often board games start to get boring and we need activity. For old fashioned fun we play Charades.

  189. Suzanne Wilhoit says

    My daughter just turned 2 and we are getting ready to make valentines for everyone with stamps…

  190. christina singer says

    cold yucky days mean baking cookies and breads with the kids around here. we don;t worry about making a mess, we just find a new recipe or maybe an old favorite and have a ball

  191. carol ~ says

    Being in California we pack up and go to the snow and play for awhile till we get too cold to go on. Then we come back down and get pizza to warm up. Lots of fun!

  192. Erica C. says

    That is so neat! I love the colors. We do a lot of jewelry making during the winter. Thanks :)

  193. Kristin says

    I don’t know how inventive this is, but…my daughters and I like to stay in our pj’s, cuddled up in blankets, and watch movies, and drink hot chocolate.

  194. Candie L says

    We like to play a lot of card games. The boys are getting old enough to start learning Pitch and other games. THank you

  195. says

    I like to get window markers and let the kids decorate the windows. It makes for a more beautiful view than rain and sleet!

  196. Kelly Ann T. says

    We like to make a big pot of soup and homemade bread. These taste so good together on a cold winter’s day

  197. Vicki Andrew says

    making paper can be fun, I also like watching the old classic TV shows off of netflix.

  198. Justine says

    Well this winter fun idea only works when there is actual snow, but it’s always every kids favorite! When you see it is snowing outside, take a clean baking pan or huge bowl and set it outside where it can collect snow. When it is full enough, bring it inside and scoop some into bowls for the kids (and parents too probably!). Then sprinkle powdered drink mix (think cherry, grape, etc) on top and eat, YUM! A REAL snow cone for a change, and they’re almost free!!! Honestly this is one of my kids fave things to do and all the neighborhood kids always freak out when I offer them one, try it!

  199. says

    We like to make “leftover soup”. We find leftovers stored in the fridge and freezer, then add noodles or rice to make a new creation. Sometimes it’s great, but sometimes just so so. Either way it’s fun.

  200. kathy pease says

    get peat pots and flower seeds and have the kids help you plant perennials indoors..then in the spring when the weather is great to get back outside have them help transfer them to the garden :)

  201. lis piquette says

    we like to bake bread ,mix the dough play outside while it rises ,and shape backout to shovel- and back inside to bake

  202. Rosey says

    Every winter, at least once, we camp out indoors. We get out the tents, the sleeping bags, the flameless lanterns, etc. We also use the inside, homemade smore maker, which isn’t as cool as cooking outside at a campground, but it’s a very close second.

  203. samantha says

    Winter is mild where my family and I live, so our activities are much the same as any other time of year. We do, however, love making snowflake cut-outs since don’t see that type of weather in deep south Texas. Its a great way to pretend we are in a place that is really cold.

  204. Pinkerbelle says

    Spread a little joy,
    but don’t gain weight:
    Bake cookies for the neighbors;
    they’ll think you’re GREAT!

  205. Charity S. says

    We make paper people and cities to go with them. All you need is paper, color pencils, and a little bit of imagination.

  206. Lexi says

    make great little crafts like friendship braceletes or warm cozy blankets. i’ve been doing a lot of crafts this winter and it’s just fun to get together and make a nice scrapbook, or cuddle under the warm blanket you made. it’s also great to make braceletes because who doesn’t love some jewelry?

  207. R Hicks says

    One thing we like to do together is have a fun game of darts with the kids. Darts with the suction cups that is

  208. Nancy Mesmer says

    I am a mother of 4, and have always loved the crafty activities on rainy and wintery days…which we have a lot of! But I have to say I now favor the Wii just as much! We got one for Christmas, and we have been up and moving since! Everyone gathers in the livingroom, cheers eachother on, and graciously takes turns. We get our family time and were all up and moving like never before. Loads of fun!

  209. Brandy Byrne says

    WE love board games as well. I like to get them to do “educational” ones like Scrabble, etc.

  210. Samantha Daleo says

    Our winter fun has been back to basics with good old fashioned board games. Every day we try to bring out a new one (thankfully we have 7 or they all seem new) and we create so many memories just spending that time together laughing and playing!

  211. Jennifer Miller says

    We like to play the brain teaser games on the Wii, that way it doesn’t feel like we’re playing a game and we’re learning at the same time!

  212. Tim Hughes says

    My favorite winter fun activity fun here in Wisconsin is grilling steaks in a blinding snowfall and having some Milwaukee Pops with friends and enjoying the snow!

  213. Aimee W. says

    Although this isn’t my favorite activity, the kids love it and insist upon it: pop in a favorite DVD on cold winter days.

  214. celia says

    watercolors are often used these days, as are playing cards and any other random games we invent such as colliding pumpkins and jumping off the sofa.

  215. Sand says

    We check out books and movies from the library and light up the fireplace for some family bonding time of watching movies or reading.

  216. Brian E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…our daughters used to love making Papier-mâché animals, usually modeled on their pet poodle.

  217. Arla says

    Make kids little keepsake boxes out of empty facial tissue boxes, cover them with art paper or tissue paper, embellish or paint them

  218. Jennifer says

    We recently had a family game time, and we rotated between playing a board game and playing the Wii. We set up the rotation so that each kid got to play each game with each parent.

  219. Nicki says

    Put on our classical music and break out our Melissa and Doug Music Box with tambourines and harmonicas to play along

  220. Veronica Garrett says

    I try to keep the children from getting bored while they are inside. We play games, bake cookies, pop popcorn, make fudge. We sometimes play movies wrapped up around the fireplace.

  221. Angela G says

    We don’t get a lot of snow here so we sometimes use shaved ice and make snowballs to throw at each other.

  222. says

    When it’s too cold to go outside, go inside to see a live performance at a local theatre or see an exhibition at a museum. Spend time talking about what you’ve seen.

  223. Michelle H. says

    Baking with the kids is one of my ideas. Also, now would be a great time to make Valentine’s Day cards.

  224. Amanda T says

    We’re hooked on Go Fish! right now–my 3 yo got it for Christmas.

    amanda.townsend2 at gmail dot com

  225. says

    Barbasol. Shaving cream is a fun, tactile, medium for them to sit on the kitchen floor and play with while I make dinner. And it cleans up well!

  226. Charlene Kuser says

    One activity I like to do with the kids if make a pine cone bird feeder.
    Coat pine cones that you have collected on a walk with peanut butter, and roll them in bird seed. Tie yarn to the top and let them sit overnight. The next day walk around the yard and find the branches you want them to hang on and
    tie them on and sat back and watch the birds as they feast


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