Who’s Who?

I took Ethan and Zach to get haircuts yesterday. With their longer hair styles I don’t trust myself to cut it properly, like I do the younger boys. I was shocked when I discovered that one decided to cut his hair much shorter than the other… Never before have they actually wanted to look so different.

Now that they look completely different, can you tell which one is Ethan and which is Zach?


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  1. Angie says

    Such handsome guys. I’ve cuty I’d twins hair defferently once before and it only lasted a few days before they wanted the same cut again, which surprised me because they don’t ever dress alike. In the past when you’ve had their hair cut the same does it trip you up for a few days? I find that right after a haircut mine look the same to me and I have to really look at them to tell them apart for a few days. :)
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  2. says

    my sweet, shaggy-haired baby boy went and got a flat-top cut while I was away at BlogHer and one of his big sisters sent me a picture while I was there. shocked me! thankfully I was distracted by so much fun, so much to do and so many great people to meet and hunker down on the floor with at the Peoples Party. Christine it was so nice to finally meet you!
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