We’re heading home

We’re just not sure if we’ll get there tonight!

Sitting here at the airport is proving to be a bit more than my kiddos can handle at this point. Our plane has already been delayed an hour, and just as Zach was freaking out because Julia was playing with his Rubix Cube, we got word that our plane may not even be able to land in Sacramento once we get there. How is that for timing?

All in all, this weekend has been super fun, but we have hit our limit. We will all be well again after a good night’s sleep in our own beds. But, for now we must all listen to Julia cry under her brother’s sweatshirt….


  1. Momma to LG says

    We barely got home too! 2 hours delayed. That was a lot to handle since we were all exhausted. My 3 year old didn’t start the meltdown until the plane started to land so that was at least good!

  2. Erika @ Chic Shopper Chick says

    Oh no! Traveling is stressful enough when everything goes as planned! I hope everything works out and you are home very soon!

  3. coastrat says

    Airport living definitely sucks! In this day and age, you can just about be certain that something will be screwed up with your flight before you finally arrive at your destination.