We want you to know…

First of all, I have had to close comments on all posts regarding the girls’ harassment, due to some very ugly people. Understand that we appreciate the support, but we’ve endured enough negativity and hatred to last several lifetimes.

Now, please know that it has never been our intention to “bully” Jaide by sharing our story. We have never used her full name, nor slandered her, but simply told you what has transpired. I have not posted any of her personal information, but only what could be publicly obtained via her accounts. I never asked anyone to harass her in any way, but simply asked for help to report the accounts used to harass and threaten us.

We had been given the legal advice to set up a public Facebook page to update in real time what happens to us. We use the name given in all messages, publicly, which is Jaide. It can be seen by anyone who visits her public pages. We were advised to do so simply because this had escalated quickly and we needed to publicly document what was happening to us. I am not responsible for what others do upon seeing our page and following our story.

As for a 12 year old being capable of doing this? I mentioned in my previous post, and I stand by my statement, that I believe she has had help. Even professional hackers are amazed at what has been done to us. There is no way she could be acting alone, and to be quite honest, I believe it’s possible that she may not have personally sent a single message. However, I do believe with every ounce of my being that Jaide is, in fact, behind all of this. She most certainly started it.

I will continue to reference our cyber-bully turned stalker as a female, but call her simply “J”, however, I will refrain from using her entire first name to appease any who may believe we are sharing our story for any other reason than to bring awareness.