Vacationing in Southern California

Whether you plan to hit the beaches, visit the San Diego Zoo, spend some time at LegoLand, or play at Disneyland and California Adventure, any time is a good time for a visit to Southern California. And with Christmas vacation just around the corner, there is magic to be found.

In the next few days, I will be sharing some highlights from our trip to San Diego this last Fall, and tell you why this month would be a great time to visit. I will also be sharing all of the reasons why Disney parks are some of the most magical places to spend the holidays!

Will you join me on a virtual tour of Southern California, holiday style?


  1. Tina says

    Oh, I wish I was in Southern California, where the sun is shining and it’s warm. Here is not even 20degrees and snowing. Just thinking about it makes me feel warmer. tinawittmer(at)yahoo(dot)com

  2. Grandma Alice says

    Christine, I don’t have a blog, but have been following yours for several months. I also live near you. I grew up in So. Cal. and have lived up north for almost 40 years. I have 8 grandchildren, and we took the whole family to Disneyland last year on Christmas Day! What a trip! My husband and I are going alone next week… to celebrate our 41st anniversary! I’ll be watching for your tour!

  3. * TONYA * says

    I was so glad to be able to meet you and can’t wait to read all the posts of all the fun places you visited while you were here.

    I’m looking forward to heading to both Sea World and The Wild Animal Park over the next couple of weeks to see their holiday displays.