tweet, tweet

As an ambassador for Graco Nation, we are always receiving great perks. Like yesterday, when we received a fun little surprise… A birdhouse kit!

Zach was so excited when he saw the kit and immediately began inspecting it’s contents…. wood panels, glue, nails, and even paint.

set up

He wasted no time but got to work right away, while a couple little brothers watched.
let's build it!

Just adding the perch and it was done in record time!
Way to go, Zach!!

almost done


Please note: We received the bird house kit as a gift from Graco Nation. This is not a sponsored post, nor a review.


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    My kids are obsessed with birds…Wyatt dumped birdseed all over the entry the other day in his enthusiasm to feed them.:) But how much fun for them! Your boys look like they’re having a great time.