Too Excited to Sleep…

I traveled all day and am dog-tired, but I am stuck on Pacific Time and too excited to sleep. This very same thing happened to me when I went to Camp Baby. I know I will regret this in the morning, but I want to tell you about my first night here in Arkansas…

I was one of the first of the ElevenMoms to arrive in Walmartville. Heather beat me by just a short time and was cozy in her hotel room long before I made it to mine. In fact, as I was grabbing my bag from baggage claim, John invited me to dinner with him and some other Walmartians. Since I was famished, and eager to meet John in person, I met them at P.F. Chang’s for a scrumptious dinner. Just as I finished eating, I got a call from Tara… She was here, so John and I met up with her. Heather met us in the lobby, shortly after. Then Jenn showed up.

The four of us ElevenMoms decided to head to Eddie Haskell’s for a quick bite, as Tara had not yet eaten dinner. Little did we know what we were stepping in to! The kitchen was closed, but let’s just say the drinks were flowing.

We did manage to talk the guys in the kitchen in to making us some nachos and quesadillas, but we were hit on by a “really drunk guy” who didn’t know what a blog is, and enjoyed some beautiful karoake! The guy was harmless, but I think the karoake did some damage. Actually, Jenn belted out a couple of nice tunes… She was great!

He just wasn’t gettin’ the whole blog thing!

When I finally made it to my hotel room, I had a few surprises waiting for me. Walmart filled a goodie bag with some pretty cool stuff, and all of our linens were replaced with choice pieces from Walmart’s Canopy line… We even get to take it all home with us, so we can “experience the Canopy line in (our) own homes”!

Photobucket Photobucket

Maybe it’s time to go test out those sheets… I have a busy few days ahead of me!Don’t miss a thing — follow me on twitter and subscribe to my RSS feed.