Today Was The First Day of School…

And, the Young kids ROCKED it!!

Two things did I learn today:

1. My kids are better able to adapt to change than I am. They loved their first day of school, seemed to take everything in stride, and can’t wait to go back again tomorrow. Me? Well, let’s just say I’m still getting used to the idea.

2. I will be doing lots of “homework” these first weeks of school. And? I am resolved to not be surprised at the late-night scrambling to gather items for the morrow, even after I was assured there was nothing needed.


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        I thought that was what you said!! I just thought I was crazy for a few minutes when I saw the the kids were at school! Maybe I had missed that in our conversation!! I remember thinking to myself how does she have 7 kids and homeschool all of them. Well, you’re super mom, of course!!! Good to know you have a few less at home, but I am sure you miss them terribly!!!

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          On our way in to school on that first day, Julia turned to me and said, “Wow, Mom, people aren’t going to think you’re so awesome with all of us in school now.” I about died! I definitely do feel a much lighter load, not having to worry about school in addition to all of my other motherly duties, but I hate to think that my “super mom” status has diminished! hahaha!

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            Hahaha! Good ‘ole Julia! Kids just say it like it is. No, I think you are a saint for homeschool for as long as you did!! I ADORE my kids, but I think school is a good break for them and me!! We both get just enough time to miss each other again and then the school day is over!! You’re still the COOLEST SUPER MOM I know! :)

            I am in LOVE with your amazing photo! I think it’s the graphic designer in me! I want one of those SO BAD!!!!!!!!

  1. Lola T says

    hey I feel this is a good part for the child and also the a very good experience to you on his 1st day of schooling of your kid is like having a being happy about his learning.
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    Your kid are so beautiful! The twins are going to be heart breakers when they get holder with those blue eyes! I’d love to see a post on how you stay organized and your daily routine with all those little ones! I have trouble with just 2!

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      Thanks, Louise!

      There are definitely some mixed feelings… I don’t know that I have much more time, but I am certainly being pulled in a very different direction. And, while I am missing having my older kids around, I am treasuring this time I have with my youngest three!

  3. Marry says

    I just smiled watching the whole video. I am so sad I didn’t document my kids’ first day of school like you did. The smile and enthusiasm on their faces show how successful their first day was. Good luck on the assignment Julia gave you. I really love this..Thank you Christine.
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