To the moon….

Just before Christmas, we received a pair of very comfy and cozy pajamas from Children’s Place. I saved these adorable jammies for Josh to open on Christmas Eve, considering he loves pjs. Let me tell you, he was so stoked with his new rocket pj set… He has seriously worn them almost every night since!

I say almost because Ben grabbed the rocket pj pants the other night, before Josh could stop him, and put them on… I wanted to send them both to the moon. Seriously, we almost had an all-out war, but I let Ben wear them. I know, I know, doesn’t seem fair, does it? Yeah, life isn’t fair!

Since that very loud and tear-filled night, Ben has come to believe they are his jammie pants, but at three just doesn’t get the fact that they’re not, but soon will be. I seriously should just buy Ben his own pair with the gift card Children’s Place sent me. The rocket pj’s are on sale at – only $12.99 AND they offer $5 standard shipping. What a steal!



  1. peg42 says

    I love the valentine pj set for girls. I love Childrens Place. They offer such adorable clothing. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  2. Heather says

    My kids live in Childrens Place clothing but when I think of their store it’s the jeans that really come to mind. They are SO well made (love the adjustable waist) and always a great price!

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