Timmy :: King of the House

I was reading through some guest post submissions and found the following, written by Julz last November…

Timmy is in the house! It’s so much different when he was not here – which isn’t often. He is the little king of the house!

He is growing up so so fast. I am really sad he is my last BABY brother, but happy because I don’t have to change any more diapers!!!

When my dad told me that we were going to have another baby, I really thought it was going to be a girl. This is what my dad said (for some weird resen I remember exactly what he said!) -> ”You know why mommy has been sick? It’s because there is a monster in her stomach! No, not really — she has a baby in her tummy!” I was so happy and that seems so long ago! Timmy is so big now!