There May Be Diapers, But We Don’t Forget the Dates

Ray and I are always pretty good about taking time out to spend an evening together, just the two of us. We may have gone “from dates to diapers” but we certainly haven’t forgotten about the dates! I truly believe that our date nights have been extremely influential in keeping our marriage so exciting. I look forward with much anticipation to these special nights.

dateWell, tonight was one such night. Ray and I first headed downtown for the Holiday #SacTweetUp, at Park Ultra Lounge, where I had THE BEST Jolly Rancher martini and we mixed and mingled with other social media mavens. Since both of us are BIG sushi fans, we then headed to Mikuni – our favorite sushi restaurant – and gorged on a plate of spicy seared ahi and some amazing sweet and sour rolls. (Kinda makes you drool for sushi, huh?)

The best part of the night, though, was when Ray stole a kiss during our short walk from one place to another, the playful banter about “parking” just to make out, and the uninterrupted conversation. Together. Without the kids.

How about you… Do you see the importance of date nights?
How do you reconnect with your spouse?

Date nights for us are super important. They provide an opportunity to reconnect in a way that we can’t with the distractions of home and family pulling at us. No diapers, no laundry, no pressing emails. Just us.

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    Yeah… I don’t date my wife enough.

    Of course, we didn’t really date much while we were dating either.

    Our “dates” consist of reading lolcats, eating Panda Express after the girls have gone to bed and going to Costco.

    …hmm… may need to work on that [smile].


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    My husband and I have a date night each week. We’re forunate to have family in the area who are more than willing to help out with the kids for our date nights, but even if we didn’t have free family sitters, we would still have date nights and make space for it in our budgets. It’s important to our marriage and I look forward to it each week!

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    Oh, you had to mention sushi…

    Hubs and I don’t “date” much… I guess we need to get better at that. We do spend a lot of alone time together early in the morning and late at night while the girls are sleeping. But we don’t get out much.

    And, now I’m craving sushi…

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    My husband and I try to go on a date once a week. We’re not always consistent but we know when it’s time to get back to dating. Tonight we’re going to see Avatar. He’s too geeked. Making time for each other is so important.

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    Great post. I agree that dates are so important and I don’t know how we’ve survived 15 years without more of them! We’ve always lived so far from family and haven’t had good child care options, so it’s been difficult to date, but it’s a new year’s resolution! Keep it up–you’re an inspiration

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    I have been married 5 years and have 3 kids. When I had one baby I thought people that went out all the time without their kids are nuts. I also did not want to leave my daughter. After I had my son, a date seemed grand. I made excuses. I had my 3rd, 3 weeks later was my birthday. I went out. I did not feel bad.

    I have a new love for date nights! I do have to pay a sitter so it is about once a month. Any newly married couple I would say, make the time. Trade sitters. It is so worth it to fall in love all over again!