“The World’s Most Powerful Social Media Influencers to Treat and Pamper”

The internet is all atwitter with this newest list of “top mom bloggers.” I will admit that it IS one of the most complete, unbiased lists I’ve seen in quite some time, and I am flattered to be listed among many of my blogging idols. HOWEVER, the article in which the list is included is just downright insulting, not to mention one in which bad advice is dispensed to marketers and companies.

And, it hit a nerve with me.

As a Social Media Influencer, I am offended that anyone would insinuate that I am willing to work for free, or a “chance to win a prize”. Unfortunately, articles like this are making it more difficult for us to be respected as business-women. It’s giving license, in a way, to PR reps and business owners to send us more ridiculous pitches. Not to mention, demeaning our place in the world of social media.

I understand that many see articles such as these that list our blogs as being free advertising, and I think that’s great. I have nothing against this list. It is the information that came before this list. I am pretty sure that most, if not all, of the listed bloggers on this newest list would refuse to work for an entry in to a contest as compensation.

We are not just silly mommies hoping to win a prize as compensation for our hard work. We work hard, sacrifice much, and devote oodles of time and energy in to our businesses. We are women who own businesses and deserve to be treated as such.

In short, I hope that anyone who comes across this list, considers it a list of strong, powerful women who deserve to be respected and treated fairly.

What are your thoughts about this list, or top lists in general? Do you think they are good for our community and help advance our businesses, or are they simply link bait schemes that cause unnecessary drama and dissension?

I have purposefully withheld the link to the article I mention. The fewer people who see it, the better.


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    My thoughts on lists is, although this one is full of women that I absolutely look up to and adore, is that most lists don’t reflect the diverse voices that truly make blogging interesting. I’m not just speaking in terms of race, but in terms of experiences and status.

    The biggest concern about lists is that it divides the blogging community. Women are facing more than enough challenges and are ready hard enough on ourselves. We don’t need some list reminding us that no matter how hard we work, or how good we are as writers that we still aren’t worthy of being treated or pampered.
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    I am on the list and I work for actual money. As we should. What is sad is that this issue of blogging for entries or stuff has been a gripe since my first conference. We are now going on our fifth, and I see so many business people, marketers, PR people, etc. who truly get it now. It is sad that we still need to proactively educate others about this. Hmm… Perhaps I need to make a list of marketers who get it. I am putting that on my to-do list now.
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    Great post! I agree, I think the list is pretty fabulous, but the intent of the article is very much an insult. However, it’s funny that the many mom bloggers who will work for free or a chance to win a prize are NOT listed. I think they (the writers of this article) got it backwards.
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    The best thing about this “list” is that the guy has only been blogging for 3 months. I think it was more a reason to tweet all of us and give him traffic than giving any real advice.

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    Agreed – fantastic list of people I look up to, admire and enjoy friendships with. But also agreed – not doing any of us bloggers (who are moms) any favors! We all work hard to build our career – and it’s amazing how quickly we can be reduced to game show prize winners with just a few words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!
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    I think it’s Link Bait. What’s the best way to get the most influential people to LINK to the site, giving great p.r.? I also think it devalues even the small bloggers, the ones who are just getting started. I absolutely agree, it’s demeaning to be asked (and expected) to blog for a contest entry or “a chance to win” a gift card or whatever. THat’s crap. Just like it’s crap to even be willing to accept $5 for a 500 word post – but people will accept it, because that’s what’s offered. :(
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    Great article, Christine! I am not on the list but am still highly insulted. I was actually laughing as I was reading the list of respected bloggers imagining the response if a marketer took this advice and started pitching those people on the list. I am thinking the pitch would not get too many favorable replies.

    Kelby: Love your idea!

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    I am not on the list, but many of my dear friends are and I was very surprised at the opening paragraph when I saw it. This is a great article and so true! Those of us who are working this business take it and ourselves seriously and we should! Thanks for calling this article out. :)
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    The sad thing is, not only is the article pure drivel, the entire thing is linkbait.

    I have to disagree with your assessment that it’s comprehensive and unbiased–while it’s certainly a long list (and I wish more had this kind of diversity), it’s about as well-researched as the opening paragraphs. It includes multiple corporate sites, women who don’t have children, marketing consultants, bloggers who don’t write about parenting, a known plagiarist, and even an SEO expert who (being an SEO guy) has a blog called “Mommy Blogger’s Best Friend.”

    I love Lisa Stone to death but I think she’d be the last person to tell you she’s a mommy blogger.

    Seems like this guy searched by klout or some other metrics for the word “mom” in names and bios. Which is not a surprise – look at his earlier list on Top 100 Android Developers and there’s a ton of people tweeting at him “thanks for including me but I’m not an Android developer.” Pattern.

    So is it an honor to be on that list? I don’t know. But I do know I’d rather see YOUR list of top bloggers, Christine.
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    I think Liz just offered you a difficult, friendly challenge, Christine–a challenge that I don’t think I’d want… I’d love to try to create a list of 100, but I’m sure I’d spend hours agonizing it. While, the list that was included in the OTHER post is a great start, it needs further research to delete the non-mom/parenting bloggers, marketing companies, and the like. (not to mention the plagerist.) Then add the obvious missing bloggers to make it to the final 100.

    Look, it’s an honor to be included on that list because that’s a power list of (nearly) 100 parenting bloggers who know how to do it and do it right. It would help the author to ask for a rebuttal from those of us who are on the list, asking us, specifically, how to market with us. Without doing valid research, his post proves nothing (and is, as well all know, a bunch of gobbledygoop.)
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