The Vow :: More Than Just A Movie

My sisters and I recently went and saw the movie The Vow, with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. I laughed and cried and we all left the theater expressing how much we liked the movie.

But, the movie left a lasting impression on me. The actors who appeared in the movie were not what made the impression, nor were their performances, but rather the story. (Although, Mr Channing is certainly not hard to look at!)

The Vow portrays the heartbreaking events that occurred in the lives of a real couple. Of course, the movie is a Hollywood production, which is just to say that only some of the events mimic those that changed Kim and Krickett Carpenter forever – most importantly the loss of Krickett’s memory in a horrific accident.

I was inspired to discover the true-life story of a husband who kept his promise to his new bride to “provide for and protect (her) through times of challenge and need.” I devoured the book written by the Carpenters on my cross-country trip yesterday.

What would you do if your spouse didn’t remember you? How would you feel if s/he had no recollection of meeting you, dating you, falling in love with you, much less marrying you?

Can the love of a lifetime find a second chance?

Kim and Krickett had only been married two months when they were involved in the accident that left Kim’s body broken and cut, and Krickett hanging on for dear life. The movie portrays this accident as a rear ender, sending Paige (Krickett) through the windshield, with Leo (Kim) virtually unharmed.

But it was truly by God’s grace and mercy that either made it out alive, and a remarkable miracle that Krickett is even alive today. Seven weeks after the accident was she able to go home to her parents, but not before a coma, severe physical therapy, and the crushing realization that she could not remember the last 18 months of her life.

Krickett never regained memory of her husband or their life together before the accident. Her personality was drastically altered and she had a difficult time expressing the proper emotion at the appropriate times, due to her brain injury. She was definitely not the woman Kim had loved and married, but they gave all the glory to God for sparing her life. It was because of the vow they had made to God, and each other, on their wedding day that kept them together through a very difficult time. They learned how to love and live together again, but not without much struggle.

If you and your spouse have “forgotten” how to love each other, pick up The Vow for a true-life example of how God CAN cause a miracle in your marriage, if you are faithful to your commitment to each other.


  1. says

    We loved it too! We watched it a few months ago, first movie in ages, and were amazed by its genuineness. You can tell there is substance to it because there is a real story behind it, not only a Hollywood script. And there were plenty of Biblical principles in it too!
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  2. Bridgett says

    I have not seen the movie and haven’t decided if I will. I say that because I’m living a similar story in my life. My husband was in an ATV accident in July, 2007. We are living with his brain injury. He did remember me as his wife when he finally came out of a coma (celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in the hospital). We do follow our vows that we made 7 years ago. In sickness and in health. No one should take life for granted. You never know what will happen next. Thank you for your wonderful article and I may watch it, but I will probably start crying from the beginning as I know how life altering a brain injury can be.


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