The 10 Most Disgusting Things We Have Found In Our Yukon

We all caught a whiff of nastiness when we loaded up in the Yukon this morning. Since we didn’t want to be late for church, yet again, we rolled down all of the windows and tried to ignore the stench.

Not surprisingly, the sand buckets we received from my nephew Isaac’s birthday party last Sunday were sitting in the front seat, so I began to gather garbage.

Once I started, the stench grew stronger. I began to wish I had a gas mask, but I just couldn’t stop.

Here is the worst of what I found ::

  • A sippy cup full of curdled milk
  • Moldy sports apparel
  • A rotten apple
  • A chocolate In-n-Out milkshake turned green
  • A poopy diaper
  • A half eaten cheeseburger
  • Crusty boogers on the side of the seat
  • An exploded ketchup packet
  • A moldy burrito
  • A green shirt that was once white

I wish I was joking.



  1. KJ says

    Whether we admit it or not, you just made a lot of moms feel better, or less shamed, about the true state of our minivans. Ha! Happens to all of us. Thanks! :)

  2. sue diamond-phillips says

    You have made my life complete with this post. I call my SUV the rolling trashcan for good reason.

  3. Jodi Bakken says

    Wow– that is quite a combination of yucky things! lol. Are you sure you didn’t accidently get into MY car?

  4. KathyCash says

    Ha….this definitely makes me feel better about our car. (Is there anywhere a Cheerio can’t fit?) I remember the days of the “new car smell”…..seems like long ago :)