Tell Me About Your Bath Time Routine With Baby and Win!

What bath-time rituals and routines have you established for your babies?

Around here, Timothy is thrilled when it’s bath-time and both Julia and I are always so excited to enjoy special time with him. We love to sing, splash and play with bubbles. Lots of bubbles!

I was recently sent on a little shopping spree, thanks to BabyCenter, Walmart and Johnson’s Baby. My task was to find items that would enhance our bath-time experience and then share them with you, in celebration of’s Baby Days. Check out what we found…

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To celebrate Walmart’s Baby Days, I get to offer you some fabulous prizes! Leave me a comment on this post, telling me about your bath-time routine and rituals, and I will pick three winners on September 17th at 9pm (PST) to each receive one of the following prizes:

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Now, go create some memories and have some fun with your baby in the bath!

This post is sponsored by BabyCenter in conjunction with the BabyCenter Blog Network. All prizes and compensation are provided by BabyCenter, Walmart and Johnson and Johnson. However, as always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Mami2jcn says

    My husband used to be afraid to give our daughter a bath, because she was so small and delicate. Now that she’s bigger, he enjoys participating in bath time. We play with little fish toys that squirt water and she giggles each time she gets squirted. She laughs even harder if she manages to squirt us! When we’re done with the bath, we scoop her up with her ducky hooded towel, put on her jammies, and read together. Then it’s kisses and good night.

  2. says

    We have a three year old boy, Hunter, and a seven month old girl, Adalia. We bathe them together. We fill up the infant tub inside the bath then fill up the bath around it. We get our jammies and diaper/underwear. We get our animal hoodie towels down and then splish splash on in!! Hunter’s job is to GENTLY help us use a soft comb to wash sister’s hair. Once she is clean, Hunter picks a bath toy to share with sister. Before we wash up the little guy, we get out our bath crayons and draw trains and animals and sometimes even practice writing our names :) Then we finish cleaning up, wash away our art work and drain the water. Adalia gets a diaper then cuddles up in a pink bunny bathrobe, covered in baby powder and soft lotions. Hunter dries off with his frog towel then we usually run around using our towel as a super hero cape :) Bath time is the best time!

  3. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I always have lots of bath toys, bubbles and bath “crayons.” I also keep a cup in with the toys to rinse hair. I just let them play until it’s time to wash hair.

  4. says

    Our favorite bath time ritual is a family one. After my 1-year-old son’s bath, I take him back to his room for a new diaper and pj’s, while my husband cleans up the bathroom. But the fun part is what’s next… Daddy is the officially hair dryer in our house! My son sits on my lap in the rocker and giggles galore as Daddy towel dries his hair into a curly-q frenzy!

  5. says

    we start with LOTS bubbles and toys!!!
    (on some days, he gets to wash the “cars” and he brings a couple of his hotwheels in as well)
    then, once you can tell he is getting ready to get out..
    We then bath and wash his hair, finish off with a good rinse down and then of course, lotion time before the PJ’s go on! :)
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  6. Sharon says

    My husband gives our daughter her baths and afterwards I put on her lotion. We used to do her baths together, but I had heard it could be good bonding time for daddy to do baths. It’s now to the point that I don’t feel like I know how to give her a bath on my own! In fact, a few weeks ago, I decided to give her a bath since my husband would be getting home late. She was a trooper, but I was so awkward, I don’t think she enjoyed it as much as she usually does! She likes to splash during bath time and also play with the shampoo bottles. She has a rubber ducky that she plays with and she likes to play with the sponge and comb that are in there too.

  7. Jennifer says

    Our bathtime routine with the girls is to grab a barbie doll and we wash the girls hair and then they wash their barbies hair! They love it!

  8. says

    Wow after reading some of the bathtime routines above I feel like I need to up my game! My little guy is 14 months and every time I ask him if he wants a bath he yells “BAPH!” and starts running to the bathroom. We have maybe like 4 bath toys for him but s simple plastic cup is his favorite. He loves filling things up and pouring them out. I’ve been considering buying some stackable cups for the bath for this very purpose. Haven’t tried bubbles yet but maybe I should, that’s a fun idea! After he’s played awhile we wash up with soap and then ask him if he’s all done. He will raise his arms in the air and say “UP!” This is our cue to take him out and dry him off with a towel.

    Based on your reccomendations I may just have to check out some more fun things to help take our bath time from good to great!


  9. says

    My little one has wanted a shower instead of a bath ever since she could stand. She wants to be like her big sis. =p We let the girls pick out the undies and PJs that they want to wear after their showers. There may or may not be some running around the house naked between putting the worn clothes in the hamper and getting into the bathtub. In the tub, they like the fill up toy watering cans and watch the water come out of the little holes, or put up the foam letters on the walls. After we finish, we have to do the ‘naked baby dance’ before getting dressed.
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  10. Dawn-Marie says

    We have twins and when they were really littled we used to like to lie them down in the big tub, with just a little water, side-by-side and watch them splash, giggle and wiggle together. Now that they are bigger and they still splash each other and take turns pouring water on the other. Bath time is bonding time for our twins, who also have an older sister that sometimes join them in splash zone!

  11. Lisa says

    I love the big bath crayons to draw on the tub or the tub paints. Anything like that always is so much fun for the kids.

  12. Melissa O. says

    For my one and three year old boys, we always have a bath in the mornings. The clothes they are going to wear get laid out and on the bed in my room across from the bathroom. They get bathed together with their favorite bath toys. My three year old likes to wash my one year old’s hair and help clean him up. He is always the helper. Then we sing songs as we wash up and they can play with their toys for a while.When it’s time to get out of the bath my three year old likes to ‘pull the plug” and drain the tub. Then I wrap up my one year old in a towel and my three year old has to have his towel put on just so. My older boy likes to scrunch up under the towel on my bed for a while while my little one flings his towel and streaks. Then each little boy gets lotion put on (again my three year old helper helps his baby brother) and then we get dressed.

  13. says

    Bath time is both the most fun time and the saddest time. The boys know that when baths are done it’s bedtime so they prolong getting out of the tub for as long as possible. They don’t seem to think about this when they are rushing to jump in the warm bubbly water every night. It’s only after they are finished that they remember that getting out means bedtime. Needless to say they fight it tooth & nail which ends up creating the most fun ever. It’s fun to watch them come up with just one more idea to stay in the tub just a little longer. Of course I always let them…usually until their water is cold and their starting to shiver!!
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    • Megan Steeves says

      Linda, I was a nanny for a little boy who did the same thing as your boys. He did NOT want to get out of the tub. I finally figured out a trick. I told him he could stay in as long as there was water and once the water was all gone then it was time to get out. After his bath ritual was over and it was time to get out, I would pull the plug and let the water out. He had about 1-2 minutes to play as the water drained. Once it was gone it wasn’t that much fun anymore and he was okay with getting out. (He also did well with advance notice on things…like, you have 1 more minute before (fill in the blank).

  14. Marissa says

    My fiance and I give the girls a bath every night (we have 3-months-old fraternal twin girls.) The have a warm bath, we show them how to splash and what noises the (rubber) duckie makes; we wash the little bit of hair that they do have (usually Daddy takes one and Momma takes the other.) We use the hooded towels, and dry them off. While we warm up their bottles for the bedtime, we diaper, and then do some infant massage (we took a free class that was offered to NICU moms and dads.) with Johnson’s Lavendar scented lotion. After dressing them, we feed them their bottles, and usually read a Dr. Suess book, although we have been branching out to some “Buenas Noches, Luna” and “Guess How Much I Love You.” Then it’s kisses, and off to bed!

  15. Megan Steeves says

    We have two girls, 2 yrs. old and 6 months. Since the younger recently started sitting up really well we have been bathing them together. They LOVE it! The older enjoys bubbles. She catches them in her hand and then blows them away. She also loves for me to throw water on her face or dump it over her head (Crazy, I know!). We do our colors and alphabet with foam letters, which the younger enjoys chewing on. Our 6 month old gets so excited sometimes she just dives into the water so I have to hold onto her all the time. She also likes to chase her older sister around the tub and pull her hair. :/ Our girls get so excited when I start to run the water for their bath – they love the water! They also sleep better after a bath.

  16. Helen says

    My daughter loves to play in the bathtub, but it’s so crazy about laying back in the water to get her hair washed. I discovered a few months ago that singing the entire time gives her something to focus on and makes us both laugh. She gets to pick the song and more often than not, it’s “Dell!” (The Farmer in the Dell)

  17. Becca says

    We always start “tubbytime” with the big squirt of bubbles that my 2 year old loves to squirt in the tub, and then his squirty toys. I have 6 kids and the older ones love to help bathe the younger ones because they love to play with the toys too is my theory! I never have to look for help at tubbytime because everyone else always wants to partake in the fun. After they have been all scrubbed clean and are good and full of wrinkles we get out, make smiley faces on their bellies with the lotcion bottle before getting it all rubbed in and then its jammies on, a good story or two and hen lots of hugs and kisses and off to dream land they go.

  18. Corbett says

    As soon as I turn on the water, M starts trying to get in. When I put her in, she splashes and giggles. Then we wash, and it’s done. Interestingly, she doesn’t like to dry off.

  19. Katherine says

    We always had a special “bathers” song that we sang before bath time. The babies would be so excited when they heard the song because they knew what was coming!

  20. Heather B. says

    My husband and I both do bathtime together with our 8 month old daughter, Morgan. I get the tub ready while my husband gets her in her birthday suit…then they “sneak up” on me together…which makes Morgan laugh every time. After she is all squeeky clean, my husband holds her towel open and I lift her out of the tub; her legs kicking in excitement to be all bundled up. Then she gives me the biggest, most adorable smile. Then, our favorite part, is when we take her to her room to get jammied up and she turns the light on with her feet. Its something my husband taught her to do sort of by accident, but now she does it every night. These are the things that happen EVERY night at bathtime. But, some days there are other fun things that happen, like splashing, “talking” to the baby in the mirror and pajama wrestling (where it seems to be a huge suprise that she has to wear pajamas, evem though it happens every night!) No matter what though, it is always fun!

  21. says

    Bath time is time to sing and make up stories with the rubber duckies and assorted plastic figurines that have made their way into the bath. 😉 My daughter likes to stay in the bath until she’s pruny, and then she tackle-hugs me when she’s ready to come out, so I usually wind up soaking wet, too, because she’ll do it without announcing she wants out… so I’m not ready with the towel yet! Then she usually sits on my lap while I snuggle her dry. Love it. :)
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  22. marisa says

    I wish bathtime was fun around here. My boys as babies were not fans of water. No matter what i did to try to make it fun (even getting in with them) it didn’t work. AT ALL. Take them to a pool? heck no-that’s just a giant bathtub to scream in. My 3 year old still doesn’t like it much and usually gets a shower, IF there’s “good” toys he’ll sometimes “lower” himself to get a bath but with the just turned 1 year old it’s still a battle every single time.

    I’m so incredibly jealous of all the parents who enjoy bathtime and I completely commiserate with everyone who doesn’t have good abthtimes – you know where you and the kiddo are crying because it’s just so difficult you wonder how bad it is to have the dirty kid.

    • sara haaf says

      aw, do you think they might have some sensory processing things going on? My son still hates getting his hair washed and refuses to tilt his head back for me so always gets soap in his eyes and is upset I won’t let him grow his hair out much past a buzz cut because he is such a pain to get his hair washed. He loves baths though.

      • marisa says

        I wish that was it. BUT the dog’s water bowl wouldn’t be the most popular feature in our house then would it? I think it’s more a quirky kid thing with them – they freak out the most in a bathtub – it’s a small echoy (not a real word i don’t think) room and it’s slippery in there add to that you’re naked and vulnerable and it just rolls into a craptastic event.

        The three year old loves the pool now but up to 18 months it was pure hell for both of us. Now he likes it. I’m hoping it’ll be the same the with little one next summer.

  23. Jenn says

    Our bath-time routine has always been about 90 minutes before bedtime. We start with picking out which bath toys make it into the tub this time. Then after bath is story time. From my experience, our little ones have always focused really well on what we are reading after a bath. There is also something to be said about snuggling in jammies right after a bath.

  24. says

    Bath time is a favorite in our house. My youngest would live in the bath if he could. 90% of the time the kids gets baths around 7:30. That way they have time to play in the tub for a bit before quiet time before bed. But if the kids get dirty outside they will get a bath earlier & if they whine enough they will have one at bed time too LOL
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  25. DWilson says

    Our bathtime is actually kinda quiet. My daughter is 8months and in the beginning we were getting her ready for bed so it was limited play. But now they she is getting older and a sleep routine is firmly in place I need to start allow bath time to be fun. So far we have included a duck and her dad sings a lot so I can’t wait to see how much she gets into it as we add more!

  26. sara haaf says

    I am past baby stage, but I used to take a bath with him, scrub him all up and have his daddy come and get him for a little skin to skin cuddling (with a diaper to prevent wettings) finish cleaning myself up, get him some jammies, slather him with lavendar johnson&johnsons sleepy time lotion and get his jammies on and get him down to bed.

  27. kirsten says

    our girls love to play in the bath together, but both hate getting their hair washed. we try and save that for the last minute

  28. Sharon says

    I have a 3 year old girl and an 18 month old boy. They love bath time. We do ours after dinner before bed time. They run upstairs to the bathroom. We get undressed and each one puts their dirty clothes in their hampers. Then they get to pick a color (we use color tablets… they like them better than bubbles these days) for the bath water. They have some toys and I let them pick a few but not too many at any one time (or there is too much for them to help clean up when bath time is over). Buckets/cups are a must. My girl does not want water on her face when I rinse her hair, but she has learned to lay down and get her hair rinsed. My boy hates laying down, but doesn’t mind the water being poured on his head. Then they help drain the tub and rinse/squirt out the bath toys and put them around the tub rim to dry. Also, oddly, they both want their towel put down on the floor so they can lay down, get covered by the towel ends, and dry off that way.

  29. Angela says

    Now that my littlest (9 months) is old enough to take a bath with her big sister (3 years) bathtime is a blast! There’s lots of bubbles, lots of splashing, and lots of singing going on. Sometimes we have colored water as well They enjoy each other so much that most times I just sit back and watch them having fun. It makes my heart happy that they get along so well! On the rare occasion that my 3 year-old bathes alone, she likes to have her “Dora head, without the legs” to give hairstyles to. After bathtime is usually bedtime, but lots of snuggles first. :)

  30. says

    As far as when my kids were babies, i’d just clean them up every so many days. I have, for the most part, let them take on the responsibility of bathing themselves with the exception of our 3 year old. I’m due tomorrow(!) and i’ll have to learn (after 3+ years) how to do this all over again.
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  31. Audrey says

    My son is severly autistic. Bath is one of our favorite times, even with sensory issues. His bath is first thing out of bed in the morning. He has several favorite videos, so we quote and play act some of his favorite lines and laugh the whole time. I get silly and very expressive. The bigger the drama the greater the fun. Since he has very limited speech it is wonderful practice in forming and practicing his words. It is GREAT interactive time! Before we know it, he is clean from head to toe, all smiles and ready for his day. I’d say don’t be afraid of echolalia, but use it as a springboard to the next sentence. Anything is possible when you make it fun.

  32. Sarah says

    Just the mere mention of the word bath sends my daughter into giggles. She absolutely loves bath time, which is part of our bedtime routine every other night or so, depending on how much food she manages to get on herself during dinner (She’s only 1). As the bath tub is filling with water, my daughter helps me select which toys she will play with in the tub. Once she’s in she plays for a good 10-15 minutes, giggling and babbling the whole time, before its time for the actual cleaning part. After that we play a little game where she runs from me until I catch her with the towel and we cuddle while she gets dried off. Then its lotion, diaper and PJ time before her dad comes in to rock her for a few minutes before bed.

  33. jessica says

    My daugther is almost 15 months old and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to bathe her alone. I do not enjoy it. It’s definitely a family affair in our house. We play for about 10 minutes, my husband on the ground next to the tub and me sitting on the toilet, then the washing beghins. I do the soap part and my husband does the rinsing. He also stands her up so I can get her legs and butt clean, and then brings her to my outstretched arms holding the towel. We all love our system!

  34. Veronica says

    I love bath time with my 5 mo baby! It’s great bonding time for us! I started using the baby baths but stopped after the first time I pulled him into the bath with me! He had so much fun pushing off my stomach with his legs and splashing around, that I couldn’t fathom putting him back in that baby tub! This how I’ve been bathing him for the past 3 months. He is getting to the point where he sits up by himself and even practices in the bathtub (of course I’m there too). As the water’s draining, he loves splashing around on his tummy!

  35. says

    My daughter is 6 months now and our bath time routine is all about mommy Skye time. I give her a small 2 oz bottle right before her bath. and She goes into her ducky tub and plays for a while. and then we wash her and i sing her bathtub song i made up for her. ” scrub my feet scrub my feet mommy thinks its neat when she scrubs my feet” ” wash my hand wash my hand, i think its pretty grand when mommy washes my hand” and on and on. We dry her off in her princess bathrobe and rub lotion on her and sing the song but change the word for scrub my feet to rub my feet… Then I make her a Bottle for bedtime and she drinks it as I read her The night you were born, and Goodnight moon, and 1 other story. The last story varies very night. Then I put her in her crib and sing to her. I sing In my daughter’s eyes my Martina McBride. By the end of the song she is totally asleep.

  36. Carrie says

    Bath time at our house is full of laughter and giggles. Our 2 1/2 yr old loves to give her little sister bubble beards and bubble up-dos! She dislikes having her hair rinsed out with a cup and prefers rinsing it under the waterfall, aka faucet. Then both girls enjoy an entertaining show by daddy as he acts silly using their tub toys!

  37. Eileen W. says

    We have two, yes two, bath routines every night in our house. You would think that would be such a hassle but its actually not at all. First of all my 3 and 4yo have to get their bath first as they have school in the am. During baththime everynight, while the bubble bath fills up the kids take turns adding bubbles (tear free bath wash :) ), they sit and eat a “homemade” juice popsicle, usually orange juice, soooo much less mess letting them do this, and as they eat their popsicle and soak I get their undivided attention as I read a book to them while I sit on the (closed lid) toilet. Then after the book is done and popsicles are long gone, I pull the drain, close the curtain, and start the shower, they wash off all the soap from the bubble and quickly wash their hair with tear free soap I give them in their little hands. Then they get out and wrap up in their towels and head to their bed where their jammies are waiting for them. The other routine is with my 8mo old. She almost has a sence and get a bit cranky when it is time for her shower, yes shower none of my babies ever liked the bath til they were toddlers, so my 3 and 4yo go to bed and my husband starts the shower and climbs in waiting for the baby, I strip her naked and let her look at herself jumping around in my arms in the bathroom mirror, then I give her to her daddy in the shower where she almost falls asleep with the warm water running all over her, with out a shower for her each night she struggles to go to sleep, after shower time I get her in her warm towel and put her jammies and a diaper on and then give her a last bottle before she quickly drifts into lala land. Without any sort of routine our life with 3 little ones would be chaotic!

  38. Mindy says

    My son loves bathtime, and we love to play with the toys together. The best part, though, is when bathtime is over and I wrap him up in his hooded towel and he snuggles with me. He hardly ever sits still, so I savor and cherish this snuggling time!

  39. jaimee wood says

    our fav bathtime ritual includes some Scooby Doo bubbles my husband found. They make lots of bubbles with just a little bit. Our oldest loves to make creations with them- esp hats on her sisters head. Usually there’s some plastic spoons and bowls involved and a whole lotta laughing. And some water on the floor too.

  40. Racquel says

    We put all three in the bath now, with LOTS of bubbles of course and LOTS of toys. They like to squirt each other with the soap to make bubbles and get water everywhere and everyone not in the tub! Always a fun, clean time!

  41. Joy says

    Having gone 8 years without a bathtub in our home, bath time is a favorite for my six kids. My youngest three boys had never experienced a bath (outside of our sink) and so they thought they were in heaven when we added a new bathroom to our home with a bathtub in it. The boys are 7,5, and 2 and they think its the greatest fun in the world to all jump in the tub with bubbles and toys. They still manage to play cars and race their Hot wheels around the tub. They love playing barber shop and wash and shampoo each others hair with baby soap and come up with crazy hairstyles on each other. I can only drag them out after their skin is wrinkled up like raisins and then they know it’s time to get out. Then they all put on their hooded bath towels and race around saving their stuffed animal world!

  42. says

    My 6 month old and 4 year old bathe together after dinner and play time. Daddy works at night, so mommy gets to have fun during bath time most of the nights. Then it’s giggles while lotion and jammy’s go on, books next and prayers and bedtime. Both my kiddos love bath time, don’t we all? :)

  43. Abigail says

    Bathtime around this house seems to be daddy-daughter time. My husband and daughter enjoy spending this time together. When it comes to baths, I am just not as much fun as he is! I love watching them splash and play in the water.

  44. Becca Perkins says

    Grace is our first child and just turned 5 months. When we have bath time we start by going to her room and as I get her undressed we sing the “bath time” song. Grace’s happy places are being naked and being in the bath so she starts getting excited as soon as her clothes come off :). She sits with me as she watches her tubby fill up and we pick out her toys and put them in her tubby. Once she is in the tubby she kicks and laughs at everything I say. It is such a special moment of just mommy, daddy and Grace where she is so happy and joyful! I treasure bath time. As we wash up we play “this little piggy” and tickle monster. I sing the “Utah bitsy spider” as I use a cup to rinse her off and she tries to catch the water with her hands. Once we are done and back on the changin table we get dressed then I sit her in front of the mirror and brush her hair and sing songs to her. She smiles and sings along ( in her own way). :)

  45. says

    I have a 4 year old, 3 year old and 18 month old daughters. My husband always did bath time with all three together because they would never stay in the bath for me. Now they actually all prefer to jump into the shower, which has become easier, faster and not as much of a mess of water all over the place.
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  46. alainadrew@appsforiphoneipad says

    My baby is 1 year old and a half, she is used bathing at her baby tub… There are times, I love it when she wanted to do her bath to my tub, sitting on her life saver duck. She loves swimming, I even bring her to the pool of course with her favorite duck floating saver still.
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  47. Shannon says

    Our 10 month old daughter use to love bath time, from being in the water in general, to finding out the invention of bath toys. That is, until when we found out we could no longer have bubbles in the tub due to the fact she learned to try to pick them up with her index finger and thumb, when it wouldn’t work she would find anyway to attempt eating them. Now she enjoys showering with myself or my husband, but when “bath” time is over, we have a ritual of “hiding” with her so when we walk into the bathroom (sometimes already hiding inher room or ours)and she is gone with the other parent though can clearly see/hear us, she peers out from where ever she is hiding with buldging eyes and goes hysterical when we find her. Its simple, but I think its more fun for my husband and I then it is for her to get clean, I mean play in the water :)