I think my sweet baby boy is teething. Already? Can this be? You be the judge…

Swollen cheeks (and swollen gums).

Very sad (and sometimes grumpy) faces.

Gnawing on his hands (and anything else he can get in his mouth).

All tell-tale signs, I say .

What are some other symptoms Not-So-Tiny Tim is displaying? Well, he’s been drooling up a storm and hasn’t been nursing well. I’m happy to say, however, that he hasn’t had a fever. Nor has his sleeping pattern changed much… Or, maybe it has and his  Mama is just too tired to notice.

My poor baby. He’s just miserable.


  1. Tina T Harris says

    Our little one (now 2) started VERY early, he didn’t have any teeth and then I think it was around 3 or 4 months he got 4 at one time, and it was strange too, it was the top two and then on the bottom the two next to the middle teeth. It was kinda funny too,just because the location of them. Poor baby did really well though, cranky but no fevers. Good luck with your little one.

  2. says

    Oh no! He is so sad. =( Nights were the worst when my girls were teething. With my older, she was always up for 2 hours each night every time until it broke through the gums. Poor little guy.
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  3. says

    Maybe, yet. The drooling is usually a giveaway. That and if the little gummies look reddened or swollen. And sometimes a little diarrhea too.