Meet Hairy the Tarantula

Last year my parents began a new tradition – an overnight campout on their “ranch” on Labor Day weekend, complete with a huge breakfast the next morning. It was great fun last year, and again this weekend. Except for one thing….

Just after we set up our tents on the lawn, Josh began to yell. He found a spider. A big spider.

Now, I am absolutely terrified of spiders, so I immediately got the chills and my skin began to crawl. I didn’t want to see it, but it wouldn’t hurt to let them catch it. Right? After all, they’re boys!

I didn’t want to imagine what they found, nor did I want it near me. I was in tears at the sheer thought of a creepy crawly spider being so close, but I took a peek. It was a big, hairy tarantula!

After I dried my tears and took a deep breath, I realized that Julia and all of the boys were completely mesmerized by this arachnoid. They placed it in a jar and began begging me to let them take it home as a pet.

Uh, no! I don’t think so.

Any guesses as to what is now in a terrarium in Ethan and Zach’s room? Yeah, you won’t be seeing me in there any time soon. And they better pray that hairy little booger never escapes!