Lukaro of Beverly Hills

This last summer, while attending BlogHer, I entered a sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip, for a friend and me, to Los Angeles for a hair makeover at one of the top beauty salons in Beverly Hills – Lukaro – courtesy of Suave. And I won!

I invited my sister, Sara, to be my guest and as we planned for our weekend away, sans kids and husbands, we thought it would be loads of fun to make it a big girls weekend and invite our sisters, Rachel and Andrea, and our Mom. Rachel and Mom were able to join us and off we went — to Los Angeles.

A day at Disneyland and a trip to Beverly Hills were the only plans we had for the weekend. We stayed up late in our beautiful hotel, slept in later than usual, and certainly created lots of memories. A highlight, of course, being our visit to Lukaro…

Luke O’Connor and his team took such great care of us, creating a pampering session we will never forget!


As we were leaving Lukaro, I turned to my sisters and said, “Sara looks like a gorgeous model, and I look just like a mom.”

“Uh huh,” said my Mom.

Perhaps I should let my hair grow out again…