Here’s my number… My Sleep Number, that is.

The average person spends close to a third of their life sleeping. Now, of course, that’s not the case for a new parent, but that’s just a short season, really. So, if we spend so much of our lives in bed, resting our bodies and rejuvenating our brain, it would make sense that we would want a comfortable place to nestle in, right? I mean, how many times have you woken up with a sore back or a crick in your neck, only because you didn’t sleep comfortably? If you are anything like I was, it’s quite often.

Because of this, when Ray and I were recently invited to review the Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam bed, we jumped on it. (The opportunity, not the bed!) It had been over two years since we thad received our last mattress set, so we hoped this new bed would change our sleep and overall quality of life. What couple doesn’t want that?

We received the Sleep Number mattress set and, since we both like a more firm mattress, slept on it for several weeks set at 100 or Full-Fill. We didn’t realize what we were missing out on until we visited our local Sleep Number store and had a very informative (and fun) personal IndividualFit 3D Imaging experience. When we returned home from our in-store experience, I immediately headed up to my bed, set my side at my sleep number, and laid down just to try it out… Let’s just say, I woke up to find I had fallen asleep. For quite a while!

Instead of both sides of the bed being set at 100, Ray’s side is now set at 45, and mine at 40. Since discovering our individual sleep numbers, Ray and I have both enjoyed comfortable nights and pain-free mornings. I would definitely recommend this bed to anyone who has a difficult time sleeping… It will change your life for the better!

Pssst… We bought our pillows for %50 off when we went in to the Sleep Number store. (You can see the display for the pillow sale.) But, now through September 9th, you can save $400 on the m7 mattress set!

The Sleep Number m7 bed redefines memory foam by combining unique technologies, offering a bed that cools, contours and adjusts so each sleeper can realize their coziest, most-personalized sleep ever.

More about the all-new m7:

· Three (3) inches of exclusive Sleep Number CoolFit™ foam with gel technology provide a cool, soothing sleeping surface.
· CoolFit foam is naturally contouring and more breathable compared to the leading memory foam brand.
· Exclusive Sleep Number DualAir™ technology lets sleepers adjust firmness on each side of the mattress for their ideal level of comfort.

We received the Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam mattress set in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are completely ours. 

Sideways. Together.

None of my kids like to sleep by themselves. I don’t blame them. I don’t either.

Several of them snuggle in the same bed most nights. As long as they’re tired it’s not a big deal.

Except for when they don’t actually snuggle. On these nights they end up on top of each other.

Dead to the world.




Last night, upon returning home from our date, Ray found Ben asleep in his dresser drawer. He had made himself a bed, and snuggled in, just after the babysitter tucked him in. Further proof that little guys can sleep anywhere!

sleeping ben