Read to Succeed {Earn FREE Tickets to Six Flags}

Reading is a huge part of each school day, but the kiddos love to read on their own, too. Once the twins become a part of the story they are reading they can’t put it down. And, Julia? Well, she can devour a book in one afternoon, just like her mama! Josh isn’t quite reading chapter books yet, but he reads everything in sight and loves to sit and read short stories to his younger brothers.

Read to Succeed is a free educational program sponsored by Six Flags to inspire kids in grades K through 6 to engage in recreational reading. Children who complete six hours of recreational, nonschool-related reading are eligible to earn a free admission ticket to a participating Six Flags theme park. Even homeschooled kids are eligible! You can even earn a 20% discount in the Discovery Education Store through June 30, 2011.

To build your kiddos” enthusiasm for reading throughout the program, you can visit for resources, family activities and more.

Happy Reading!

This is NOT a sponsored post. It is my goal here at From Dates to Diapers to bring all of my valuable information… I know my homeschooling friends will especially appreciate this one!

Hallmark Recordable Storybooks Encourage Quality Time

It was just about 4 weeks ago when I told y’all that I didn’t have as much time as I would like to read to my kiddos. Do you remember? Well, a whole lot changed since then, including being told I needed to stay off my feet. Boy, did that little order from my OB create a fabulous opportunity to spend some quality time with my kiddos. What do we do? You guessed it – a whole lot of reading!

That is going to change a bit, of course, when Baby arrives. But, for now, Noah loves to sit with me while he thumbs through the Hallmark Recordable Storybooks, listening to my recorded voice. We laugh and talk about the story together. Sometimes, though, Noah sits by himself and listens to me “read” the stories to him. Most always with a great big grin on his face.

I know that Noah will truly treasure these books, as he gets a little piece of his Mama while she’s busy with his baby brother!

Also, just as I was able to do last month, I am able to donate another 10 books to a local charitable organization. This month I have chosen to donate the books to our local pregnancy center. (Thanks to Krista for the fab idea!) I know that these books would certainly bless several families welcoming a new baby.


Story Time with Hallmark Recordable Storybooks

As much as I try I just don’t have time to read to my little ones as often as I would like. That’s not to say, of course, that I never read to them… I certainly do. BUT, after the second (or even third) time reading the same book, I have to call it quits.

Enter our recent favorite book – Hey Diddle, Diddle! Nursery Rhymes for Story Time. With this fabulous Recordable Storybook from Hallmark, I can read it once with my kiddos, as I record my own voice, and then they can listen to the story and read along, any time they like, even if I’m busy. The fun part? They can read it over and over on their own, as well, re-recording the story as many times as their little hearts desire. How cool is that?

The Hallmark Recordable Storybooks come in many different titles and are perfect for creating a unique gift for your own children, or even the kiddos in your life who may be far away. Great for grandparents to record for their grandchildren, and a wonderful gift for family members serving overseas to send to their own children at home.

Hallmark has given me the opportunity to share their Recordable Storybooks, not only with you, but also with a local charity. I am so excited to be able to give 10 of these fun books to our local chapter of Troops Need You. Through Troops Need You these books can be sent overseas, so daddies separated from their children can record a special story for their children as a surprise gift.

I just know y’all will love these books as much as we do!

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