Boy or Girl?

Y’all know we’re having a baby, but did you know that we should be able to find out the gender of Baby Young on Wednesday? I can hardly wait!

18wks boy or girl In fact, I’m so tempted to run out and buy an Intelligender test, so I don’t have to wait. I hear these tests have a high rate of accuracy, so it’d be kind of fun to see what it says so I can compare the results to Wednesday’s ultrasound. Have you ever heard of this test? Should I try it?

Honestly, I think we’re having another boy. Not because of how I’m carrying this baby, nor because of how I feel or look. Obviously boy genes are extremely prevalent, being that we already have five boys and Julia was the first girl born in the Young line in over 100 years. More than all that, perhaps, I’d like to think we’re having a boy simply so I’m not disappointed when we discover Baby isn’t a girl. {sigh}

Of course we will be sharing our discovery, if Baby cooperates. We’ve had a girl’s name picked out for quite some time, but just settled on a boy’s name today, so y’all will be some of the first to know Baby’s name, too!

In the meantime, I’d love to know what YOU think… What’s YOUR hunch?