Netflix and Nintendo Know How to Throw a Party!

Technically, I guess I threw the party, but I couldn’t have done it without Nintendo and Netflix. In fact, they asked me to host a gathering in my home, for all of my friends, and they provided the fabulous food and entertainment, with little left for me to do.


My friends and I had a blast, as we watched the kids play new Wii games, but the best part was when we all settled down with popcorn and movie candy and watched Curly Sue, while it streamed through Netflix on our Wii.

You see, with a Netflix subscription you can watch all of the movies and shows you’d like with just the wave of a Wii wand, without having to wait for a DVD to arrive in the mail. It’s really quite convenient and super easy to use.

Would you like to try it? I have a Wii disc, good for a free 3-month Netflix trial, for three of you to win. Just leave me a comment and tell me why you’d like to try Netflix on your Wii. I’ll pick the winners next weekend.

How to Train Your Dragon Fights to the Finish


We had a chance to screen “How to Train Your Dragon” at the IMAX Theater in downtown Sacramento, thanks to Walmart and DreamWorks, and I was pleasantly pleased because it held everyone’s attention, including mine and my 2-year-old’s.

Noah and I usually have similar attention spans when it comes to animated films, but less the buttery movie popcorn he shoveled down his gullet, he wasn’t distracted even once the entire 90 minutes. I, on the other hand, kept putting his giant 3D glasses back on his face every time they fell off…his nose was too small to hold them up adequately.

That said, I did see most of the film and felt that it had pretty decent character development, especially for an animated feature. It was exciting, had a great variety of funny looking dragons – and people – and had a few twists and turns that I didn’t expect. Who knew why dragons always flew off with their prey instead of eating it on the spot? This movie answers that burning question.

However the film did have some predictable outcomes, like good triumphing over evil, but that’s ok. I kind of like that. And it was appropriate for all ages.

Also, for the moms out there who loved Gerard Butler in “P.S. I Love You,” he voices the lead character’s father…and he doesn’t die! So that’s good.

One thing I couldn’t quite get was why some of the Vikings had American accents, one had a Scottish accent – Craig Ferguson of Late, Late Show fame teaches the up and coming how to fight and kill dragons – and one had an Irish accent. strange.

Anyway, I give it three out of four dragon heads. Good to see in the theater – opening everywhere tomorrow.

There is one other thing though…I kept waiting for the snowboard scene advertised during the Winter Olympics, but I must have missed it one of the times I was helping Noah with his glasses. Oh well.

A note from Christine::

The dragons have arrived at Walmart!

That’s right, Walmart has teamed up with Dreamworks to create a line of How to Train Your Dragon licensed toys, available exclusively at Walmart. The collection, created by Spin Master, features action figures and dragons, Viking play sets and role play toys, at affordable prices.

Are you planning to take your little vikings to see How to Train Your Dragon?
We’d love to know what you think!

Pistachio: A Lesson in Listening to Your Parents

PISTACHIO - VeggieTales
In true VeggieTales fashion, Pistachio: The Little Boy That Woodn’t, is fun and full of silliness all the while teaching a valuable lesson. Of course, Big Idea Entertainment follows it’s unique tradition of retelling timeless adventures – Pistachio is a creative parody of the beloved story of Pinocchio, and teaches a timely lesson on listening to parents and the importance of family.

Pistachio stars Larry the Cucumber as a toymaker named Gelato, Junior Asparagus as Pistachio, and many other Veggie favorites. The highlight for our family? The new silly song called “Where Have All The Staplers Gone?”