Pop! Camera! Action! Twitter Party

As you know, Pop Secret recently sponsored a movie night for my family and some friends. We weren’t the only one who had some fun watching an Oscar nominated movie with Pop Secret, though… Take a look at what all of us Pop Secret Moms had goin’ on ::

Now, remember, there are just a couple of days left to enter my Movie Night Giveaway. You also still have time to head over and enter the Pop! Camera! Action! sweepstakes. I wouldn’t want to miss out!


This Thursday night at 8pm EST, you can join me and the other Pop Secret Moms on Twitter for a super fun Twitter Party! We’ll be talking about the Oscars, our favorite movies and actors, and giving away lots of fun prizes – including video cameras. How cool is that!?

Make sure you RSVP for the Pop! Camera! Action! Twitter Party and follow me on Twitter to join the fun!

See you Thursday!

I am a Pop Secret Mom sponsored blogger, courtesy of Mom Spark Media.

Movie Night! {Giveaway} #PopCameraAction

I am always amazed at the many opportunities that come my way here on From Dates to Diapers. The latest, but certainly not the least, of these opportunities is my partnership with Pop Secret, through Mom Spark Media, as a Pop Secret Mom.

What is a Pop Secret Mom?

Well, my main job – if you can even really call it that – is to tell you about the Pop! Camera! Action! Sweepstakes where you can enter to win a gaggle of goodies and even have a chance at an At-Home 3D Theater!

What makes this job fun is that one of my tasks was to plan a movie night with my family. (Boy, do I love what I do!) Of course, we decided to watch one of our favorites – How to Train Your Dragon – which is up for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. But, first, we had some shopping to do. And, what was on the list? Popcorn, of course!

Powered by Whrrl

When our movie night finally arrived, we had a house full of kiddos. Not entirely unlike any other night, but in this case we had some extra kiddos here! Take a look:

Guess what? I get to give away a Pop Secret Prize Pack, so you and your family can have your very own Movie Night! (Yet another reason why I love my job!) This prize pack includes a $50 Visa Gift Card, Pop Secret Popcorn (3 pack, Movie Theater Butter), and a box of Raisinets.

Entering is easy… Just leave me a comment, before 9pm on February 26th, telling me what your family’s favorite movie is and why!

I am a Pop Secret Mom sponsored blogger, courtesy of Mom Spark Media.  Thoughts are my own.


The Kentucky Derby has been run every year since 1875. And one horse ran it faster than any other.

The same horse still holds the record for the Belmont Stakes, which has been run even longer, since 1867.

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, his name was Secretariat. And he was a Triple Crown winner in 1973, having also emerged victorious in the Preakness Stakes. But his road to racing immortality was an unlikely one.

The new Disney movie – now available on DVD and named for this thoroughbred – begins with a flip of a coin…Who wanted the horse that would become Secretariat? Turns out the rich guy passed.

And housewife from Colorado, named Penny Chenery, eventually inherited the colt after her father, a horse breeder, passed away.

Chenery juggled being a mom and a horse trainer for more than a year, risking the entire family estate on Secretariat’s success.

This movie is very engaging as it follows Chernery’s struggle to give this “tossed aside” horse a chance to prove himself. The challenges of motivating “Big Red” are many and Chenery rises to the occasion. She even pulls a retired trainer – who many think is washed up – off the golf course to help her.

In fact, in the opinion of this writer, Chernery was as unlikely an owner as Secretariat was a champion horse.

Watch this movie with your family and enjoy one of the best “sports” movies in recent years. You won’t be disappointed.