Got Milk?

. Milk Ambassadors  at BlogHer booth @SpanglishBaby, me, @ACowboysWife and @AudreyMcClellan

I had the amazing privilege of working with the got milk? mustache campaign at BlogHer this last weekend and boy, did I have fun! Not only did I have the honor of working with some amazing mamas – and dear friends, to boot – but we had a chance to goof around and just be silly.

Got Milk? Have you ever wondered how they create perfect milk mustaches in those got milk? commercials?

It’s quite simple, really, and you can even do it at home… Just take some vanilla ice cream and a little bit of milk and blend until frothy. Pour the mixture in to a small cup and put the cup up to your semi-closed mouth until it moves up your lip and almost feels like it’s gonna touch your nose.

Let me know if you try making milk mustaches with your kiddos… You’ll have a blast!

Of course Ana, Audrey, Lori and I all donned our very own milk mustaches, but we also chatted about how important milk is to each of us and our families, especially in the morning, since breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We, here at the Young house, drink milk all through the day… in our cereal for breakfast, chocolate milk with lunch, and sometimes just a big tall glass of milk with cookies.

How do you and your family enjoy milk?