Baby’s Teething :: How to Soothe Sore Gums

My last little baby is cutting teeth – his last set of molars. He won’t eat, he is cranky and clingy. He is miserable and constantly has his fingers in his mouth. I should have expected this. After all, he is baby number seven who I’ve seen through this stage!

  • Baby will put anything and everything in his mouth through his teething years. As he is teething, chewing on just about anything brings relief. Always keep small objects away from Baby, as everything becomes a choking hazard.
  • Eating is one of the last things Baby wants to do when he is teething, but make sure he is taking in fluids. Don’t stress too much, but listen to your mommy instincts and call your pediatrician if you’re concerned.
  • Anything cool is soothing and brings comfort. Give Baby teethers with a cooling water-filled element – the MAM Cooler is easy to hold and completely safe to chew on. The different surfaces are fun to experiment with. In addition, the shape is such that the cooling element can comfortably reach even the molars, which makes it perfect for Timmy right now.
  • Low grade fevers are often linked with teething. Keep an eye on Baby and call his pediatrician if his fever lasts more than three days or if his fever runs higher than 101° F.
  • We not only use the MAM Massaging Brush for the first few years of Baby’s life to clean his teeth, but we have been giving it to Timmy for him to use to massage his molar gums, which helps combat itching and tingling. The shape and brush head make it possible to reach all parts of his mouth and the right spots accurately. 
  • Baby will drool. It is bound to happen while he is teething. Heck, Ray still drools while he sleeps. There really is no way to prevent the drooling, but keep rashes at bay by wiping drool off of Baby’s face quickly. (That’s what I still have to do with Ray.)
  • Teething tablets have always helped my babies during this painful time, especially at night when nothing else works. (Hyland’s Teething Tablet’s have always been our favorite.)
  • Above all, you need patience to make it through these bouts of teething during the first couple of years of Baby’s life. Patience and a good sense of humor!
How do you soothe Baby while he’s teething?

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