Shopping with the Grocery Guru

This summer, I was blessed to win a pantry makeover from ConAgra foods. A visit from Phil Lempert, the Grocery Guru, was part of the prize package and I truly thought he was going to come in and literally make over my pantry. Well, ConAgra and Phil both had something entirely different in mind – more of a grocery shopping crash course.

So, a few weeks ago, Phil came to my house, browsed through my cupboards, refrigerator, and my pantry and we discussed my shopping list. Then, we headed to the grocery store. Phil had lots of great shopping tips and even helped me make more conscious decisions about the foods we purchase.

It is always somewhat of a challenge to shop with all of my kids tagging along, and that day was no different. Phil was wonderful with them, though, and even got them involved in our purchasing decisions, as well. I was careful to follow my own rules for shopping with my kiddos, as I learned new ones.

I would love to hear your grocery tips, whether they be in regards to your shopping experience or the foods you buy. Please share! In fact, if you have written a post, leave the link in the comments… I’d be happy to read it!