CREATE by Jason Wu {GE Digital Camera}

I love my Canon Rebel, but I find that it’s too big and bulky to carry with me to the park, the pool, and the soccer field, when I have six little ones in tow. So, I have this little camera that I pull out of my purse to snap pictures. I take it with me everywhere I go and feel like we would miss out on capturing happy (and, yes, even sad or frustrating) moments without it.

CREATE by Jason Wu

Every single time I pull my vibrant green GE digital camera out of my bag, whether I’m capturing video or still shots, I am complimented. No joke. The vibrant color, the sleek body, the great images on the view screen – all of these features just command attention.

Oh yes, you caught that… the CREATE camera captures video, too! What’s more is that this multi-functional piece is complete in and of itself – no batteries or memory cards for this forgetful mama to have to remember to purchase. I can just connect the CREATE directly into my computer (or photo printing dock) with it’s built-in, slide-out USB plug and voila! I have instant access to all of my photos and videos.

All of the pictures you’ve seen posted here at From Dates to Diapers and on Facebook lately have been taken from my CREATE digital camera. The pictures looking down from Coit Tour were even taken by Zach, who excitedly announced that “this camera was so cool! It was super easy to zoom in really close to the buildings!” Even ten-year-olds know a good thing when they see it!

Full disclosure: GE sent me this brand new CREATE digital camera to review. As you may know I haven’t written a review like this one in ages… I really do LOVE this camera! Check out the GE Cameras Facebook page to see how you can win one of your very own.