Sweet and Cozy

Sacramento baby photographer, Jill Carmel, offered to take photos of my kiddos this last Spring. It didn’t work out, for many reasons – one being the fact that the photo would be incomplete without the baby I was baking. I truly am so happy we waited, because Jill came to our home and took some sweet and cozy newborn pictures of Timothy, just days after he was born. Of course, she had to snap some photos of my older kiddos with their new baby brother, too.

Every single picture in my gallery is amazing. It will certainly be hard to choose a favorite. How could I possibly when I have the following breath-taking pictures from which to choose?

Thank you, Jill!

You truly are one of the best baby photographers in Sacramento!

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  1. says

    Those pictures are beautiful. The music just makes it all the more touching. I couldn’t pick just one favorite. I would have to have them all. Good luck.

  2. Sabrina says

    Congratulations on such a beautiful family. The photos are absolutely gorgeous, how gracious our God is to bless us with amazing children.

  3. says

    Those pictures are absolutely adorable and I just love the sweet sibling love in those pics. So very precious!!! You have a beautiful family :-)

  4. Jennifer says

    I stumbled across your site and found myself almost in tears while looking at your baby pictures. My youngest is eighteen months old now and your pictures brought back some really lovely memories, thank you.

    You have a beautiful family and your littlest boy is a gorgeous addition. I couldn’t choose just a couple of pictures, all of them speak so loudly to how very blessed you are. Congratulations on your newest addition!