Summertime Learning

As a homeschooling family we enjoy so much freedom. The freedom to take a day off here and there. The freedom to “do” school on a Saturday, a Sunday, or even an observed holiday. The freedom to work on math problems at the beach, have a science lesson on the way through the Nevada desert, or even practice reading at the museum while also brushing up on history facts.

summer sunshineI had decided to school through the summer, mostly to keep my kiddos on somewhat of a schedule, but also to get caught up, and maybe even get a head start on the next school year. As all of the neighbor kids are itching for the hot, lazy days at the pool, it’s becoming more difficult than I thought to keep my kiddos myself on task. I am still, however, up for the challenge.

After all, we can practice our multiplication facts while splashing in the water, and our spelling words while blowing bubbles, right?


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    Hi, Christine–this was an interesting post and I’m curious to see how you follow up with it. I transferred my fourth grader and put my kindergartner into a Christian school this year after a loooong struggle with whether or not I should homeschool. Finally decided I was just not disciplined enough to do so and between us my kids and I would drive each other bananas. I admire your dedication to the task and responsibility tremendously.


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    Hi Christine!
    We are a homeschooling family, too, and we will keep up the basics, this summer. (Primarily phonics and math) Homeschooling is so much fun for the whole family. I love learning with my children everywhere we go, as you mentioned. Blessings!

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    Hello, we are not a homeschooling family but….I am hoping to do some fun projects and learning with my kids this summer. There are so many great online resources! My kinder kid is just getting reading under his belt so I don’t want him to lose what he has learned so far and my soon to be 3rd grader is struggling a bit with math so I really want to stay on top of it.
    I say go for it…..there is always a way to bring learning into every day events.

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    I love your homeschooling philosophy even though I’ve never seen the desert or the dessert in Nevada. 😉

    Also, I like the smiling, sunglasses-clad sun you picked out!

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    we do some learning in the summer, but scaled way back. my goal for this summer is to have the kids do about 30-45 minutes each day of seat work (math fact worksheets, handwriting/spelling for my kinder and 2nd grader, california history for my 4th grader, and our russian rosetta stone), lots of reading and library attending, and one math lesson a week for each child. we’ll also try to keep up on piano, although our teacher has taken the summer off to have a baby. keeping some semblance of a routine is good for my kids, taking some semblance of a break is good for me, plus i like being flexible enough to play with all of our traditional-schooling friends who are off in the summer. let’s hear it for math in the swimming pool!

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    We usually school through the summer too. I always tell my kids that Daddy has to go to work every day, and we really should be doing our work as well. We always take days off when Daddy has a day off.

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    Mmm, guess I should think of ways for the kids to learn while at Disneyland tomorrow ha ha. I love homeschooling for the same reason. It’s nice to be able to learn no matter where you are and what you are doing.

  8. Heather says

    We are also a homeschooling family that schools year around. I’m surprised how few families do it. Our kids are perfectly happy to finish up their learning before heading out to run through the sprinkler. Have a great summer!