Summer Break is Almost Over

As a homeschool family, we plan for the coming school year in different ways than most families. While you may be out shopping for school wardrobes and backpacks, this Mommy is already taking personal study breaks and making sure her home library is overflowing with a year’s worth of books for her inquisitive and eager young minds to devour.

I can venture to guess, though, that we have one thing in common when getting our kids ready for classroom learning – stocking up on school and art supplies. One of my favorite parts of beginning a new school year is sitting with my kiddos on the floor in my living room, as we fix up our binders with crisp lined paper, sharpen our new pencils, and open our new boxes of crayons.

This seems relaxing to me, in a way; a sense of escape from my own back-to-school stress and jitters. Being a homeschooling mommy can be very overwhelming and many things go through my mind as we near the first days of a new school year… Am I prepared? Do I have everything I need? What if I’m not ready? Did we not take enough time for summer fun? Did we take too much time?

I have to say that in the midst of my back-to-school jitters, I feel blessed, as both my children’s mother and teacher, to have an extra advantage as we start our lessons after our little break. I know exactly what my kiddos did over the summer, what concepts need to be refreshed, and that we can skip the lessons on light refraction and move straight to review because they learned all about rainbows during their summer play in the sprinklers.

You and I may prepare in different ways, or have different concerns about the upcoming school year, but maybe we all need to shake the jitters and enjoy these last few weeks of summertime. After all, our kiddos are only young once.

Lots of us are gearing up for school – an exciting, fun and sometimes, hectic time. Hallmark has put together a great resource to help you calm the butterflies and build your kids’ confidence. Just for joining the conversation you’ll be entered to win a $500 back to school package – Check it out.


  1. Laurie L says

    My favorite part of the whole BTS experience is taking some time before school starts back to do something relaxing that has nothing to do with prepping to start school. We usually take a camping trip or something like that the weekend before school starts back. Just a chance to relax and have some down time before the BTS rush sets in the next week.

  2. Molly K says

    My son will be starting kindergarten this year and I want to make up some traditions to carry on every year. The only one that I really remember from growing up is that all of us neighbor kids would have to go house to house the first day of school so that the mom’s could take pictures of us.

  3. Yedid says

    This year my child is starting kindergarten so I will be taking her to a kindergarten story time at the library so she will be able to make new friends with kids that may also be starting kindergarten. It is always easier for kids to see a familer face so the storytime at the library is a great idea.

  4. Kate says

    WE always have a breaking in session where kids get to try out their school supplies. It helps everyone get excited!

  5. Bambi M says

    My back to school tradition was always photo day! The day before we went back we had our photo taken in front of the door, then every year we’d see how we had grown!

    thanks for the giveaway :)

  6. Erin Walsh says

    Our back to school tradition is the cleaning out of the backpack tradition. Yes, it’s only when it’s time to go back for a new school year, that we clean all of the funk out from the previous year. It’s almost like a disgusting time capsule of the previous school year and you never know what you’ll find.

    I won’t put my hands in there anymore, I let my fifteen year old son do it. LOL

  7. Geoff K says

    A back to school tradition my mom started with me and my sister, and one that I have continued, is to sit down and create a list of goals for the school year which must contain at least one new challenge, one thing we’ve never done before — for example, trying out for the school play for the first time, learning a musical instrument. What’s great is that my mom always made a list for herself as well, and I have fond memories of sitting down and going over each other’s ideas and getting excited about the year ahead. Then, of course, as a reward, my mom would take us to our favorite department store and let both me and my sister pick out six new outfits and a pair of shoes each. Looking back, I think both of those traditions – “trying on” ideas/goals as well as clothes, really put us in the right mindset for a successful year and alleviated a lot of the back-to-school jitters we inevitably had!

  8. says

    Well I don’t have kids, but I remember getting ready for the coming school year and helping to find my textbooks at a bargain price (I was homeschooled).

  9. Gloria says

    My tradition for my three kids is before I take them to school they line up with their new outfits (usually) and I take a picture of them!

  10. says

    Ahh Back to School. My kids are always excited but very anxious as well not knowing who’s in their classes. We make a list of their bestie’s and call them after registration to see who they have. Sometimes this makes for sad time (if there friends aren’t in their class) but they think its fun to call their friends anyhow. Thanks for the entry.

  11. Christine L. says

    Going back to school is always a fun time! Now a 3rd year in college, my college roommate and I like to go shopping with each other in preperation for the new school year!

  12. kris says

    I go to each store getting the “nearly free” doorbusters. What we don’t use I donate to a children’s shelter for abused kids.

  13. Christine L. says

    Going back to school is always a fun time! Now a 3rd year in college, my college roommate and I like to go shopping with each other in preparation for the new school year!

  14. Katherine says

    We don’t have school aged kids yet so we snag some of the cheap school supplies to pass along to those less fortunate. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  15. Sharon Seneker says

    We are not wealthy, but we shop for school supplies early before the tax free weekend because the stores here in TN and NC get so crowded and the inventory gets picked over quickly. So out tip is shop early! Thanks for a super opportunity! Happy new school year to all!

  16. Jammie says

    I home school my daughter so it is basically me preparing her learning about 2 weeks before she starts. Then we get this going.

  17. samantha says

    This would truly help my family with school supplies and other necessities as we are in quite a bit of financial problems right now!

  18. says

    This is only the second year of school since we start Kinder this year but we let wee man pick out one special school item and a new outfit all on his own.. everything else is mommy’s pick

  19. Deb says

    We were a homeschooling family for 17 years…my favorite memory was my “back-to-school” first day speech I always gave the kids. They still remind me of it now. We had some fun years.

  20. Julie k says

    We start to cut back on the late summer bedtime about this time. It does take a while for them to adjust if we don’t do it now. The real tradition is for the kids to pick out their new backpacks. We also start filling out the reading list and doing some math worksheets here and there for a warm up.

  21. Annette says

    We do all the normal back to school shopping and preparing. I also try to do something special, like go to their favorite restaurant or a movie that they have been wanting to see.

  22. Jackie Wilkinson says

    I don’t have any kids yet but I do work at a school and enjoy seeing all the kids from June coming back refreshed from summer and ready to learn again.

  23. says

    I LOVE stocking up on school supplies! Especially since we can wait until they are on clearance! I go crazy and then not only have art supplies for the rest of the year, but I can give them as gifts and stocking stuffers! Great money saver!

  24. Ashley says

    Before my son heads back to school I spend extra quality time with him through out the week. 2 weeks before school starts, my son and I go to the park, and to the movies; this is our yearly tradition before schools starts for the both of us. After we’ve had our fun we search through his closet to see what he can and cannot fit anymore, and give it to anyone who is in need of help. After that we go through coupons and also see what is on sale, then we are off to get school supplies.

  25. says

    It’s funny, but I really don’t have any special memories of going back to school. Maybe it’s because my dad was in the military and I think I went to at least two different schools almost every year. I guess one thing that sticks out about the start of the school year was picking out notebooks. I usually liked notebooks and binders that had horses or cats on them, and if they were plain, I’d draw a horse on the front (the only thing I could ever draw halfway decently was horses).

  26. Michael says

    We’ve found that if the kids aren’t freaking out about their looks, they tend to pay more attention to the books!

  27. Ericka King says

    My kids and I prepare for heading back to school by getting as many sales items as possible, things are getting way to expensive now a days!

  28. Vicki Andrew says

    no traditions, I did a lot of shopping at thrift and vintage stores so my kids have grown up being aware of recycling and reusing. Our big tradition, since I had three daughters, was girls day out on the first day of the VS semi-annual sale

  29. Jere says

    This is our first year in our household…. some clothes and supply shopping, new backpacks and lunchboxes and a “all family” fun night with pizza,smores,videos, and lots of fun before school starts next week.

  30. ktanjatk says

    I always remember shopping for back to school supplies, I loved that smell of fresh new books, notebooks and pencils :) I still do!
    Than the anticipation of seeing the old friends and meeting new ones, I have lots of fond memories from school days!

  31. checkers says

    Tradition I would say would just get to bed early and rise early, also wear your best new outfit that was bought for you on the first day of school.

  32. Mishia says

    We have a competition every year to see who could spend the least amount on school supplies. It is always fun.

  33. Jennifer Jozwiak says

    My little one is too small for back to school so I don’t know yet. I get to enjoy her a little while longer!

  34. Paula Harmon says

    I start waking the kids up earlier everyday, but as far as back to school shopping, (4 kids), I have to wait until after they start because hubby is laid off work and that is when everything goes on clearance.

  35. says

    This is my daughters first year of school, but so far we have started going to bed a little eariler each night. And we are going camping this weekend. I think we will go camping the weekend before she starts school from here on out! I think of it as one last Horah! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  36. Dottie says

    We do the usual shopping for back to school and a few weeks ahead of time, we start the new bedtimes and arising times.

  37. amy delong says

    both m children have outgrown all their clothes sooooo this would be awesome!!I love buying new clothes for them!


  38. Toni says

    We get ready by having one last hurrah – something fun at the end of summer. This year we will be going to HersheyPark for a few days. Can’t wait!!

  39. Veronica Garrett says

    I have fond memories of shopping for back to school clothes. My ideas and my Mom’s never agreed so I was trying to change her mind. We have a tradition where we have a pizza party to celebrate the end of summer and going back to school.

  40. Jane Hoh says

    We always schedule a family outing just before school…a ballgame, amusement park. This has not changed even as my kids got to college now.

  41. R Hicks says

    It certainly is a process. Basically, we set a specific bedtime about a week before school starts to get them into the routine. One treat that we always do is take them to an amusement park before school begins.

  42. Susan Smith says

    The kids enjoy picking out their own school supplies. The night before school I have them lay out their clothes and make sure their back packs are packed to save time in the morning.

  43. Felicia K says

    I had 3 sisters, and we all went school shopping together for as long as I can remember. We all used to pick out the same outfit for the first day of school.

  44. says

    The Geekazoid LOVES back to school shopping- everything from picking out the right supplies to the smell of the crayons and sharpies. I think she may become a teacher just so she doesn’t have to give it up. 😉

  45. Daniel says

    school shopping is a very hectic time of the year, but also can be very exciting. My kids and I always go together which means more Dad time. I always am working and this is one time of the year i know i get a full day with them. wouldn’t miss it for the world

  46. lilshuga2001 says

    This is the first year my brother will be able to wear whatever he wants to school.
    He had cancer for a yr and missed his whole 10th grade, this year i moved and he came along with me, so that he doesnt have to wear a uniform!
    We are starting to get back into the swing of things by not stayin up so late!

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  47. Sarah Denton says

    Getting fun pencils and erasers and folders thankfully I bought the school supply pack so don’t have to go round trying to figure out what a map pencil is!

  48. Heather C says

    The MOST fun we have is getting back to the proper sleep schedule. We start going to bed sooner and them tempting her awake earlier with awesome food that isn’t necessarily breakfast stuff. We even try to get her excited by allowing her to choose the funkiest backpack she can find. Good stuff!

  49. Karen A. says

    The days of my kids back to school shopping has long been over. I’m now starting on the grandkids. I let it up to their parents to buy their clothing, but I buy them some supplies.

  50. says

    My kids are older so there’s not a big production like there used to be but I do still try to get them to pick out their own supplies so that they’re completely functional for their needs.

  51. kathy pease says

    i start shopping right after school ends for any sales and clearances so by the time school rolls around im all set

  52. joanna smith says

    When I was growing up my mother always purchased me a new “outfit” to wear to school for each day of the week for the first week of school, that was 5 new outfits! I used to get so excited about all my new clothes that I actually couldn’t wait for each and everyday to start because I wanted to wear my new clothes to school and show my friends and feel special (confident). I am continuing this tradition with my own children today and I find that if I allow them to choose clothes that they think are “cool” and they pass with my approval, then my kids are going to be much more motivated and excited about getting up in the morning and going to school than if I didn’t give them some incentive at the start of the new school season to get going. I also make sure that they always are equipped with their favorite snacks when they go to school to keep them energized, happy and healthy. These may sound like little “things” but it works for us! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  53. Dorothy says

    I remember as a kid my Mom taking all of us out to buy new school clothes. We each had a specific limit to what we could buy. Of course whatever we bought was for fall temperatures and without fail the first day of school was always very warm. But that never stopped me from wearing the new clothes. My son is in a year round preschool so September doesn’t have the same feeling for us yet.

  54. Brian E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway… We mark the beginning of the new school year by having a family meeting where educational goals (and expectations) are laid out, TV & Internet usage rules are hashed out, and free time / school extracurricular activities are determined.

  55. DanV says

    We try to ease into back to school by getting our supplies together and preparing for the new school year together

  56. Errica says

    very glad my school system went to uniforms its saves me a little bit of cash but school supplies are so expensive…


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