Sugared Tortilla Snowflakes

Snowflakes have always fascinated me. I loved studying them when I was little, and again when I taught my kids about these beautiful six-pointed flakes. Tiny specks of frozen water; each one unique.

Flakes that can blow through as a blizzard, trapping families in their homes. Flakes that, when falling ever so lightly, can be one of the most beautiful natural occurances.

There are many ways to re-create natural snowflakes as a craft project with your kiddos. The little ones will love to make simple paper snowflakes, and the older kiddos will enjoy creating more elaborate 3D snowflakes. Glitter glue snowflakes are “super duper easy” and sparkle in the sun when hung by a window.

But, have you ever made a snowflake you can eat? No, I’m not talking about the frozen kind, but a crunchy sweet and sugary kind!

Take a large burrito size flour tortilla and fold it in quarters. Mission tortillas bend and fold easily without tearing!

Once folded, cut your design just as you would a paper snowflake.

Unfold tortilla and brush melted butter on one side. Sprinkle with granulated sugar and/or colored sprinkles.

Place in the oven at 250* until crispy, about 10 minutes.

Cool and enjoy!