Stop Yelling :: Take the Orange Rhino Challenge

I yell. A lot. Not as much as I used to. I’m not mean. But still…

I have always justified my yelling by the need to be heard. With so many young kiddos running around – being loud, being kids – I need to be louder.

I don’t like to yell. I startle my children. Yelling makes me feel like a bad mom.

After a particularly rough day this last weekend, I did a quick search for tips to control my temper. I found the Orange Rhino Challenge, created by a mom of four boys, and was impressed and humbled by her dedication and persistence. She’s already gone 405 days without yelling!!

I can do this. I can go a day. A week. A month.

No yelling.

Will you join me?

Rhinos are tenacious and vigorous animals who are naturally peaceful, but display aggressive behavior when provoked.

Wow. That’s me alright, minus the vigorous piece. I definitely don’t have the mental strength or energy. If I did, I wouldn’t let myself charge with my “words” so frequently! I am totally a Rhino. But I don’t want to be aggressive; I want to lose that and gain the vigorous part. I need more warmth and energy. Clearly, I need a little more of the color Orange in my life especially since it also conjures up feelings of determination which I am most definitely going to need more of in order to conquer this challenge.


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    I’ve seen this before, but this post is a great reminder for me! I think every parent struggles with yelling and reacting to difficult situations with their children. I’m definitely on board! :)

    I’ve added this page to my StumbleUpon.