Strong and Courageous

My good friend Marti articulated wonderfully some of our feelings through our recent trials. I couldn’t have expressed any of this better myself, and I’m so happy she agreed to let me share these thoughts with y’all.

In church on Sunday, I had a lot of thoughts coming to me based on the message through scripture.

Through all of this mess, although we have been fearful of others causing them harm, we have never felt that our girls were at risk of harming themselves,. A friend kept calling me worried about the girls. She was afraid they were going to do something to themselves. She became even more concerned after hearing of another friend’s daughter who had been cyber-bullied and decided she had no hope but to kill herself.

Upon hearing that news ourselves, it became even more apparent that we feel our calling has been to help other kids that are being victimized by cyber-bullies and other predators.

Our families were chosen to serve Him and do his Will. He sees His other children hurting and has allowed us to endure this burden so we can feel the same pains of others, especially those who are not believers in Him and don’t reach to Him in time of crisis. They have no hope and end their lives. But, He knew we would turn to Him. He knew our girls would turn to Him. We are His faithful servants and should give thanks instead of asking why.

So, our FB cyberbullies page may have initially been setup to help us and get the harassment and threats to end. And so far it is working – we have had an outreach of prayer and support. But, going forward, we feel our page will be used to allow for other kids to start posting their stories, so they, too, may ask for help and prayer. Only God knows how it could be used to possibly help prevent these kids from killing and harming themselves. They need a place to speak out, too.

Our girls have had a connection since the first day of school – The first time Mel saw Julia she knew they would be best friends; they had almost every class together; they both had the same backpack; they both had never attended a public school before; they both were the only girl in their families; they both loved skateboarding; they both were well liked in school. God chose them for a reason to serve His purpose together. To have them do His work.

Doing so in Jesus’ name is making the devil angry. But, we have hope in our calling.

josh 19

Joshua had a new job to lead more than 2 million people into a strange land and conquer it. For Joshua to succeed he had to be strong and courageous, because the task ahead would not be easy.

We must constantly read and study God’s Word, so we can obey Him. We may not succeed by the world’s standards, but we will be a success in God’s eyes and His opinion is most important.

Every new job is a challenge. Without God it can be frightening, especially as Satan and his minions are fighting hard against us. But, we know that by asking God to direct us, and trusting in His promises of peace and protection, we can conquer many challenges.

God promises that He will never abandon us or fail to help us.


  1. Betsey Howard says

    Hi! Just wanted to pass along a message that your fans are thinking of you. I’ve noticed a big uptick in Instagram traffic from you so I hope you’ve finally been “left alone” by whatever person/people were stalking your family (so you are feeling mire comfortable getting back to the business of life & freedom!). Obviously, I imagine you are staying mum at the guidance of a lawyer/law enforcement, but I just wanted to remind you of the community of folks who are genuinely rooting for your families being victimized. I know I think of your situation frequently & hope for the best outcome!!! :)

  2. Cassie W says

    Since i have read this story a few days ago on BuzzFeed it has not left my mind. My heart hurts for your family, and what the girls have had to endure. It is terrible and just indicates how out of control Social Media has gotten. Were they ever able to prosecute J and stop the people doing this to your girls? It is upsetting to know that something terrible can happen and the PD did not do more to get involved. This is more than bullying its stalking. No child or person should ever have to endure that. Thank god the girls have such strong family beside them that they can go through this and come up the other side surviving it.