Staying Sane

Most of you know that I have six kiddos, all seven and under, with the closest two in age (besides my twins’ 2 minutes) being only 19 months apart.

People (maybe even you) think I’m crazy and wonder how I stay sane. First of all, I love being a mom to so many little ones, and what I do day in and day out seems so natural to me. I try not to dwell on all I have to do, but lean on the Lord’s strength to get me through the day. It’s when I think too much about all I need to take care of, and feel like I have to do it all alone, that I tend to feel overwhelmed.

For some moms of many, the key to staying sane is all about organization and routine. For me going with the flow works best. By this I mean if Baby is tired before his “naptime” at 1pm, I put him down for a nap. If my kiddos aren’t hungry for lunch until 2pm, I wait to feed them. We’re also not the type of parents to let the fact that our kiddos “have to go to bed at 8pm” hinder us from going places and having people over… If they go to bed at 9pm, they’ll be okay. It’s really quite liberating!

I have days when I feel like I can’t do it, and will go insane. It’s on those days that I have to remind myself to lean on the Lord’s strength, because mine just isn’t good enough.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -Phil. 4:13


  1. Mel @ A Box of Chocolates says

    I knew we were meant to be great friends. I (and my hubby too) am go with the flow kind of people. I get irritated by those who can’t do this or can’t do that because its the naptime, bedtime, bathtime, lunch time. You just have to live!!! Go with the flow!!

  2. Wendy says

    I like going with the flow when it comes to naptime and lunch, but bedtime is where I have to draw the line. If I didn’t, the little ones would try to stay up until Daddy gets home from work, which usually isn’t until after 11pm! I don’t put off going out or having people over, but if I let my kids slip away from bedtime too much it’s really hard to get back on track!

  3. Ashley says

    I needed that reminder. Prayerfully the Lord will help me to lean more on him and not so much on my own strength that burns out before I get started.

  4. A Classic Tale says

    Wow, what a beautiful family you have. I agree. I only have three and it seems like my life is crazy running running everywhere. I’ve learned that the dishes will get done, the beds will get made and the laundry will get folded but maybe just not on my schedule. I try to relax more about my “to do” list and enjoy my kiddos while they are young. God bless, Janelle

  5. mikki roo says

    This just reminds me so much of our friends who have twelve (12!) kids all under 20 and all still at home. We just visited them and I was amazed how easy and comfortable it looked. Everything was flexible and yet there was a certain order & the house did not look like 14 people lived there! I have 2 kids and wonder some days how I'm gonna do it, but when I see families like yours, suddenly I want a big family!!! God bless you for all you do…

  6. HSB Suzanne says


    That’s so awesome! Thank you for sharing that it’s okay to be ‘liberated’ and still lean on the Lord.

    Phil. 4:13 is my all-time favorite verse.

  7. Amanda says

    I really try to stick to a schedule, sometimes it doesn’t go the way I plan. But routines work the best.

    man and soemtimes I think I’ll go crazy with jsut TWO LOL

  8. Kathy says

    Thank you for acknowledging that it is only possible with the Lord. Without Him, things really would be overwhelming on a continual basis. In our weakness, He is strong.

  9. Rick Bucich says

    I’ve visited this post several times since you put it up, just now responding.

    I know I stress occasionally when we have our son out late and it certainly affects our behavior and plans. However, there is so much truth in what you say. I think as I get more comfortable as a parent, it will become easier to embrace “the flow.”

    In many cases however, LJ still dictates…he seems to like a irregular routine and decides he’s hungry or wants a nap at different times day to day. In a way, I think that flexibility will be good for him when dealing with change.

  10. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says

    Christine, you’re an inspiration. I feel like I’m going insane many days and I “only” have two kiddos! 😉