Special Nights

With six kiddos it can be very difficult to devote our undivided attention to only one at a time. I think we may have found a bit of a solution…

Each of our children have a special night every so often to stay up after all their siblings have gone to bed. It is so fun to be able to spend quality time with each one of our blessings… We’ve played Dominoes and Mancala, read fun books, or just talked or tickled.

On these nights we spend together I see each one of my children, without distraction, as Daddy and I devote our full attention to giggling, learning and growing closer. I know each one of them look forward to their special night, but I truly savor them.

Even as my children grow and mature, I am sure we will always have our special nights!

Would you consider a special night for each of your kiddos to have some one-on-one time with you? Even if it’s just once a month your little one will love this time spent all alone with you! Let me know if you try it and how you like it.


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    This is so good to hear! Sometimes it can seem hard for us to get individual attention with our kids, but I need to try and find a way so they have memories of us with them as individuals! Great reminder!!!

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    Individual time can be such a challenge. We have three daughters, the youngest is 10 months, and we are really only just now getting the hang of carving out time. Such rich rewards come from each time we make it happen!

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    I only have one 14 yo son, so one-on-one time isn’t a problem. I just wanted to leave a comment of encouragement. I come from a family with 4 children and we didn’t really get that time with our parents. – Maybe on a sick day or something, but that doesn’t really count. I have thought about how nice it would have been to have that with my parents and my mom has said the same since we’re all grown.

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    What a great idea! Everyone needs some one on one time.
    I know that I enjoy the times that I get to spend with each of my children.
    I am gonna make sure I do it more often.

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    So far I only have one (age 1), but love the idea of it. I remember the special times alone I had with each of my parents although it wasn’t necessarily planned. I’ll definitely implement this if we have more kiddos

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    I think this is a great idea. I have a 13yo and a 7 month old. The 7 month old needs our attention all the time. But we do spend time with him. Like I take him on walks with the baby so I get to talk to him about school and girls and stuff and my husband plays the video game with him so that’s there special time.

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    That is so sweet and amazing with 6 kids!
    We have “dates”. I take one kid “out” – or my husband takes one kid out for a “date”. Sometimes it’s just for ice cream, or library, or even grocery store to pick up dinner items and then coming home and making it together. It’s fun, and it’s such a simple way to show them how special they are.

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    What a tremendous idea. I’m sure the kids love the idea that they get to do something forbidden (stay up past their bedtime) and spend devoted one-on-one time with you. Nobody loses because everybody was supposed to be in bed anyway.

    I’m going to link to this post in my weekly Things to Write Home About post tomorrow. :)