So, which Mouse House is better? (final thoughts)

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If you are thinking about going to Walt Disney World, I’d recommend five to seven days so you can take in all four parks, the water park and maybe even some golf. Enjoy the themed hotels with the super white sandy beaches and get the whole experience to make it worth your money. But I would recommend not trekking across the country if you’re just looking to ride the major attractions you can find at Disneyland and California Adventure.

I’d say the same thing to the East Coasters – both coasts have most of the same major rides. I’ve outlined some of the different things found at Disney World, but for those who haven’t been to Disney’s California theme parks, the only thing you’re missing is a few rides from California Adventure – mainly the California Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Bug’s Life sections – but, again, I don’t think it’s worth the 5 1/2 hour plane trip for those.

But, if you do come to California and you’ve already been to Disney World, be sure to make it worth your while by also seeing Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, Legoland or the San Diego Zoo – which truly is the best zoo I’ve ever visited.

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    I think you posted a fantastic series on Disney World!!! I personally would prefer to go and see y’all though and swing by Disney Land! :) heheehhehee

    I think I would like to go at least once, to have the experience and I love that there is something to do for everyone. Some day………..