Sweet Dreams for Your Little One

sertaThey say that the secret to a good night’s sleep is a good mattress and pillow. “A worn mattress is like an old running shoe,” says Bert Jacobson, a professor of health and human performance at Okla­homa State University. “It loses its support and its comfort.”

Is this true for babies? Just as your own sleep is affected by the type of mattress you have, so does your baby’s crib mattress affect his sleep. Finding the right baby mattress is very important to help ensure a good night’s sleep for your little one.

The Serta Perfect Balance crib mattress provides just the right amount of support and comfort, AND it’s eco-friendly!

Made with organic cotton fill, the Serta Perfect Balance crib mattress cradles baby in a healthy, natural environment. Designed with comfort and durability in mind, the mattress features continuous heavy coils, flex mesh support and six-gauge border wire. A heavily laminated cover made without Phthalates protects from dust mites and bacteria, and there are eight air vents keep the mattress fresh while providing a safe sleeping surface. The crib mattress, which also fits a toddler bed and retails for $199.99

My littlest guy has been enjoying a Serta Perfect Balance crib mattress, now maybe your little one can, too! That’s right, you can enter to win a brand new crib mattress!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Leave me a comment on this post, by 9pm on March 18th, telling me about your bedtime rituals.

  • You may enter a second time by leaving another comment, telling me about your favorite childhood bedtime memory.

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  1. says

    I’ve never thought about the worn crib mattress being better for sleep. Makes me reconsider my little one’s hand-me-down mattress! My boy is a year old and our bedtime routine has consisted of a bath (not every night), then a book or two, then nursing while listening to some calming music. It’s very relaxing for me, too!


    mel {at} melandmatt {dot} net

  2. says

    The crib we have was passed to me by my sister, so it is now on it’s 4 baby :)
    With my little one, we usually like to have bath time, jammies, brush teeth, go to older brother’s room for a book, lay in big brother’s bed for a song and kiss goodnight by big brother, and then head to his room for more songs and rocking :) He is almost 2 but I love that he still loves to be rocked (sometimes not very long, but it is still nice) :)

  3. says

    When I was young I remember either my mom or dad coming in and praying with me and my sister before we went to bed – I liked being in the same room as my sister, although, I am not sure she loved it as much as me. :) That was special to me.

  4. says

    Before our daughter’s bedtime, we give her a bath and a snack. Then she cuddles up in the rocking chair with her daddy. They either talk about the day or he tells her a story. My husband says that’s his favorite part of the whole day.

  5. says

    This is one area I FAIL as a parent. We have never done bedtime routines. When the kids get sleepy, we rock them to sleep. Easy peasy. But I can see the advantage of having a routine…we just aren’t a “routine” family. That may change when #3 comes along in June. I have a feeling we’ll need to institute some routines and changes!!!
    give_me_a_latte at yahoo

  6. says

    I can’t think of any childhood bedtime memories. Maybe that’s why I’m not big on routines for my kids. I just remember when it was bedtime, I went to bed. I do remember always asking for a later bedtime. I hated going to bed so early!!!!
    give_me_a_latte at yahoo

  7. Linda B says

    After a soothing bath and fresh pj’s we gather on the bed for our night time book or two. After hugs and kisses we are down for the night.

  8. says

    Awesome giveaway – there is a huge difference how well kids (or adults- anyone!) sleep when they have a good mattress.

    Our bedtime rituals pretty much start already at dinner, which we eat pretty late. That’s when we calm down and enjoy good food and talk about the happenings of the day. Usually we sit on the table and talk to all three kids even after the dinner is finished and sometimes eat dessert. After dinner kids pretty much start the brushing teeth, changing into pajamas etc and we might read some books or watch tv together for 10-15 minutes and then tug kids in their beds and give kisses and hugs to all.

  9. Kristi says

    Since I am currently pregnant and in the hospital on bed rest until our babies come, I obviously can’t say that we have any rituals :) But I can’t wait to begin to form traditions and rituals such as bed and bath times once the babies arrive. And how awesome it would be to win at least one of two much needed mattresses!

  10. says

    Great giveaway! We’re about to have baby number two here so the ritual there will probably be bath, nurse, then sleep! Right now with my 19 month old we give him a bath, let him run around for a minute (yes, with no clothes!), dress him, pray, then read a book (or 2 or 3!). We had to start reading after he weaned. He has always needed a routine!

  11. says

    And a favorite childhood memory. Very simple. I had tons of stuffed animals so I would line them up all around the bed to “protect” me. My mom would come in an tuck me in. It always made me feel safe!

  12. says

    Our 14 month old precious Samantha absolutely loves bubble baths before bedtime. She gets really excited when she sees the bubbles forming and quickly throws her bath toys into the tub. Once she achieves her goal of splashing most of the water onto the bathroom floor, she is ready to distribute her “Magical” hugs. It doesn’t matter who is visiting us, everyone gets a hug from Samantha. This is followed by entering the wonderful Kingdom of Swatch (her room), where I entertain her with made up stories that involve her stuffed animals and toys. Once that adventure is complete, Samanthas mommy comes into the room and we both read her a story of her choice. Once the story is finished she is very close to falling asleep. We tuck her in, and my wife uses her much better singing abilities to sing her a soft lullaby. At this point, she’s sleeping like a baby.

  13. says

    I read every night. Then, after lights out, I took the flashlight from under my pillow and read under the covers. Always thought I was tricking the parents. Of course they know. I imagine now I’d be hiding my laptop under the covers, lol.

  14. says

    I normally let my children pick out a book and we read together before bed. They both love to be read to and my oldest is starting to read on his own. Sometimes we also turn on soft music in their room if they request it. It helps them fall asleep.

  15. says

    When I was young my mom would always come tuck me in and sing me a goodnight song. She does the same thing to my boys when she comes to visit.

  16. says

    We actually have a bedtime chart for my son. It has worked wonders! There are (very bad but legible) drawings of a tooth brush, PJs, two books and two songs.

  17. says

    My favorite childhood bedtime memory is my mom singing to me, especially around Christmas when she would sing Christmas carols.

  18. says

    I am entering this for someone who is expecting and is really having a hard time financially. So I will have to answer your questions as a mom of teens! hhhah
    When my Bebe’s were little we would brush teeth, get a little drink of water and always read stories… it was a ritual… and it never varied.. and I think they really loved it.

  19. says

    MY Favorite childhood bedtime memory… so easy…
    I am 47 and my precious mom passed away 2 years ago. She would walk me to bed EVER single night.. until I was a teen and she would sing the song “Walking My Baby Back Home.” Every Night, without fail!!! I loved it. I was afraid to walk down that LONG Dark hall way alone.. and she would make sure I was in bed and turn off the light. One night when I was about 16 she said. ok, I think you are old enough to walk yourself to bed!

    Gosh I miss her so much…. But what a Precious Precious Memory that is for me!!!!

  20. says

    Bedtime ritual around here is the best!! Mommy gets a glass of wine, and sits down with a book all by herself!! Daddy comes home and takes over baths, teeth, and book time :) The kids get the much needed daddy time, and I get the much needed me time! Ahhh…can’t wait for tonight!

  21. says

    My favorite memory is when my daddy would strum his guitar and sing a version of “Go to Sleep” to me….he’s passed now and it’s a precious memory for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. says

    Our bedtime rituals consist of Bathtime..then snacktime which is also conversating time (they can tell me whats on their mind). Then its time to brush their teeth, then to give hugs and kisses and curl up under the covers.
    (I would love to win this by the way..for my new baby due next month).

  23. says

    these days bedtime rituals seem to be flying out the door like a tweet!
    It used to be though that after supper, and winding things down, it would be baths, and then each one received special personal hug time and talk time. Then it was prayers and sleep… At which time I collapsed!

    cathy b
    project hope 7 at g mail dot com

  24. says

    We soooo need a crib mattress for our baby on the way! It would be awesome!
    For our bedtime ritual with my daughter we: 1. set kitchen timer so she knows how much time is left to play until bath/bedtime 2. bath 3. jammies 4. brush teeth 5. read books 6. lights out 7. prayer/snuggle 8. down for bedtime!

  25. says

    I do not think I have ever owned a new mattress before. All cribs, bassinettes and toddler beds have been used. We have two mattresses and one has a rip in it (nothing a bit of duct tape won’t fix). We are sure to put a pad on our mattress under the sheet, but it still seems hard. No wonder baby likes to sleep with Mommy and Daddy.

    Our bedtime routine includes spending time as a family. We might play a game, read a story, watch TLC (Little Ppl Big World, Jon and Kate, Duggers) and have a family devotion time.

    When Dad is off, Dad does all the tucking in. When Dad works, Mom and big sis do the tucking in. We talk about the day and what is to come the next day. We have an early bed time. The older children read and the younger ones listen to Adventures in Odyssey or a music CD. The older children sometimes listen to a book on CD. Their favorite is the Narnia radio shows.

    Baby and I go into our bedroom and nurse and read together. In our busy home this is such a nice time. This is our alone time.

  26. says

    My favorite bedtime ritual as a child isn’t a ritual, it’s more of a memory. My parents divorced when I was very young, but I recall one time when all of us were in bed, I snuck out to the living room. My mom and step dad were sitting in the dark in front of the tv cuddling. They told me to go to bed, which I did. It was nice to see them having a private moment. Made me think how it positively affects my children when my husband and I have private moments.

  27. says

    My dh was in the military until recently, so he started the ritual of reading to them at bedtime because it gave him a chance to reconnect with them after he’d been away. He’s no longer military, but he still reads them at least one story before bed every night. Our little guy climbs into his sister’s bed to hear the story and then everyone scatters to their own rooms after.

  28. says

    My favorite childhood bedtime memory wasn’t a favorite at the time. My older brother and sister were coming to visit and their flight got in late at night. I was 6 (almost 7) and wanted to stay up to see them. I tried so hard. I remember running around in circles trying to stay awake. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and I woke up the next morning. I find it funny now, but oh man was I ticked back then. :-)

  29. says

    Oh this would be just right for us if we win! As you know our little monkey jumps around in his crib and it is wearing out fast and Isaac will soon be taking over the crib so we will need a new mattress for sure.

    Our night time routine is pretty simple. We brush teeth then Alex goes to give his sleeping brother a kiss on his forehead as I hold my breath in hopes that Isaac doesn’t wake up. We then go to Alex’s room and he sits on the dresser as we say our prayers. He prays for mommy, daddy, Isaac, you (he calls himself you), then all the extended family, the butterflies, snake, elephant the other elephant. I don’t know why he has chosen those three creatures but it’s the same every single night! Then I lay him down with his two blankies and cover him with his train blanket then turn off the lights as he tells himself “no whineies” = no whining! I close the door telling him that I love him very much!

  30. Cindi says

    Greetings! Most evenings, we begin with playtime and then a warm bath for relaxation. A snack of some sort and then reading a book together!
    Many times, we have a relaxing musical CD playing in the background.
    Thanks, Cindi

  31. Cindi says

    My sister is ten years older than me and she would get me ready for bedtime. Hot cocoa, a warm bath and a wonderful book. Many thanks for a delightful giveaway drawing. Cindi

  32. Cindi says

    I am subscribed to your feed via my Google Reader.
    Again, all is appreciated…..Cindi

  33. says

    Ritual for my daughter: a light snack, change diaper, brush teeth, wash face, wash hands, read a book, listen to sleeping cd (praise baby worship cd at the moment)

    Ritual for me: wash up, last check on email, maybe watch something online with hubby (we don’t have a tv, so we watch full episodes streaming), read a book

  34. Elizabeth K says

    We end every evening with a bottle feeding. My newborn absolutely HATES bottles and refuses to take one. Does that mean Mommy and Daddy can never go out again? No! The Dr. said to just give him a bottle every night even if he screams. Eventually he’ll get used to it. My cousin had the same problem with her little girl and it worked. So we’re going on 4 months now (only 3 with bottle feeding at night) and he still hollars for an hour every night. My very patient husband does the duty every night at 9:00. Sorry it wasn’t a happy bedtime ritual! I’m sure in a few more months I’ll have a happy one!!! :)

  35. Elizabeth K says

    As the oldest of 4 girls (we had an older brother, but who counts that with FOUR girls!!), I was always in charge. …okay! I was the bossy one. Luckily I grew out of it. Sort of. :) Anyways, my name is Elizabeth so we would always play Queen Elizabeth at night. Yes, you read that right. I made my little sisters treat me as though I were queen! They would get me a glass of water before bed and I would make them take my slippers off. Yeah… I’m still apologizing to them today!!

  36. Phyllis says

    Bedtime for us is taking a warm bath, getting a small snack, brushing teeth, reading two stories, saying our goodnights to each other and last before going to sleep our nighttime prayer.

  37. Catalina says

    First there is a warm bath and then bedtime stories. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  38. C. clemens says

    my kids and i brush teeth, and get pj’s on say our prayers and head to bed.
    I always loved my dad tucking me in! tucked me in tight the blanket around me LOL

  39. Carol says

    Besdies the normal teeth brushing and reading, we also like to get the backpacks filled for the next day, and clothes laid out, so that the mornings go smoothly.

  40. Carol says

    Favorite childhood bedtime memory: my sister and I standing on our beds, not being able to sleep, watching for Santa!

  41. Jennifer M says

    Our youngest is 3 1/2 months and she is using her brothers’ old mattress that has been handed down and handed down and handed down again! I had not considered that the mattress might be breaking down, although that makes sense since I can tell MY mattress is doing that after all of the years that we have had it!

    Our bedtime routine (I’ll give you my daughter’s routine here since it is slightly different than the one for her brothers, but she would be enjoying the mattress if we win!)… we give her a bath and then put her in her “jammies.” She sits on my lap while I read her 4-year-old brother his good night story and then she nurses before falling asleep. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all!

  42. MRS.MOMMYY says

    bathtime- brush teeth, hugs, reading, reading hugs, lights out, walk out door potty time and it all starts again

  43. MRS.MOMMYY says

    favorite memory is when we slept outside in the summer in the backyard and watched the stars and dreamed amazing dreams

  44. Autumn H. says

    We eat vitamin, brush teeth, put in bed, read a story, tuck in, turn on story tape!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  45. Autumn H. says

    my favorite memory is that my parents NEVER missed tucking me in!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  46. sharon c says

    jammies on, then off to the bathroom for potty, teeth and hand washing, then hop into a lap for a story (or 2) and then tucked nicely in bed; prayer timeand then with a kiss and an I love you…lights out. (nightlite on)

  47. adrienne Gordon says

    always read a book before bed and talk about what we liked best about the day.

  48. addrienne mertens says

    ive always found crib mattresses to be soo uncomfortable hard stiff plastic with bad springs. babies need comfort too.
    nice warm bath and warm milk. what could be better. then its my turn.

  49. Carol G says

    Since I am in the great grandma stage, I don’t have any bedtime routines, but I suspect my granddaughter will soon develop some. Right now her baby is so young that it basically consists of clean diaper, bottle and rock!

  50. Carol G says

    As far as I can remember, the bedtime routine when my children were small was much the same as many others–bath, brush teeth, story and maybe a little rocking (while they were still amenable to that), then bed. We never had too much trouble with children not wanting to go to bed, possibly because it was such a routine thing. Nothing really stands out as a favorite memory though.

  51. says

    When my grandchildren spend the night, I give them a bath and a story, and tuck them in to bed.The mattess would make a wonderful shower gift for my sister-in-law who is expecting a baby girl!

    smchester at gmail dot com

  52. Tracy G says

    My DD gets a bath then bottle, sometimes a book. We try to let daddy put her to bed, for some reason he really soothes her. With another baby on the way in July we will be needing an eco freindly mattress for her new toddler bed!

  53. Sharon says

    I bought a used crib/mattress set to keep at my house for my granddaughter who stays over a lot. I would love to put a good mattress in the crib for the next little one we are expecting soon.

  54. roberta says

    Each night my son gets a bottle, we read a book or two, and then I sing him a couple of songs. Then, it’s off to dreamland!

  55. Rebecca says

    I have a 4 year old little boy and a 1 year old little girl so our schedules can get a little crazy. Usually we eat supper, then go have bath time which can last forever since they love baths. Then it’s quiet time where they get a snack and night night milk. After that it’s on to reading a bedtime story and being tucked into bed. Now if only they would stay in their beds all night……lol

  56. Rebecca says

    My favorite bedtime ritual was when I was a little girl and my mom would come in and sit down beside my bed. She would read a story, sing songs and rub my ears until I fell asleep. Aah to be a kid again!!

  57. says

    With my daughter I give her a bath, struggle to get her teeth brushed then lather her in all sorts of lotions for her dry skin then jammies. I make her a bottle and sing somewhere over the rainbow and you are my sunshine. I usually don’t get through the part “you’ll never know dear how much I love you” without tears. Then strait to bed.

  58. says

    I remember always going to bed so easy for my parents. I never put up a fight because I loved to get a full nights rest. That has never changed.

  59. Jamielee says

    Everynight, my baby gets a nice warm bath followed by lavendar lotion and baby powder. We lay in the rocker and I sing her favorite song “Hallelujah.” (She is 3 months old)

  60. Deb Sluis says

    WEll, you did ask for MY bedtime ritual… I’m a Gramma- no kids anymore- so my bedtime ritual is to have a nice hot whirlpool bath (in winter), and go to bed, and read books until I so choose to fall asleep! *smile* I am hoping to win this mattress for one of my two forthcoming grandbabies- so THEY get good sleep so their parents do too.

  61. christieC says

    we give our son a bath at 7:30pm, then he has milk and usually goes to sleep on his own and we lay him down in the crib

  62. Meg says

    For my 4 month old, nothing yet. My 2 year old gets pajamas, 3 books, vitamins, and brushing teeth before he’s in his crib for the night. My 7 year old and i have a ‘book club’ where we read aloud to each other most nights (then she gets really into the book and finishes it by herself, so i read a lot of first chapters, lol.)

  63. Karen Gonyea says

    Sandwich night – mom would make all sorts of sandwiches and we’d watch Fraggle Rock together !!

  64. Leah says

    we feed her, kiss and hug her, turn off the lights, wind the mobiile and tip toe out of the room.

  65. Aura says

    I’m a big believer in strict bedtimes and a calming down ritual. When I found it too hard to keep up after my twins were born I even hired someone to help with bedtime. We eat supper at 5, followed by a bath, lotion and pajamas. We read books with dessert and then bedtime with prayers and lights out. When one of my sons was hospitalized and we weren’t home at night for my other son we started a ritual of saying who loves him starting with us and the grandparents and sometimes he adds in some of his friends. Everyone gets kisses and hugs and then lights out.

  66. Aura says

    I loved when my mother read my sister and I books even after we learned how to read.

  67. Aura says

    I subscribe and really hope I win this mattress. My twins need to switch to full size cribs and they need mattresses!

  68. Malaika says

    We have pretty traditional rituals: nightly wash ups then story time with mom or dad and lastly a goodnight prayer. Same time every night.

  69. Malaika says

    My favorite bedtime memory is my dad coming in to say goodnight and tuck me in. He´d tuck the covers around me soooo tight it was like being in a cocoon.

  70. Cathie F says

    My grandchildren are bigger now and I would like to win this for a friend who is due date is in June. Right now our ritual is usually a cuddle on my chair with me about a half hour before bedtime. Then I usually read or sing to my grandchildren til they go to sleep.

  71. Cathie F says

    One of my favorite memories started with me having a REALLY bad dream and i just couldn’t go back to sleep or stop shaking. my dad came in and sat on the floor next to my bed and talked to me then gave me the St. Jude medal he always wore telling me that St Jude would always protect me. I’m 54 now and my dad has been gone 14 yrs now, I still have the medal and I still feel my father’s love when I wear it.

  72. says

    Go Me!!! I have finally figured out how to add your button to my Blog and I just did!! You look Gorgeous there too!!!

  73. Abby says

    We are lucky, our 18 month goes to bed so easily! We give her a bath, read books, and then lay her down with her FP aquarium playing her favorite lullaby.

  74. says

    at 8 pm we do a nice warm bath, then a baby massage with calming lotion, last bottle of the day, then he’s out like a light!

  75. Monique Rizzo says

    Our bedtime ritual includes Reading for about 30 minutes, PJ’s, Brush teeth and than we “Snuggle” our daughter into bed! Thanks for the chance.


  76. says

    We’re not parents just yet but I’d like to think ours will be bath time, lotion, snuggling, a feeding and then bed.

  77. Kristy C says

    I’m expecting, so no rituals yet, but the whole thought of no sleep and rituals makes me nervous! :)

    What a wonderful contest- thanks for posting!

  78. Melissa O. says

    We always say a prayer and then the kids brush their teeth and get a kiss goodnight. My daughter likes to read and is allowed to read quietly in bed for 15 minutes before she has to actually go to sleep.

  79. Melissa O. says

    My favorite Childhood bedtime memory is when my sister and I shared a room and my mom would read our favorite book “But No Elephants!” to us.

  80. Michelle says

    Our bedtime routine goes like this: bath, snack & story, brush teeth, potty, bed.


  81. Michelle says

    When I was little my mom always read me a story and we said our prayer together.


  82. Anna says

    My bedtime ritual with my daughter right now is pretty simple, she gets a clean diaper and pjs. I rock her while she drinks some milk, and then I sing a short song, tell her I love her and lay her down! She is an awesome sleeper.

  83. Anna says

    My fav bedtime memory is the MANY readings of GoodNight Moon while staying with my Grandmother.

  84. Jessica Cote says

    I haven’t had my child yet(she’s still a bun in the oven) but I plan to try and wind down my little girl with a bath and reading to her every night before bed.

  85. says

    My dad did it with us ~ we passed it on as well. Wash your face, brush your teeth, tuck in, night light on, a short tale told by both, then “goodnight, I love you, Amen.”

  86. Kirsten says

    My memories were of hiding under my covers and trying to read more after lights out!

  87. Xiomara says

    I will see how easy/hard it will be to get a sleep ritual in May, when I become a mom.

  88. Mindy says

    With another baby on the way we will definitely be needing a new crib and mattress! What a perfect giveaway. :) Bedtime is simple: cleanup the playroom after dinner, bathtime, pj’s, a sippy cup of milk, and cuddles and hugs in the dark. Oh yeah, and Daddy always sings Jesus Loves Me!

  89. says

    With my children, or child almost children we take a bath, brush our teeth, read a story and get ticked in. Kaila usually gets up a million times but I keep tucking her back in. She eventually falls asleep.

  90. says

    Growing up I was in foster care so I don’t have many memories. I do remember when I got with my aunt she would read us all a story. I still to this day love to hear her read. She’s so expressive and it brings me back. Lots of good memories!

  91. trishden says

    Bedtime ritual usually includes a story read and a song. Sometimes we put a lullaby on. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  92. trishden says

    My favorite childhood bedtime memory was my mother setting up a chair in the hallway and reading us a bedtime story while we were all in our own rooms and bed. Thanks!

  93. Sue E says

    We don’t have a “set in stone” routine, but it usually consists of a bath, then reading a book. He goes to everyone in the house and blows a kiss to them, then off to bed. Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. says

    We have a man to man defense approach to putting the boys to bed. My husband reads the bedtime story to the 4 year old, usually at this time I’m wrestling to dress the 18 month old or keep him from bugging the other child, but sometimes he sits to listen for 5 or 6 seconds as well.
    Then we turn off the lights and I nurse the little one while my husband lays beside the older one and pats his back. Then I put the little one in his crib (still awake, but he is really good to go to sleep on his own) with his “silky” blanket and pacifier.
    Then my older son wants mama to lay with him too so I lay beside my 4 year old and I have to rub his back, rub his stomach, and rub his ears (in that order, every night).

  95. says

    My favorite bedtime memory from childhood…I really remember all of the nights being the same. Bath, brush teeth, sit with my mom while she read a book to my younger brother, then we all went to bed. The whole fam went to bed at 8pm because my dad woke up very early (4am) for his job.

  96. sandra says

    we get the kids some milk and maybe a night time snack and read bed time stories. we then brush their teeth and put them to bed. my husband lays down with our older son and asks about his day, etc.

  97. Dierdra Byrd says

    This would be for my sister that just had a new baby, but with my little ones I would rock them to sleep with soft music in the background playing.

  98. Barbara J says

    Still working out exactly what routine will work with our 4th month old (nothing much has, consistently) but we’re starting with a little reading, some rocking, and some nursing. I’m sure a primo mattress would help a great deal at keeping her sleeping longer each night.

  99. Carrie says

    hmm – relly gets you thinking my little one has a hand me down crib and mattress – maybe it’s time for a new one. Our routine consists of a light baby “massage” before putting on pjs followed by some stories and nursing, then snuggling until he is almost asleep.

  100. Rosanne says

    My sister and I had our beds right next to each other. We would talk , whisper and giggle for way too long. In the summer we shared a cottage with our cousins. All 6 of us slept in the same bedroom. The girls doubled up in bed and we would scratch each others back and talk and have a lot of fun. We did not havea lot of toys or books but we entertianed ourselves

  101. April Jacques says

    Our bedtime ritual is for the kids to take a bath. They take turns picking out a book each night, we read for 10 minutes then it’s off to dreamland.

  102. April Jacques says

    As a child I would always get into bed with my sister who is 8 yrs olderd than me. I would see how long it would take for her to tell me it’s time to go into my own bed. I loved sleeping in her big bed.

  103. Janine says

    What a great giveaway! I take the baby into my son’s room, we all get into his bed and I sing a song, and my son tells a story. Then I tuck him in and give him a kiss, bring the baby into her room, sing ANOTHER song, and give her a kiss. :)

  104. Janine says

    Ohh my email address is janeener at gmail dot com.

    My favorite childhood memory was faking a headache so I could go downstairs and cuddle with mom while watching late night TV.

  105. Dana says

    Simon is put to bed by his daddy. DH really enjoys this because he missed DS first year while being in Iraq. First its bath time.. every night!… then jammies, 4 or 5 stories, songs “Itsy-Bitsy Spider”, “Twinkle Twinkle” and “ABC” (alternative ending “Now you’ve heard your ABCs now its time to go to sleep”) and then it is hugs and kisses from mommy and lights out.
    We really try not to deviate from this and it seems to work!!

  106. jjean says

    My bedtime ritual will change very soon. My twin boys are due in a few weeks, and I hope to make bathtime and reading a part of our bedtime ritual..after a while when our schedule solidifies. Thanks!

  107. Kim V says

    I read a story and snuggle before bedtime.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. Allison says

    My current ritual is to brush my teeth, then cuddle up with my hubby and my Snoogle and try to sleep! I’m pregnant with my first child and hope to take the time to read to my baby every night before bedtime. I can’t wait.

    supersweeper81 at gmail dot com

  109. Allison says

    My favorite bedtime story was about Princess Allison and her handsome prince that would come and ride off into the sunset with her! (no, my parents weren’t all that creative, but I enjoyed it!)

    supersweeper81 at gmail dot com

  110. LaDawne Brown says

    My little one is a bit small to be put into any specific routine. I just play with her for awhile, read her a book and when she is ready to fall asleep in hold her close and watch her sleep for awhile until i put her down for the night.

  111. mir says

    Usually it’s my husband who puts our daughter to bed because she doesn’t get much time with her during the day and loves every minute – the routine consists of a bath or a wash in the sink, sunggling and a reading of a bedtime story.

  112. David Clark says

    Our bedtime ritual is story time. My children have never been too young or old for story time!

    Thanks for the contest.

  113. Corrie Rowe says

    My current bedtime ritual is to crawl in and read for about an hour. Now that I am expecting my first, I’m sure things will certainly be changing!

  114. Corrie Rowe says

    My favorite childhood bedtime memory is watching my Mom or Dad start up this little train that ran along the rail of my crib and played music (they were surprised I remembered that).

  115. Christine L-U says

    we put on a baby einstein lullaby cd. hubby reads to her, i nurse her, hubby changes her outfit, i nurse her some more then sing to her, then, tell her we love her and put her to bed.

  116. amy h says

    Our bedtime ritual is splish splash bath, warm cuddly jammies, good night moon story time, lots of loving, hugs/kisses/goodnight, and then finally lights out. Thanks for the chance to win!

  117. amy h says

    My favorite bedtime memory is when I snuck out of my bed on Xmas eve and hid behind the coach to see Santa. I ended up falling asleep behind the coach and never got to see Santa. My parents couldn’t believe what they saw in the morning.

  118. Patricia says

    My kids are grown now, and I want to win for grandchildren. I worked full-time, but then part-time when the second one was born. We did baths at nite…….they are soothing………….They still recall so many stories, so I must have read to them then, too.

  119. Tiffany S. says

    We read a book and he breastfeeds and passes out in bed with us and then I carry him to his bed. Thank you for the giveaway! He would love this mattress.

  120. Jamie says

    I’m a bad mom. My 6 year old and 3 year old have a routine, story and all.. but my infant usually falls asleep with a bottle. I know i have to break that, but it’s not always easy.

  121. Terra H says

    My bedtime ritual is put on some night time stress relieving lotion and drink some warm decaf tea…

  122. Tobster says

    We don’t have a routine yet, (she’s only a few weeks old), but I think we should develop some. A bath maybe, followed by nursing and some stories. Maybe some music we always play at bedtime….

  123. Tobster says

    My favorite bedtime memory from childhood: my sister and me pretending to be asleep with the lights out, but really watching the Carol Burnett show on our old black and white.

  124. says

    My husband and I take turns reading a story to each kid. Then they think up reasons they have to get up. It doesn’t work, but they gotta try!

  125. Ashley Domes says

    We give the kids a bath, and then read each kid a bedtime story, and then it is light’s out.

  126. Sheila H says

    With my son, after we eat dinner I give him his last jar of baby food for the day. Then a bath, then we get dressed and my daughter comes in and we read for a little while. Then his bottle, and he’s OUT! My daughter gets her bath after little man goes to bed, then we read a “big girl” book, and she watches a movie, (I know I know) and passes out.

  127. Kelly F says

    We usually sit in my rocking chair in the baby’s room and listen to some very soft music while he drifts off. It is a nice end to the day for both of us.

  128. Kelly F says

    When I was a kid I had one of those glo-worm dolls. I loved that when my mom turned out the light I was able to squeeze the doll and still have light if I was a little scared. The nice thing about gloworms is that the minute you get a bit tired and let go, the light turns off!

  129. Adanma says

    Our bedtime ritual consists of brushing our teeth and washing our faces. My little girl (2 years old) mimics everything I do while standing on her step stool. We go into the bedroom and say our prayers, then she tucks in her toys. She has to have the Turtle, the Baby, and the Bears or she won’t relax. Then it’s off to dreamland.

  130. Aniela R. says

    After teeth brushing, we usually read a book, then say our prayers and I sing a special song to each of my kids before saying goodnight.

  131. Aniela R. says

    My favorite childhood bedtime memory is actually soon after we went to bed, my father would go downstairs and play the piano. I loved listening to the music as I fell asleep.

  132. Teresa Hoyt says

    In my house our routine is, bath time, story time, brush your teeth, tucked into bed, and a kiss goodnight! Thanks for the great contest!

  133. Jennifer Jozwiak says

    I don’t have any yet since I have a month to go before I have my little one but I hope to read to her every night before she goes to bed.

  134. Dianne Martinez says

    Oh, I am due next month this would come in handy and go to a great home.
    Thanks for the chance.

  135. Brian says

    We don’t have any bed time rituals yet. We are trying for our first child. Winning this would be a great omen.

  136. Rhonda Clemens says

    My family could really use this, please enter me & thanks for the great contest!

  137. says

    Serta is definitely a great way to go for a wonderful mattress, no matter what age the sleeper will be. Hope it worked out for you :)