Secret Ink

Today Ethan read all about secret ink in The Dangerous Book for Boys. One of the agents that can be used for this disappearing ink is urine and, of course, Ethan wanted to try it.

Uh, I don’t think so.

The book says milk works, as well as lemon juice and egg whites. The idea is that heat from a flame will make the words on a piece of paper re-appear…


Perhaps Ethan should do these little experiments with Daddy!


  1. Linda B says

    Don’t give up. I did the mystery writing as a child and a light bulb works just fine. Be careful though, the message could still go up in flames.

  2. says

    My daughter is sitting here freaking out. THAT IS DANGEROUS I CANT BELIEVE THEY ARE LAUGHING ABOUT IT. I had to explain that his momma was there with him. Let me know if this works out. I homeschool my daughter as well always looking for new things to try.