Saving $$ – It IS doable!

There are so many things we moms can do to help save (or make) money shopping on necessary items for our families. Every day this week, beginning tomorrow, I will share with you one of the programs or services that I have found to help me shop smart.

What are some of the ways YOU save money when shopping for your family?


  1. Miss Blondie says

    believe it or not, i go to the Dollar store by my house. Everything in there is really $1. I buy a 4-pack of toilet paper (its surprisingly soft too), sandwich bags, and household cleaning products there (they even have softsoap products). It has really saved me a ton of money! I swear by it!

  2. Kristin says

    Coupons and buying in bulk. I swear by it! It might cost more upfront but if you are going to be using it, it saves tons to buy taht way.