San Diego, or bust!

It seems that the cares of a busy life have weighed us down, and sapped our energy. It’s time for a much-needed vacation. Space and distance from the every day activities and responsibilities of home life is what we need. So…

Tomorrow we set forth on a 535 mile road trip. A journey down through the Golden State. We will begin in our driveway and end in San Diego, with a stop at Grandpa and Grandma’s house in the valley. Yes, all of this with 6 kids in tow. Pray for us.

We’ve made this trip before, but it’s always a bit daunting to think about doing it again. I still have so much to wash, pack, and load, that I don’t know how we can possibly be ready to leave tomorrow. Let alone that we will survive the long hours stuck in the car…

You can bet we’re loading up with DVDs, DS Lites, Leapster IIs, and plenty of books, to keep the kiddos occupied for 4 hours at a time. What would you recommend we take along?


  1. Jaime says

    a good imagination!!!! :) I know this is a bit “old school” but we used to play the ABC game where you have to find the letters of the alphabet, consecutively, on signs and billboards as you drive along. Although with only two kids it took a lot longer to get through the alphabet. It might not be a very long game for your crew! Have a great vacation!

  2. * TONYA * says

    Your coming to San Diego OMG, don’t suppose you’ll have time in your busy schedule to meet up with a few fans?

    I always take mess free markers/books, dvd’s and child-friendly mp3 players with me and of course there’s the old favorite of ‘I spy with my little eye’.

  3. Violet says

    Wow, have a great trip! We're going to Disneyland (from Northern CA) in December and I couldn't face driving with even the two kids. You rock!

    It sounds to me like you've got it all taken care of as long as there are also snacks & drinks in the car for everyone, which I'm sure there will be.

    Like Jaime and Tonya, we also used to play the ABC game and "I spy," which I now do with my oldest when we're driving. We also used to sing stuff in 4-part harmony, my dad accenting especially exhuberant parts of each song by honking the horn… ha ha! And sometimes Mom read to us – I think we went through most of the Chronicles of Narnia on a particular road trip – though we were a little older by then.

  4. That Crazy Mom says

    Definitely take some snacks and drinks, but limit their consumption. That will help avoid the "I'm hungry/thirsty" complaints as well as excessive potty breaks.

    You can find a ton of audio books to download onto an mp3 player. Just search the Kids & Family section of iTunes.

    And you could always find "car bingo" cards to print off. I think has some, along with other road trip games.

  5. Keisha Coconut says

    I was going to say crayons, coloring books, plain paper, stencils additionally ( but I suppose you may not have time for this) toys they’ve never seen before. Walmart ,Target and Dollar General are good sources for inexpensive toys like that.

  6. ELLIE says

    definitely art/craft type of stuffies separated according to age sort of or ability in gallon ziploc bags – crayons-coloring books, like those little activity coloring books that have puzzles and little games also inside them, bring your camera and take pics to entertain them..but definitely music players for kids – movies- books – stuffed animals – good luck!!

  7. Heather B says

    Have each kid pack one small backpack with their toys/snacks/drinks, etc. That bag is theirs and theirs only containing their most favorite (small) cherished toy. Other fun things are dry erase boards and markers, also the mini aqua doodle coloring pages work great! No mess and easily portable! Color wonder markers/paint and paper (don’t forget a few baby wipes). Favorite movies, and maybe the cable to hook the leapster up to the DVD player screen so the kiddos can participate in an activity together! Do you have some flash cards? Use those to play I Spy. Works for us! Just a few idea. Have a great trip!!!

  8. The Healthy Mom says

    We are hoping to go down there for spring break. Let me know how your trip goes! Thank you for visiting Healthy Moms. I hope we can keep in touch, both being Sacramento moms and all! Have a good time in San Diego!


  9. Mel, A Dramatic Mommy says

    I’m in San Diego. You’re coming at a great time. The weather has been perfect! Enjoy the trip!

  10. Joyce says

    good luck and have fun! we’re not good travelevers so i have no idea what you should bring. i hear it’s still pretty hot and sunny over there right now. bring some sunblock.