#Sacramento Made The Top 10 2013 Eye Healthy Regions

I was able to hang out a bit with the lovely reps for VSP at BlissDom in Dallas this year, and I am excited to partner with them.

Not too long ago, I published a few tips from a local VSP provider to improve your eyes’ health during allergy season. I am now excited to share some exciting news – and a giveaway – with you!

Are you ready?

VSP Vision Care announced today the results of the 2013 Eye Health Index. Boise City, Idaho is the top city where more residents took care of their eyes in 2012. In fact, Boise City had the highest rate of eye exams compared to any other city on the index for the past two years.

The Eye Health Index reviews tens of millions of VSP claims from more than 100 geographic areas across the country to identify which cities and regions are the most focused on maintaining their eye health. VSP, the largest not-for-profit vision benefits company in the United States with 59 million members, began analyzing claim data in 2012 to recognize the top cities whose citizens are getting eye exams as part of their healthcare routine. In addition to helping identify vision correction needs, eye exams also help ensure that the eyes and body are healthy, as eye doctors are often first to detect signs of serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The data was based on the percentage of people covered by VSP who received an eye exam in 2012 in greater city areas in which at least 95,000 people have VSP.
So, I just told you that Boise was rated #1, but guess what city area came in at #2?


When was the last time you and your family had eye exams? How does your city area rate?

The Top 10 2013 Eye Healthy Regions in the United States:

1. Boise, Idaho
2. Sacramento, Calif. (No. #10 in 2012)
3. Oklahoma City-Tulsa, Okla. (No. #9 in 2012)
4. Wichita, Kan. (No. #2 in 2012)
5. Columbus, OH (No. #6 in 2012)
6. Des Moines, Iowa
7. Birmingham, Ala.1 (No. #4 in 2012)
8. Denver, Colo. (No. #5 in 2012)
9. Raleigh, N.C. (No. #3 in 2012)
10. Bay Area, Calif. (San Jose was No. #7 in 2012)

Now, for a giveaway!

See those super cute designer sunglasses I’m wearing up there? Well, I have a brand new pair to give to one of you!

Share with us in the comments below one of the ways you keep your eyes healthy. I will choose a lucky winner on July 1st, so you can receive your pair of sunglasses just in time for the sunny summer weather.

Keep those peepers protected!

Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post and giveaway.



  1. vivian says

    make sure to get beta carotene (carrots) and fish in your diet! eye health is mostly hereditary but there are definitely lifestyle changes to delay eye diseases.

  2. Ameila says

    I keep my eyes healthy by taking breaks and looking away at far and near objects to relieve the strain I have while working at my computer all day long. I also see my eye doctor at http://www.wellnessandeyes.com/ every year for my yearly exam. It is one birthday present i give myself each year. That and a medical doctors appt.

  3. says

    I love posts like this! The wow factor on some of the statistics out there are often good enough to get people moving. I know this is definitely leaned me over from thinking about making an eye appointment to actually doing so! Thanks for an encouraging post!

  4. Heather says

    I keep my eyes healthy by always wearing my glasses, so as not to strain them. Also, I will clean my contacts and case everyday, even if I haven’t worn my contacts that day. When I do wear my contacts, I always wear sunglasses to avoid those nasty harmful uv rays. Also, I watch what I’m eating, and make sure I get plenty of sleep. Don’t want to damage my pretty hazel eyes!

    Jeepers creepers, where’d ya get those peepers? Jeepers creepers, where’d ya get those eyes?!

  5. jamie says

    I live in NY where there is constantly bacteria and dirt flying around the streets – I keep my eyes healthy by protecting them from all possible harm with large sunglasses to make sure nothing gets in them.

  6. Patti Brzezinski says

    I keep my eyes healthy by getting 7 hours of sleep every night. Important!!

  7. Isoldy Augsten says

    I maintain a healthy weight to reduce my chances of diabetes and other systemic conditions that can cause vision loss.

  8. Danae Hernandez says

    I protect my peepers by keeping them hydrated during the day, not reading in low or dimmed lighting, eating leafy green veggies, getting plenty of sleep (so they are well rested), and wearing sunglasses. Also, not smoking – because it can lead to eye disorders.

  9. Toyin says

    I keep my eyes healthy by wearing sunglasses outdoors, using a protective screen on my laptop and not smoking because smoking narrows blood vessels all over the body – and eyes – increasing risk of macular degeneration and serious optic nerve damage.

  10. charmaine says

    I keep my eyes healthy by regular visits to my eye doctor, carrots, and sunglasses to keep the glare away

  11. Allyson Tice says

    I keep my eyes healthy by getting yearly eye exams and new lenses when i need them. I also take Ocuvite as my dr said to take this young so when i get older i will have less eye issues!

  12. Lisa Garner says

    I always wear sunglasses when outdoors and take time to rest my eyes when I’m using the computer for long periods of time.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  13. joseph gersch jr says

    I eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, try not to strain my eyes and do eye exercises

  14. Stephanie Lehr says

    Schedule regular eye appointments, wear sunglasses in the sun, and use my (clean) contacts sparingly, more often wearing my glasses so my eyes thank me.

  15. says

    What a great giveaway! I keep my eyes healthy by always changing my contacts in the proper timeframe, using glasses at night, and using eye drops so I can keep my eyes moisturized during the day!

  16. Laurie Emerson says

    I keep my eyes healthy by getting a eye exam every year. I also never go anywhere in the sun without wearing my sunglasses.

  17. Kim Kihega says

    I keep my eyes healthy by getting yearly eye exams and wearing sunglasses all the time.

  18. Ashley says

    I always wear polarized lenses. I have very light blue eyes and can’t tolerate the sun without them.

    ashaldridge at gmail dot com

  19. Karrie Millheim says

    it has been awhile since i saw the eye doctor..this post was very informative and realize i need to do it more often

  20. christy r. says

    Hi, I keep my eyes healthy by seeing the eye doctor every year and getting lots of vitamins from fruits and vegetables in my diet. Thanks for the Giveaway.

  21. Ali says

    I keep my eyes healthy by keeping my contacts clean and moist and by wearing sunglasses when I’m outdoors. :)

  22. susan smoaks says

    i eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and keep my eyes healthy!