Making Your Husband A Priority

Okay Dads, now I know there are many of you who visit often, but this post is for my fellow Mom friends, so will you excuse us for a minute, please?

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There are plenty of articles written about how to be a good mom, but as busy moms I think we tend to forget, at times, that we are wives first. I know I certainly do. My husband demands the least from me, so I often forget that it’s our marriage that needs to be nurtured the most. Our children need to see a healthy and loving relationship exemplified in the home. It is from us that they learn how to love and treat those of the opposite sex.

Trust me, I know that it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the caring for and training of our children, meal planning, housework, budgeting, and the million other jobs we attend to daily. At the end of the day I’m emotionally spent, worn out, and just plain exhausted.

But, it’s at the end of the day when my husband returns home from a long day of his own. He doesn’t complain when I ask him to stop at the store for a missing ingredient for that night’s dinner, or when he pitches in to help make it {or even when he has to make it on his own}. No complaints when he has to change another stinky diaper, or fill the dishwasher for the fourth day in a row.

However, you can be certain that I do hear about it when I neglect him. Of course, it’s not always expressed in words, but in looks and sighs. This is a good thing. I need a gentle reminder to make my husband a priority. In fact, I think wives everywhere need to be nudged a bit when they neglect their man.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, right? Well, maybe. But, how about doing something for your husband that he totally doesn’t expect? Show him you love him by doing the little things to prove it. Even when you may not want to at first.

Here are some ideas ::

  • Prepare his favorite foods for dinner or a Saturday mid-day meal.
  • Put your laptop and iPhone away for a few hours, one evening, and just snuggle.
  • Tell him how much you love him, the good old-fashioned way, and send him a love note.
  • Ask him how you may pray for him.
  • Flirt with your man across a crowded room. Even if that crowded room is movie night. In your family room. On a Sunday evening.
  • Remember to speak to him with respect. After all, he’s not one of your children.
  • Surprise him with a special date night out. Or in – after the kids are in bed.
  • Make time for sex. Yes, I said it. Mark it on the calendar, if you need to. Ladies, this one is important!
  • Or, how about something as sassy as having sexy boudoir pictures taken. You can ask my husband how much he loved this one!
  • Even just a quick kiss, out of nowhere, can do the trick.

Whatever you decide to do, the simple fact that you thought to do something out of the ordinary, will go a long way to let your husband know how much you love, appreciate and respect him.

Some of the ideas above came from a couple of good friends, but how about you? How do YOU let your man know he is a priority?


  1. says

    This is so true, and something that is often forgotten, especially by moms with babies. Our kids need us to have a good marriage and we need it, too! I try to let my husband know every day how important he is to me. I make an effort to notice the nice things he does and thank him for them. One thing you didn’t mention is that husbands tend to become sweeter and more attentive themselves when their wives show them love and affection. So it comes back to you in a big way when you make the effort.
    .-= michal´s last blog ..Mile*Stones =-.

  2. says

    sex is always a priority for him so it should be for me too. Having 2 little one under 3 and baby in the belly (27 weeks) you’ve guess it their is little time for romance. After the kids are in bed well I’m not taking long before I’m sleeping too, so we came up with a plan!

    Yes girls talk to your husband ask him how many time a week month or day he needs sex and find a way to make it happen.

    So we have come to the conclusion that if my husband take care of getting the girls a snack in the morning and pop them in front of the TV with a dvd well that give us 30 min alone (and if I don’t get out of bed to do it them I don’t have to deal with morning sickness) So you see we work as a team!

    We also have a special code like “the kids are sleeping wink wink” and we both know what it mean.

    We know that we wont be having long romantic talk roses and champagne for a long time (God keeps blessing us with kids) but we know that it will come some day!!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Just in time =-.

  3. Mindy says

    Christine, I have always admired the way you make sure that Ray’s needs are met…you always put him first, and it’s obvious. I have always thought that you were a good example of a nurturing, caring, loving wife!

  4. says

    Thanks for the reminder, I need to really work on this. My mom was a great example of this. She always saved the last piece of cake/treat for my Dad, she made his lunch first before ours and she never complained to us about him, the little acts of selflessness she did on his behalf (and he for her) made me feel secure in my family when friends parents got divorced, what a great gift to give your children.
    .-= kristin´s last blog ..St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway winner is… =-.

  5. Kellee says

    Great post! I text my hubby during the day with “I love you”, “miss you”, XXOOXO, etc. He loves it and so do I. We try to make time during the week and weekends to snuggle and watch our favorite shows together. If his needs are met then everybody is happy!