Playtex Baby Giveaway {worth $300!}

Did you chat with us tonight during the Playtex Baby Twitter party? We had a fabulous time sharing advice and our best tips, and reminiscing about all things baby. If you didn’t get a chance to join us, you should check out the #PlaytexBaby stream – You are sure to find some great info!

As promised, Playtex Baby wants to give one of you a bundle of amazing products for the new mom or mom-to-be. You can enter to win a Playtex Baby prize pack, featuring a Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nurser Gift Set, Playtex Double Electric Breast Pump, Playtex Drop-Ins Breast Milk Storage Kit, a copy of Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality and a $175 gift card to a top baby product retailer (ARV: $300.00 USD).

How to enter:

Mandatory entry –

  • Leave me a comment telling me about the best piece of advice you received when you brought home Baby.

For additional entries you may leave me a separate comment after each of the following –

  • “Like” the Playtex Baby Facebook page.
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All entries must be received before 9pm (PT) on May 21st. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email shortly after.

Happy feeding!

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  1. meredith c says

    The best advice was to sleep when baby sleeps.. oh how I miss getting full 8hrs of sleep! I’m still in the feeding every 3hrs mode so as soon as he goes to sleep I’m out too :)
    Wuera_mermaid22 at

  2. says

    The advice I got was you don’t have to listen to everyone else’s advice. When my son wouldn’t latch on and I had to buy a pump to feed him. I had to now prepare bottles and things that I had not planned on. I had to learn how to do it properly. Keep things clean. Do what was right, but I did not have to follow everyone’s advice.

  3. Velvet says

    The best advice I received is no matter how hard things get do not be afraid to ask for help

  4. Adrienne Bireley says

    The best advice my mom gave me after i had a baby was to ALWAYS take a shower. It will make a huge difference.

  5. Heather says

    Best advice was to use drop in bottles, and to sleep agendas you can. I must say I terribly miss those naps!!

  6. Tenea Cannon says

    I think the best advice I got was don’t pick them up every single time they cry. If I had done that I never would have gotten any peace & quiet.

  7. Sarah Davis says

    The best piece of advice I’ve heard is to let others help you with cooking meals, etc when you need it!
    sarah at

  8. jaimee says

    the best piece of advice I received was to just go with my mommy instincts & not try to appease everyone else.

  9. says

    My best advise I wish I would have listened to, was to sleep when the baby sleeps. I didnt listen. I stayed up and got other things done. When I wanted to go to sleep, my daughter wanted to get up, and cry cry cry lol. She was very colicky.

    itsjustme62613 at
    mistysunrise´s last blog post ..Scentsy Review and Giveaway

  10. says

    Same advice as the other mamas! Sleep when baby sleeps. I know this is not always possible, but if it is, do it! Another piece of advice I would give not to forget about the older siblings, and also if someone offers to help, take them up on it! =)
    Joyce´s last blog post ..Our Week in Photos Week 19 of 52

  11. April Steinke says

    No advice yet since we’ll be bringing twins home soon but I’m reading all the advice!

  12. Diana says

    The best advice was to take naps when the baby naps, because that’s the only sleep you’re going to get.

  13. fritter says

    The best piece of advice with my first baby was to SLEEP WHEN HE SLEEPS! Did I? no. Should I have? YES!

    The best piece of advice with my twins was to GET THEM ON A SCHEDULE!! Did I? OH YES! I think without it I would have lost my mind….


  14. says

    Definitely sleep when they sleep….otherwise you get no sleep! LOL

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  15. Jenny says

    The best advice I got was to accept help when it is offered on those first days you bring home, because things do get a little busy that fiirst week!

  16. Jamie Brigham says

    I never got any information I kind of learned on my own.I do not have parents and my family is very distant from me. I learned everything on my own but I now give information to new parents such as never wake a sleeping baby and once you are home consistency is key in raising children, especially bedtimes. all of mine have slept through the night since 2 months old

  17. Jamie Brigham says

    If there was a love button on Playtex baby I would have hit that but I def did like them- Jamie Brigham

  18. says

    The best advice I received is to never give a baby orange juice when he or she has a fever because it will cause the babies fever to rise higher and vomit.

  19. Deborah Rosen says

    The best advice I got was to let Daddy handle things when I needed a break, and to make sure I “needed” a break every few days.

  20. Elizabeth K says

    The best piece of advice that I received as to sleep when the baby sleeps.

  21. says

    the best piece of advice I got was to relax… I was so nervous as a first time mom, and then almost 9 yrs later-a second time mom. Because of the time gap between my children, I feared I had lost all the info that I’d gotten the first time around when I was younger. Lucky for me, it all came back plus more. As of right now, I am learning all over again-and trying to remain relaxed-as I help to raise my grandsons (teen parents who have broken up and both want to do teen things, leaving the 2 boys under 2 with me quite often) It isn’t easy, but I am managing to stay relaxed! lol.

  22. says

    My best piece of advice was to ask for help when I needed it and that there were no stupid questions. I must have called my mom 10 times a day at first!
    smchester at gmail dot com
    Susan C´s last blog post ..Happy Mothers Day!

  23. Sarah W says

    I haven’t brought home baby; she’s not quite due yet.. only 8 weeks to go! Still, I have been getting lots of advice. The one piece of advice that I’m sure I’ll follow is to sleep when she sleeps! Hopefully she’s a good sleeper :)

    fs4sarah at gmail dot com

  24. Brianne K says

    The best advice I received which was already stated was to sleep when the baby sleeps. I also was told to stock up on Dreft. That one was right too!

  25. Jessica says

    I haven’t brought home baby yet, but the best advice I’ve got so far is invest in a good carrier so I can wear baby and get stuff done around the house

  26. christina says

    Im currenntly pregnant with baby number two. and the #1 thing i learn with my first child is make sure you get a burp out or your gonna be up all night with a upset tummy, and a crying infant.

  27. christina says

    Tweet a link to this giveaway and include my Twitter handle – @YoungMommy – and @PlaytexBaby
    I tweeted with youngmommy and playtex today =) christy1986p (twitter)

  28. Aimee E. says

    I was told to use the baby gowns; they were a time saver when the baby was new and needed 20 diaper changes a day.

  29. Sheila Hickmon says

    The best piece of advice I received was to sleep when the baby sleeps! It helped out a ton, I never really felt too sleep deprived!

  30. Paula Caudill says

    Best advice that I ever received is when my mother told me to try to get plenty of rest, and try to take a nap when the baby does. Don’t worry about the housework because it will be there waiting one you…or I will do it :) Love my mother!!

  31. Faride says

    The best advice they gave me was to sleep when the baby is sleeping… best advice ever!

  32. Justine McD. says

    Best advice was to dress baby for the weather. If its cold outside they generally need 1 more layer on then what you are wearing. When its super hot a onesie and a diaper are just fine.

  33. sara says

    We haven’t brought our first home yet – but he is due any day now! The piece of advice we have been given that seems to make the most sense, it to “isolate ourselves”. To really take a week and bond – my husband, myself, and the baby – to try to hold off all the visitors and phone calls for at least a few days so we can all really get to know one another!

  34. says

    Best advice I receieved was to just take it one day at a time and to not think too far into the future, because it will only stress you out even more and baby can sense when you’re stressed. Thanks for the chance to win! =)
    Andrea´s last blog post ..Catching up

  35. sarah says

    Best advice – when family/friends offer their help with ANYTHING, take them up on it.

  36. Kendra says

    The best advice I got was not to be afraid to accept offers from friends to help.

  37. Stacy says

    the best advice I recieved was to make sure and enjoy holding him as a newborn…and to try not to stress about the laundry and the dishes so much

  38. Mary Preston says

    The best piece of advice was that the housework is not as important as the baby & myself.

  39. anash says

    I follow you on twitter @anashct
    Thanks for your giveaway!
    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  40. andrea d says

    well baby is yet to come home yet..not until Nov. I am so excited its my first..Best advice so far is let others help u ..that im not going to be superwoman..i am sure i will get lots more great advice..

    drea8685 at yahoo dot com

  41. Melissa O. says

    I think it was that if you are feeling overwhelmed, let the baby cry while you go in another room for a bit to take a breather. I needed that advice since I had colicky babies.

  42. dani f says

    I am due in less than 2 weeks, but I have heard to take advantage of sleeping when the baby sleeps, and to go ahead and take advantage of people wanting to help you around the house because you will be exhausted. I will find out soon! If I go into labor early (by the contest end date), hopefully I will see an email if I am a winner!

  43. says

    The best piece of advice was from my grandmom, who told me, “Girl, everyone’s gonna tell you what and what not to do with your baby. Nod, then ignore them and do what YOU feel is best, ’cause no one can raise your baby the way you want them raised except you.” (she was from the South, and by then, she was a pretty mellow woman!)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries´s last blog post ..Teaser Tuesdays – May 17- 2011

  44. msilba says

    best advice was to sleep when baby sleeps, due in a few days with a baby boy so my fingers are crossed for this one!

  45. Tonya says

    Sleep when baby sleeps because with a newborn and a 4 year old you will never get much sleep

  46. Rebecca Shockley says

    My mom told me that a newborn would wake you up when they were hungry, don’t wake them up every 3 hours, the nurse lectured me to death about this.

  47. Jen says

    I had my baby at home so im not one to offer bringing home baby advice but I do have a bit of advice for all new moms and that is to accept any help that is offered to you, I made the mistake with my first by trying to do it all myself, then I crashed. When people offer to help, just take it, no matter how small, take anything you can to give you a breather!

  48. Caroline Harrison says

    Best piece of advice I received was dont be afraid to ask for help if you need it and take some time for yourself to recharge

  49. says

    It was actual a nurse that gave me some advise and one of them was about Thrush. She explained that yeast is every where and if you do not sanitize your babies bottles correctly they will get a white film on their tongue that will look like milk but is actually a bacteria. She also gave me a natural remedy to cure it just in case. She said never sit the bottles on a towel after boiling the bottles because this is one of the most common mistakes that parents make that cause thrush.
    Rhonda Martin´s last blog post ..Sweeps4Bloggers is having an Amazing Giveaway

  50. rebecca williams says

    The best advice I was given was to do what is best for my family and not worry about what others are doing or thinking. I had a hard time breastfeeding but most of my friends had no trouble and some got mad at me when I quit nursing. I had a good friend tell me not to worry my baby would be fine and she is (she is 3 now).

  51. rebecca williams says

    I like Playtex on facebook @rebeccaw2005
    rebeccaw2005 at gmail dot com

  52. RNWPBriggs says

    When all else fails, a vacuum cleaner will usually get a crying baby to sleep!

  53. McKim says

    That I will know my baby better than anyone else, so to follow my instinct if I think there is something wrong.

  54. Jill L says

    Just enjoy the baby and don’t worry about the dishes. Babies grow up way too fast. Love em and hold em while you can.

  55. Julie L says

    Just enjoy the wonderment and joy of having your baby….I was told how time flies by so fast-and it does…much to my sadness…dont’fret about your housework..treasure it please….I speak from experience it was the one of the happiest times of my life

  56. Terri P. says

    The best advice I received was to go with my instincts vs. information in a book. I learned to use both my instincts and the knowledge of books together rather than focusing on one over the other. Thanks!

  57. says

    My best advice was that you can NOT spoil a newborn. Hold her as often as you want and keep her close 😉

    BTW – i LOVE my playtex dropins. Having this prize would really boost our bottle supply now that my baby girl is getting ready for bigger bottles. Those 4 ounce ones just aren’t enough and I haven’t bought the bigger bottles :)
    Chaunna´s last blog post ..5 Low-Cost Ways To Have A Funtastic Friday With Your Family

  58. Michael says

    Best advice I got was not to whisper and tip toe around sleeping baby but use normal voices. That way the baby will be used to those sounds and could sleep through it.

  59. says

    The best advice I’ve received is to not take other’s comments and ideas on how to raise a baby too seriously. Advice is good but you’ll know what your little one needs.

  60. Katie says

    Best advice = “don’t sweat the little stuff.” We started out by freaking out at every rash, diaper leak, and cry, but soon learned that they’re all a part of being/having a baby and that there’s nothing you can do to prevent them, so just clean up, ointment up, and soothe baby and carry on like it never happened.

  61. amy h says

    Best advice…don’t be embarrassed or too proud to accept the help that is offered by family and friends.

  62. says

    Leave me a comment telling me about the best piece of advice you received when you brought home Baby.

    She’s not here yet, but the best advice I’ve been given so far is to embrace and enjoy every day, because baby will change so much every single day. :)
    Lara´s last blog post ..The Belly- Week 32

  63. Erin E says

    I’m currently 8 months pregnant with our first, so I don’t have any advice yet, but I will say that I think that being calm and confident is key. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  64. Alyssa Hamilton says

    Haha…that little boys like to give you surprise showers, so always keep a washcloth on hand to cover him up if he needs to be diaper free for more than a millisecond! :0

  65. Melinda Gordon says

    The best piece of advice I received was to enjoy and savor every second!!! I have been and it has been the best days of my life!

  66. Littlemamameow says

    He’s only been home for a few weeks but so far the best advice I’ve gotten is to sleep when he sleeps (advice I should take more often) and that he won’t like baths so dont freak out

  67. Christal Couturier says

    Take all the help you can get,so you can sleep. You are no good when tired and cranky

  68. Katherine Dunn says

    liked playtex baby on facebook (kate dunn)

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

  69. tina reynolds says

    Too enjoy it, that it goes by way to fast, and also to relax and not worry about everything being perfect, and to trust your instincts thanks so much for the chance to win

  70. Lyndsey R. says

    The best advise I was given was to put the baby in the crib and walk away when you get frusterated from the intense amount of crying. Crying will not hurt the baby for just a couple minutes and will give you a minute of peace.

    lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  71. Lyndsey R. says

    I like Playtex Baby on FB as Lyndsey Rullman.

    lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  72. Lyndsey R. says

    I shared the link on FB as Lyndsey Rullman.

    lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  73. Christina says

    The best piece of advice I received was to sleep when the baby sleeps and let the housework go.
    christina.brundick at gmail dot com

  74. Steph A says

    The best advice I can think of was to sleep when you can and take time to relax because with a baby sometimes you can forget to do this!

  75. Stephanie A says

    I haven’t brought home baby yet, but people keep telling me to enjoy her while she is little because she is going to grow like a weed!

    sassygirl4u27 at gmail dot com

  76. kathy pease says

    the best piece of advice was that if i needed anything to call and ask for help and to get lots of rest..because at first it can be very overwhelming

  77. Tara L says

    THe best advice I received is that it is ok to wake my baby up for regular feedings

  78. Mellissa C says

    Your are gone to make mistakes as a new mother. Try not to be so hard on yourself, That was great advice!

  79. Michelle M says

    The best advice I received was to sleep when baby slept. I take advantage of that as much as I can.
    shellquest99 at comcast dot net

  80. Debbie Kennedy says

    The best advice I got was to make the bed with 2 sheet sets, with a mattress protector in the middle, so if baby got sick and the sheet got wet, you just have to rip off the first layer, and don’t have to worry about remaking the bed!

  81. Amanda says

    I’m still waiting on baby to arrive, so I haven’t received any advice about what to do when I bring her home.