Play-Doh Cake Challenge

The table was covered with Play-Doh. Plastic knives, molds, presses and empty containers were strewn all over the kitchen floor, oozing in to the living room. But, in the midst of the mess, it’s no wonder that Josh and Julia would decide to stage their own Challenge, being the Food Network fans that we are.

They set the timer and began to cover their “cakes,” molding and sculpting their “modeling chocolate” and “fondant.”

When the timer rang, Josh and Julia carefully placed their works of art on the judging table (complete with the intense music being hummed in the background) and the judges – Ethan, Zach & Ben – began to inspect and critic the colorful and elaborately decorated cakes.

Play-Doh Cake Challenge

They both met the height requirement, were consistent with the theme (although I’m still trying to figure out what the theme actually was! lol) and wowed the judges.

Of course, there can only be one winner, so after the judges deliberated, it was determined that Julia won the $10 million (I know – it’s only $10K, but I didn’t have the heart to correct them)!

Fun times!