I didn’t think it would happen to me…

Ask any one of my family members or friends and they will tell you that I am not typically the type of mom who coddles her children. When one of my boys falls, I tell them to get up and keep running. My kiddos (no more babies here) play in the tub while I grab their p.j.s and throw yet another load of laundry in the dryer. My half dozen even explore the playground while I watch close by, not once hovering over them. No band aids unless you’re bleeding and that bump? eh, he’ll be fine.

I’ve never been a helicopter mom.

Until yesterday.

helicopter mom
While Ethan has been fine, yesterday’s episode has had me on edge. I have kept Ethan in close proximity for the last 36 hours, much to his chagrin. I haven’t even allowed him to play outside, without me, and I made him take far too many breaks at the pool, insisting he sit by me.

I’ll admit that I’ve always thought those helicopter moms were a bit paranoid. Today, keeping all of my brood more close by than normal, making sure they stayed well hydrated (even though this has never seemed to be a problem, since they all drink water like it’s going out of style), jumping at every little whimper or whine, and this evening even giving in to every-single-little-request, I felt like “that mom.”

Even though I know that each of my children’s lives are in the hands of our Father and that I have no need to be paranoid or worried, tonight I was reminded…

“Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.” ~Matthew 10:29-31


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    There are too many things that we have to face as parents that can cause us to be in fear or be paranoid… I know with the peanut allergies and asthma attacks that one of my kids had to deal with growing up, I became paranoid from what he ate to when he’s not in my presence. That was the most stressful time until I handed it over to GOD and just trusted Him for my kids divine safety, protection, and health.I would Meditate on scriptures that would bring encouragement and peace, like the one you quote above and others like: No weapon formed against him shall prosper. God has been faithful.

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    I left a comment on the other post. After having you kids have an unexplained seizure, it’s hard not to be on top of them. I’m still afraid to leave my son at the sitters and turn my cell phone off.

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    Through 61/2 week premies to chick pox in the first trimester of pregnancy I have learned He is faithful and trustworthy! Will be praying for you

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    I wouldn’t worry about being a little nervous… especially with Ethan. You’ve been through a lot in the past 36 or so hours, and it’s bound to take a toll even on the most “poised” mothers. So, don’t fret over your ‘hyper’-fretting. In time, this too shall pass.

  5. Vickie says

    Hi Christine,
    I just happend to find your website after seeing a link on a friends FB wall, and boy am I thankful! Recently, but really most days, I find myself feeling so impatient or frustrated with some of the daily craziness with my two little ones (age 3 and 1). After reading a few of your postings, it has reminded me and encouraged me to pray and meditate on the Word. I know that I have thought that to myself or “learned” that lesson over and over again, only to fall back into the pattern of letting the busyness of the day be my focus and not make time for what I need the very most as a mom. I don’t know if you read these comments, but I just wanted to say thanks. And i’m glad God brought your site to share with me :) I’ll be reading …. thanks again for being a blessing.

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    Read about Ethan on the other day post. Wishing him in good health and goodness in all areas of his life. God bless.

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    I think it is totally understandable given what you have been through. Time will ease your worries to some degree, as will Ethan’s (hopeful) lack of problems. Give yourself a break though. You have every right to be a helicopter mom right now.