Getting the kids to bed tonight was quite a challenge. More so than usual.

Nearly a whole tube of toothpaste ended up on the kids’ bathroom counter.

Ben fell off the bed more than a few times during prayer.

Ethan and Zach couldn’t contain their goofyness.

Noah managed to head-butt me just above my eye as he climbed up on to his bed to hug me.

The distractions of our kids’ shenanigans doubled during our Bible story. We just couldn’t get past the first chapter of Genesis and the beginning of the world without interruption. Questions. Comments.

But, Ray and I could not stop laughing at Julia’s one and only comment. Tell me you wouldn’t laugh, too…

Daddy decided to embellish the part of the story when God created a helpmeet for Adam – “to do his laundry, rub his feet and cook him dinner.” To which Julia interrupted, without even blinking, “he could do THAT himself!”

Maybe, just maybe, she’s heard similar words before.


woman laughing


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    hi christine!

    sounds like your night, even with all the bumps along the way, still went better (less tearful) than mine!

    i heard you may be looking for a roomie for blissdom? i’d love to talk it over with you if you’re in need – thepleatedpoppy@gmail.com

    look forward to hearing from you!

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    and secondly, I think Ray and my husband both read from the same translation growing up. A translation that needs to go out of print!

    Julia is a smart cookie!